Summary: When the Watchers Council comes for Faith the chosen two grapple with their desire.

Timeline: Season 4, sometime around the beginning. Faith never went bad and Giles is still a watcher.

Rating: NC17

Pairing: F/B

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, unfortunately. They are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy and who-ever else owns them. I make no profit from this.


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Part One

A Secret Something


“So, what is it that’s bothering you, Buffy? Don’t look at me like that, I can tell when something’s up with you. You get all quiet, and bite your lip. You start twitching and dragging your leg behind you, and walk round in circles,” Willow rambled, demonstrating said ‘walking in circles’ with her fingers.




“Only joking. . .with the last part that is, not all of it. I mean, that would be silly,” Willow muttered.


Willow, I’m trying to study,” Buffy said, speaking around the pen she was chewing.


“No you’re not. You’ve been sitting there for the past 20 minutes, staring at the wall,” Willow corrected, grinning. 


“Yeah, well maybe I’m doing an important study on. . .plasterboard,” Buffy nodded defiantly and closed the book in front of her. She moved to lie down on her bed.


Something was bothering her. It was the throbbing headache that threatened to melt Buffy’s brain. She had been trying to study, but found it impossible to concentrate, and the more she tried the worse things got. It didn’t help that the small dorm room was as hot as hell, what with there being no air conditioning.


It wasn’t just the headache and the heat stifling Buffy’s study time, though. If she were being totally honest with herself, she would have to say a certain flirty, dark haired slayer had more to do with it. She just couldn’t get Faith out of her head.


For a while now, the little blonde had been thinking more and more about the younger girl. She had been thinking about Faith’s past, or what she knew of it. Her philosophy that all men are beasts. And her get some, get gone attitude. But most of all, she was just thinking about Faith in general.


It had started innocently enough. She liked the girl, despite the walls she had up around herself. Buffy thought she was smart and funny, and she enjoyed being around Faith, especially when they were slaying together. But more recently, what was really worrying Buffy was the fact that she had began to think about the way the other girl looked, the way she walked and talked.


She knew that it was ok to think that another girl was attractive, but Buffy realised that it probably wasn’t ok to be checking her out while you thought it. She thought Faith looked good in more than just a ‘straight’, platonic way. It all came down to the fact that she didn’t just find Faith attractive, she was attracted to her. It was definitely a distracting insight.


Buffy had never seen herself as anything but straight, but the facts couldn’t be denied, as much as she had tried to ignore them. She thought Faith was gorgeous. Buffy loved her eyes, as they were so deep and dark. She loved her sexy grin, especially when it was aimed at her. She loved the confident slayer’s body; Buffy couldn’t find the words to describe it, or the way it made her feel. Hell, she loved everything about Faith, from sassy attitude to strong, lithe legs. She was captivated, and confused because of it.


As she lay stretched out on her bed, attempting but failing to think of anything but Faith, the blonde slayer let out a heavy sigh. Willow span round in her seat, even more concerned than she had been before.


“Ok, slayer, spill. What’s the what?” Willow demanded.


“What? I’m fine, just. . .tired, and there were far too many ‘whats’ going on just then.” The frown on Buffy’s troubled face didn’t back her up in the least.


“You don’t have to tell me Buffy, but I’m here if you need me. I’m your best friend, so. . .anyway, I’ll always be here for you.” The redhead turned back to her work.


Buffy thought she must have been looking really bad for her friend to say that. But she was right; Willow had always helped her out in the past, particularly when she had still been with Angel. Even so, she didn’t know if it would be wise to tell her best friend about her feelings, especially for somebody that Willow wasn’t too keen on. But it was becoming more and more difficult to hide her attraction around Faith, let alone stop thinking and dreaming about her.


“Well. . .there is something on my mind, Willow,” Buffy said quietly.


Willow left the seat at her desk, to sit cross-legged on her own bed, the picture of friendly concern. Willow was unsure about what was upsetting Buffy, but she knew whatever it was it would be better shared.


Buffy mimicked her friend’s position as she sat on her bed, still unsure of whether or not to unburden herself onto Willow. She didn’t want to put their friendship at risk, but then again, she had been through a lot with Willow.


Before she could get a word out, Buffy’s cell phone began chirping its little tune.


“Shit. Hello?” Buffy answered.


Buffy’s eyes remained fixed on Willow as the person on the other end talked. She gave a little nod to her friend, and mouthed that it was Giles.


“Ok, we’ll be there as soon as we can. Have you called Faith? Right.” Buffy hit the end call button on her phone, and sighed.


“Is it not good?” Willow’s forehead creased into a “what now?” frown, something all the Scooby gang could relate to.


 “It’s Faith. . .well, not her exactly. The, they. . .here.” Buffy busied herself getting ready to make her way to her watcher’s house, babbling her inconclusive answer.


“Buffy? You’re not making sense, what’s wrong?” Willow asked.


Buffy couldn’t stop her mind running in panicky circles long enough to form a coherent sentence. She stopped what she was doing, and tried her best to calm down. It would probably not be a good idea to just run out, leaving Willow wondering.


“The Watchers Council are coming for Faith. They want to take her back with them.” Buffy couldn’t hold back the tear that slipped noticeably down her cheek.


“Oh, Buff, I’m sorry,” Willow said softly as she stepped towards the little blonde and pulled her into a hug.


Willow wasn’t sure exactly why she was sorry, but she suddenly felt incredibly sad for Buffy. She wasn’t that keen on the slutty brunette herself, but knew that Buffy had the whole slayer-connection thing going on.


She heard the solitary tear turn into full on crying and it shocked Willow a little. I mean, even with the connection it wasn’t as if the slayers were all that close, or at least that’s what she thought. She decided to store the information at the back of her mind, planning to ask Buffy about it later.


Pulling herself together, Buffy berated herself for getting so upset. It wasn’t as if they had already come and taken Faith, but she was just so mixed up. Emotions were definitely running high. Buffy removed herself from Willow’s embrace and dried her eyes, an apologetic smile creeping onto her lips. They had to get to Giles, worrying and crying could be done later, and alone.




They arrived at Giles’ home, not too long after he had called. Buffy knocked on the door and was shown in by the mild mannered watcher. She could sense Faith’s presence, but couldn’t see her. Giles gave both Buffy and Willow a little smile before removing his glasses to clean them. Buffy always wondered why he did that, as they had looked perfectly clean to her.


Willow sat down on a comfy chair, perching on the end in anticipation. Buffy remained standing, looking around for any sign of her dark counterpart. The leather jacket nonchalantly thrown onto the couch was sign enough, and she relaxed her shoulders slightly. As if reading her mind, Giles nodded towards the kitchen.


“Faith is in there. She was hungry, apparently,” he clarified.


“Isn’t she always?” Willow huffed. She could never get to grips with just how much Faith ate. Especially with a figure like the one she had.


Buffy looked in the direction of Giles’ kitchen, and as she did so the beautiful brunette emerged, appearing to be as laidback as ever, sandwich in hand. Buffy smiled instantly, beaming at just the sight of the other girl. Her heart fluttering ever so slightly as the smile was returned with just as much fervour.


A dim light began blinking inside Willow’s head, but she refused to acknowledge it. She didn’t really have any reason to believe that Buffy was interested in Faith in anything other than a friendly way. And although she was aware of Faith’s veracious sexual appetite, she had never heard her mention being into women.


It was true that Faith liked to flirt however, especially with Buffy. Willow decided not to think too much about it, thinking always got her into trouble so she concluded that her best option was probably to feign ignorance.


Buffy disconnected herself from the spot she had been standing in, and made her way to the sofa. She got there just before Faith. The blonde slayer sat tentatively on the edge of the seat, while Faith practically threw herself into the cushions causing Buffy to roll backwards and to the side slightly, effectively bringing her closer to Faith.


Buffy tried her best not to get too close, because if she did her senses would be on overload. She could already smell the distinct aroma the other slayer gave off. It was sweet, with a slight hint of soap and fresh perspiration. She loved her slayer senses sometimes. It took all of Buffy’s control not just to lean over and bury her head in the younger girl’s neck, and not only to inhale more of her scent.


Before she did such a thing and embarrassed herself beyond belief, Giles broke the silence that had draped over the small group.


“So, I’m pretty sure council members are going to turn up here tomorrow morning. My contacts were fairly clear,” Giles told them. “We need to get you to safety, Faith, as I know they won’t be turned away so easily. It’s imperative that nobody knows where you are, so we have to find somewhere they won’t look. Any ideas?” Giles looked gravely at the young girl.


“Whoa there, G man, not so fast. What the hell are they after me for anyway, what did I do?” Faith asked, just managing to speak around a mouth full of sandwich.


Buffy furrowed her brow. “Yeah, why can’t they just leave her alone? I mean it’s not her fault Kendra died, and she was chosen. They should just leave us. . .I mean Faith alone. I’m sick of the damn Watchers Council. They’re always sticking their noses in where it’s not wanted. Jesus, I’d like them to have to come and do our job for once, instead of sitting there in their big old, stuffy, safe houses, with nothing to do but mess with people who risk their lives on a daily basis for them.” Buffy’s little speech drifted off as she noticed that everybody was looking at her, her little outburst obviously surprising them.


“Yes, quite Buffy,” Giles said slowly, raising an eyebrow. “But the fact still remains that we have to get Faith away from here. I’m not sure why they are coming for her now, all I know is that they are.” Giles looked from Buffy to Faith, following Buffy’s gaze.


Faith was pretty surprised at Buffy’s little speech. She hadn’t expected Buffy to be so bothered. It wasn’t as if they were the best of friends or anything. The brunette tended to put it down to the slayer connection to explain why Buffy put up with her at all. She knew that she was inclined to piss people off with her attitude, but Buffy seemed to actually enjoy their little insult contests.


Buffy never ceased to amaze her. Whether it was just a sweet smile, or a shy look her way, it always warmed Faith’s heart a fraction. Was it just a slayer thing? She was becoming more unsure of that day by day. When it came down to it, Faith certainly couldn’t bring herself to hope that Buffy might want more than her friendship, as it just seemed so far out of her reach.


They fell silent, busy minds trying to come up with feasible plans.


“Look, no one’s at risk here but me,” Faith pointed out. As much as Faith didn’t want to deal alone, she also didn’t want to put anyone else in the firing line, especially not Buffy. “I’ll disappear, no biggie.”


Giles nodded, and Willow smiled slightly, but Buffy couldn’t believe they were so willing to just let Faith cope with this herself. She understood that Faith hadn’t exactly ingratiated herself with her friends, but then they just never got her sense of humour.


They didn’t understand that Faith used her sarcasm and rudeness as a shield, not expecting anyone to give her a chance anyway. Buffy understood; she wasn’t sure why, but she did. And what was more, was the fact that she liked Faith’s attitude. They bounced off each other so well. Like they were two sides of the same coin or something.


Buffy shook her head, clearing her mind. Now was not the time to be thinking about how much she wanted to be with Faith, as something so much more than just a friend. Faith needed her to back her up, whether she wanted it or not.


“No, Faith, I won’t let you deal with this on your own. None of us should,” Buffy stated strongly and hit both Giles and Willow with a no-nonsense look, clearly showing her disapproval of their eagerness to just leave Faith to it.


The brunette gave Buffy such a sweet smile it almost caused her heart to burst out of her chest right then and there. Obviously Faith had appreciated her support.


“Yes of course, Buffy. We all need to think of a solution to this,” Giles nodded, and looked suitably sorry for his lapse in compassion.


 “Aha, I’ve got it!” Willow exclaimed. They all looked her way in anticipation. “Buffy, you remember that cabin out of town we used to hang around? Of course you do. Anyway, it’s still empty, and no one knows about it. I mean, it’s pretty hidden, and the watchers would never guess that Faith would be there.” Willow beamed at her revelation.


Buffy rushed over to her friend, pulling her into a hug. Buffy, along with Willow and Xander, had spent some of last summer out at the old place. It was pretty much deserted but with great views, and it had offered the three friends time out away from the constant threat of slimy monster-y creatures, and impending doom.


“Will, you’re a genius, it’s perfect,” Buffy smiled, looking over at Faith. “We’ll go as soon as possible. I’ll need to go get my stuff; clothes and things. I doubt the place is very clean now, or has much in it. Right, lets get moving,” Buffy said excitedly.


They were all looking at Buffy strangely again, particularly Faith.


“B, you don’t have to come with me. You’d be putting yourself at risk,” Faith said quietly.


“Faith, like I said, I’m not gonna leave you to deal with this alone. What kind of a friend would that make me?” Buffy asked and got up from the couch, missing the look on the younger slayer’s face.


Faith had never felt so. . .happy. The broad smile that had almost broken out on her face became clouded though, as she lowered her eyes, guilt washing over her as she thought about how many times she had doubted Buffy’s friendship.


Willow however, had caught how disconcerted the dark slayer looked.


Things were definitely happening under the surface of Buffy and Faith’s friendship. Willow wasn’t sure what, and she wasn’t even sure if the two girls saw it themselves, but there was something there. It was all getting a little too confusing. She knew she would have to talk with Buffy, if only to find out what it was she had been going to tell her earlier.


They all made plans to get supplies, clothes, weapons, and anything else they could think of, that the two Slayers might need. Giles told them not to worry about their patrolling for the time being. He assured them that the scoobies could handle it, with Spike’s help if he agreed.


The gang made like busy-things, and left to carry out their tasks. Before Buffy made her way out of the door Faith gently grasped her elbow, taking advantage of the empty room. She had to let Buffy know how much she cherished the way she made her feel.


“I just wanted to say thanks, B.” Faith’s dark eyes were soft, their usual sexiness giving way to gentle gratitude. “For standing by me, I mean. No one’s really done that before,” Faith admitted.


It was true. She had always stood alone, but now she had Buffy. She didn’t have her in quite the way she wanted, but her friendship was better than nothing.


Buffy was taken aback by the gentleness in Faith’s voice. She was so used to Faith’s sassy demeanour, but she realised there was much more to Faith than met the eye. Most of her was hidden behind that hard-ass manner she had, and the walls that guarded her. Buffy had guessed as much before, but had never really seen it first hand. It just confirmed her interest in the other girl. In fact, it confirmed that she could very easily fall for Faith.


Buffy couldn’t quite believe she had let herself think that, especially as she wasn’t even sure about her increasing sexual feelings for Faith. She couldn’t ignore it, however, as she was fast becoming smitten.


 “I’ll always back you up, Faith. Now come on, we have to get ready. I’ll meet you here in an hour,” Buffy said smiling kindly at Faith, softly touching the hand that still held her elbow.


Faith stood stock still as Buffy walked down the path. She was basking in the glow of the feel of Buffy’s hand on hers. Deciding whether or not it was a cold shower or a drink she needed, Faith grabbed her jacket and made her way to her motel room.



Part Two

The Way Ahead


The scooby gang waited impatiently for Faith to return. Buffy was pacing outside, looking up and down the street. An hour she had said; that was an hour and forty five minutes ago. She was so hoping that the younger girl hadn’t just gone her own way. It would be exactly within her character to ignore everything Buffy had said, and deal with things alone.


Just as Buffy was beginning to lose the last of her self-control, she spotted Faith idly strolling up the street, a small bag thrown over her shoulder and looking like she didn’t have a care in the world. After getting over her first thought about how effortlessly sexy the younger slayer looked in her tight leather pants and tiny white tee shirt, Buffy decided it would be better to think annoyed thoughts.


“Faith, where have you been?” Buffy asked as she charged up to the brunette and grabbed her hand, pulling her more quickly towards Giles’ house.


“Hey, B. Where’s the fire?” Faith was about to untangle her fingers from Buffy’s vice like grip, before thinking better of it. It wasn’t like she got the chance everyday to hold Buffy’s hand. Ss stupid as it made her look, being pulled along buy Buffy, she coped with it.


They rushed into Giles’ apartment, causing the waiting group to look up in panic. Buffy knew she was being slightly extreme, but she was just so relieved that Faith had actually turned up.


Giles sighed gently, Willow and Xander got up to hug Buffy goodbye, not bothering to do the same with Faith for fear of getting their asses kicked. Buffy reassured her watcher that she would be fine, and not to worry, and anything else she could think of to say to keep him from stopping her leaving with Faith.


“We’ll get to the bottom of this, don’t worry. Willow will keep you up to date when she comes to re-supply you. Any problems, just call Angel and he’ll get a message to us.” Giles handed Buffy a new cell phone, suspecting it would be safer to use than her own.


“Why Angel?” Faith asked, as she wasn’t exactly keen on Buffy’s ex. It was purely a jealousy-thing, she had to admit.


Just the idea that Buffy might still have feelings for him tore her up. The venom in her voice must have been obvious if the looks she was now receiving were anything to go by. Too late to take it back now however.


“It’s ok, Faith. Just precautions, in case Giles or any of the gang get their phones tapped. Angel said he didn’t mind helping out,” Buffy explained, looking almost apologetic.


Faith had hoped she hadn’t sounded as jealous as she felt. If she had, then she might just have some explaining to do. Revealing her hidden feelings for Buffy when they were going to be trapped together in the middle of nowhere, for God knows how long. . .wasn’t something she wanted to contemplate. Not when she knew how Buffy would react. The words disgusted, insulted, and afraid crept into Faith’s head.


Buffy decided not to rise to Faith’s annoyance that Angel would be involved. She knew the younger girl didn’t exactly like him, although the reason why wasn’t totally clear. Buffy had suspected a hint of jealousy was involved, but she had thought that was wishful thinking.


With their goodbyes all said and supplies all packed away in the car, the two slayers set off in the direction of the cabin that was to be their home for. . .well, for as long as it needed to be.


It was a warm sunny day and the beaches were full, so there wasn’t too much traffic on the roads. They drove to the outskirts of town in virtual silence, both girls busy with their own thoughts about how they were going to cope being confined with each other. It was something Buffy had only just come to realise. She had had enough trouble coping with her attraction to Faith as it was, so this was going to be hell.


“Stop, B. I wanna get something here.”


Buffy pulled into the forecourt of the gas station, barely missing one of the pumps on her way in, stopping awkwardly at the entrance.


“Jeez. . .where’d you learn to drive? Clown school?” Faith asked, arching an eyebrow at Buffy.


“Shut up, and get a move on. I want to get there before it gets dark,” Buffy said, rolling her eyes.


“Got to get some supplies of my own, princess.” Faith slipped out of the car with a wink.


“This is definitely going to be harder than I thought,” Buffy sighed. “And now I’m talking to myself. But I’d do anything for Faith to want me the way I want her. And I’m still talking to myself. Ok, shut up now.” Buffy furrowed her brow and checked her appearance in the mirror, tidying her hair a little.


The younger Slayer returned with an armful of something Buffy couldn’t quite see. She deposited her purchase in the trunk and made her way round to the driver’s side.


“Ok, B. . .my turn to drive,” Faith said through the open window.


She had a serious look on her face. Her “don’t mess with me I’m a bad ass slayer” look.


Buffy loved it. It practically made her tingle. Still, she wasn’t about to be bossed around by Faith.


“But. . .”


“I’m not going any further with you behind the wheel, Twinkie,” Faith made clear.


More tingles made their way up and down the blonde girl’s spine. She rolled her eyes and pouted a little, but scooted over to the passenger seat. There was never any point in arguing with Faith. They were both just too stubborn.


Faith couldn’t hide the smile that Buffy’s little pout had caused. Buffy was so cute when she did it, and Faith loved it. She climbed into the driver’s seat and got comfy, her lips curled as she glanced at Buffy.


“What? Why are you grinning at me?” Buffy whined.


“No reason, B,” Faith said, continuing to smile.


She slammed her foot down on the gas, and they sped back out onto the road leaving the forecourt clouded in dust.


“And you said I couldn’t drive. . .” Buffy huffed.




The atmosphere for the rest of the short journey was a tad lighter than before. Both girls were determined to try their best not to antagonise each other. Even though the circumstances weren’t ideal, the imposed seclusion would give them time to bond, which would make them a better vamp killing team. Regardless of whether or not the Watchers Council agreed with it.


Eventually the slayers made their way up the isolated track that led to the cabin. Sunset wasn’t too long in coming, but Buffy had to concede that Faith’s speedy, if somewhat erratic driving had saved them time.


The place looked almost exactly as it had done the previous summer. Giles had made sure that nobody had bought the place, or moved in, and even with their meagre supplies it wasn’t going to be too bad staying there.


The cabin was nestled in amongst a cluster of trees, keeping it hidden from the road. There was a small lake out back, just big enough to swim in, and the views to the west were stunning. The house itself was old, but not too run down. It had been empty for a long time, but hopefully the cleaning and repairs the scoobies had done the previous year had kept the place from being uninhabitable. At least that’s what Buffy was counting on.


Faith pulled up in front of the porch, and killed the engine. “Home sweet home, B. Do I get to carry you over the threshold?” she smirked.


Buffy was too slow in turning away to hide her slight blush. Faith had caught it. She wasn’t sure whether she should be kicking herself for being so flirty, or congratulating herself for getting that reaction out of Buffy.


Faith had purposefully reduced the amount of flirting she did with the other girl lately as her feelings for Buffy grew more and more. It just didn’t seem right somehow, not now that it had gone beyond mere joking. But then maybe things weren’t so black and white after all. Faith opened her mind a little to the slim possibility that Buffy might just feel the same way that she did, and even a slight chance was better than nothing.


Faith got out of the car and began emptying the trunk, as Buffy tried the front door. Just as Buffy remembered there was a key above the frame. She entered the cabin and set about opening the blinds to let in what light was remaining from the fading day. As she busied herself with the task, Buffy silently berated herself for blushing at Faith’s remark. She just hadn’t expected it.


Faith’s flirting had subsided somewhat over the last few months or so, much to Buffy’s disappointment. She hadn’t liked it at first, finding the younger girl over friendly and crude. But then she had gotten used to the flirting, secretly loving the attention. It wasn’t as if Angel had given her much towards the end.


She decided she would just have to give Faith reason to flirt and to open up. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but looking at the solitary bed in the small room she was now in Buffy realised it was time to find out just what Faith felt for her.


Buffy couldn’t stifle a giggle as she re-entered the front room to find Faith struggling with all the bags.


“You could have asked for help,” Buffy laughed lightly.


“Ok, B, stop giggling at me and grab these will ya.” Faith dumped half the bags on the floor and handed Buffy the other half to put in the kitchen, not that there was one, she suddenly realised.


Faith looked around at the tiny cabin, taking in the dusty atmosphere and total lack of any entertainment features. Like a TV, for a start. There was at least a small couch, and a dodgy looking chair that appeared to be on the brink of suicide. There was also a wood burning stove at the back, and a few work surfaces. It probably could have been called cosy, but Faith decided she could think of far more tasteless words that would describe it better.


“Stop looking so glum. It’s not like we have a choice exactly,” Buffy pointed out.


Faith shrugged her shoulders, and picked up her small bag of clothes. “So, which one’s my room?” she asked as she looked around for doors out of the main area.


“We’ll both have to sleep in there,” Buffy said, pointing towards the only bedroom and trying her hardest not to grin.


Faith made her way into the room, praying to anyone that would listen to ensure they would be in separate beds. Nobody was listening. She looked at the bed that was in the center of the room and wondered just which option would be safer: staying with Buffy, in a rather small double bed and trusting herself not to give in to her desire for the little blonde, or handing herself over to the Watchers Council. 


She knew she should have insisted that she hide out alone. This was too much. Too cosy, too close, too hard for her to keep her mind on track and not on the cute little slayer in the other room.


“Um, B? You sure this is the only bedroom?” she asked, still staring at the bed.


 “Yep. It’ll be ok. I’ve got clean sheets and stuff, so it shouldn’t be that bad,” Buffy explained and made her way in behind Faith, dumping her bag on the bed.


“It wasn’t quite the cleanliness of the sheets that was worrying me, Twinkie.”


“Then what’s wrong?” Buffy could see what was wrong in the other girl’s eyes.


Faith was unnerved at the prospect of them having to sleep so close. Buffy was just hoping it was for the same reason she felt unnerved. . .and that was because it was going to be extremely hard to keep her hands to herself.


“Oh, nothing. Just, um. . .I’m hungry, what do we have to eat?” Faith asked, changing the subject.


Buffy was definitely growing more confident about the other girl’s interest. It couldn’t just be all in her head. She would have to push as far as she could in order to be sure, though, so maybe it was time for a little flirting from her for a change. Nothing too obvious; just enough to get some reactions.


The two Slayers busied themselves with making the cabin comfortable for the night. More could be done the next day, but for now some candles and fresh sheets would have to do. The sun was well on its way past the horizon now.


As Faith lit candles, Buffy unpacked the cold meal that Giles had prepared for them. With no wood for the stove it would have to remain cold.


They eventually settled themselves onto the couch and filled their stomachs. Buffy had given most of her share to Faith, knowing the younger girl was almost impossible to fill. She didn’t mind though, and actually found it quite fascinating the way Faith virtually attacked her food. The brunette certainly never did things by halves.


A thought crossed Buffy’s mind, instantly causing her to blush. And unfortunately Faith had seen her out of the corner of her eye.


“What you blushing at now? I didn’t even say anything,” Faith stated, looking like a naughty schoolgirl who had just been caught doing something terribly wrong and having to deny she had anything to do with it.


It was about the cutest thing Buffy had ever seen. A look of worry and Faith just didn’t mix. Too adorable.


Of course she couldn’t very well tell Faith what had made her blush in the first place. It probably would have been pushing too far to actually come out and say she had been imagining how great Faith doubtless was in bed.


Buffy had heard all the stories from Faith herself about her various conquests. She knew the sexy brunette had experience far beyond her own as far as sex went. It wasn’t really that the other girl boasted about it, it was just fact. She knew what she wanted, and got what she wanted. No man could resist, and neither could Buffy, try as she might.


Buffy collected their empty plates and left them in the sink at the back of the room. It was so quiet in the cabin. No TV and no music. Nothing. She would have to have a word with Willow when she next saw her. Maybe a portable radio would be a good idea.




It was about ten o’clock in the evening now, and Buffy was feeling restless; the lack of a days slaying putting her on edge. She could only imagine just how unsettled Faith must have been as the younger girl always enjoyed her slaying to the limit.


“I’m restless, do you want to spar a little?” Buffy asked.


“I thought you’d never ask, B. Bring it on,” Faith replied quickly, practically vaulting off the couch to land in front of Buffy. Settling straight into a defensive stance.


“Ok, so I’m guessing you’re a little restless too,” Buffy chuckled. “You ready?”


“I’m always ready for you, princess,” Faith said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively to make her point.


It was just what Buffy had been waiting for, flirty Faith alive and kicking. She threw a right hook at Faith’s jaw.


The younger girl ducked and span round, executing a perfect leg sweep. At least it would have been perfect, but for the fact that Buffy avoided it easily, kicking out at the same time. Blocking the kick Faith leant out of the way, flipping backwards to avoid the follow up punch.


“Show off.”


“Don’t I always, B?”


They settled into their usual sweaty sparing session, with neither girl really getting the upper hand. They continued to dodge, kick and punch, until they were both suitably out of breath.


“Come on. That all you got, girlfriend?” Faith asked as she came close with an uppercut.


“Oh, wouldn’t you just love to know what I’ve got. . .gorgeous?”


Faith was totally distracted by that. Buffy had most certainly never called her gorgeous whilst sparring before. She dropped her guard and landed on her backside as Buffy caught her with a left hook.


“Crap. I’m sorry, Faith,” Buffy said right away, dashing to Faith’s side and inspecting any damage done to her jaw.


The prone slayer just looked up at her, grinning as she rubbed her face.


“That was a good one, B. Got me with the distraction trick. Couldn’t have done better myself.” She sat up, shaking the slight dazed feeling clouding her head. Buffy never ceased to amaze her sometimes.


Buffy helped Faith to stand, leading her over to the couch. She hadn’t meant to hit that hard, and now she was feeling bad for distracting Faith in the first place. She fetched a cold pack from the chill-box and placed it on Faith’s jaw. Despite the apparent bruise appearing on her face she continued to grin at Buffy, with her eyes seemingly full of admiration.


Buffy was surprised that the normally impetuous girl hadn’t retaliated yet. She had never caught Faith before and not had a smack back. If Willow and Xander could see Faith now. . .well, they would never believe it if she told them just how mild Faith could be sometimes. 


“Just so you know, B. That was a lucky shot. Next time, you’ll be the one with you’re ass polishing the floorboards.”


“You wish, F,” Buffy smiled.


She loved it when they teased each other, as it was something so distinctly them. Although sometimes it did go a little too far. Even the arguments were kind of fun, though. They were both stubborn and passionate people after all.


“So, do we have water in this place? I could do with a shower or something,” Faith said.  She felt she needed a cold one.


She was still feeling restless, in fact now more so than before. The sparring had just rendered her even hornier for Buffy.


“Sorry, Faith. The only way to fill the bath is using water from the lake, and heating it on the stove. There’s something wrong with the taps in this place. The toilet works though,” Buffy said, trying her best to be enthusiastic about that.


“Great, no bath ‘till tomorrow then. Wait a minute, that means I have to get into bed with you when you’re all sweaty and stinky.” Faith groaned, feigning distaste at the thought.


“I hate to break it to you, but you stink just as much as me,” Buffy pointed out cockily.


Faith couldn’t deny that, but the thought of being squeezed into a bed with Buffy smelling hot and sweaty was just not good. She loved the way the other slayer smelled when they had been sparring or slaying. It was intoxicating to say the least.


“I could always sleep on the couch, B. I mean. . .I don’t wanna gross you out or anything.” Faith really hoped Buffy didn’t want her to sleep on the couch. . .but then, she also hoped she did. Things were never simple it seemed.


“No. . .it’s ok, I’m sure I’ll cope,” Buffy answered just a little too quickly.


Faith raised her eyebrows, thinking that maybe things were quite simple after all.


She resolved right there and then to take the opportunity of this confinement to discover just how far she could go with Buffy. All she would really have to do was flirt a little more, and be a tad more daring in as subtle a way as possible. Or not so subtle, depending on the reactions she received.


She knew Buffy kind of liked it when she pushed the boundaries of their friendship; Buffy had never been very good at hiding her reactions to her. She just hoped it wouldn’t all blow up in her face. It was probably worth the risk.




Part Three

Sun Kissed


As she watched the cute blonde’s backside disappear into the bedroom of their tiny little cabin, Faith smiled to herself.


“Yeah, she’s definitely worth the risk,” she muttered under her breath.


Buffy had moved into the bathroom in order to change into the tee shirt and shorts she had brought to sleep in. Faith was hoping she was going to get an eyeful of cute slayer booty, but it obviously wasn’t Buffy’s style. The younger girl never bothered with sleeping in anything herself, and she wasn’t about to change the habit of a lifetime. Well, she thought it was probably best to keep her panties on, although they really didn’t leave much to the imagination.


Buffy re-entered the bedroom just as Faith slipped under the covers. Buffy had caught a glimpse of Faith’s slender thigh before the sheet covered her up. She was growing more and more certain about her physical attraction to Faith by the hour. Just thinking about the younger girl’s well toned body got her all hot and bothered. Imagining what it would feel like to have Faith pressed up against her own nakedness, made Buffy wet with anticipation.


Buffy blew out the candle on her side of the bed, trying her best not to sigh at the thought she was currently having, and got under the covers. The fresh cotton sheets were a little cold and made her shiver. It was either that, or the fact she had just realised the girl next to her was sleeping in nothing but her underwear, minus her bra.


“You cold, B?” Faith’s voice seemed even more husky and sexy than usual in the confines of the small dark room.


“I’m ok. It’s just a little chilly,” Buffy answered, her voice nothing more than a squeak in comparison. Her mind working overtime at the thought of Faith’s uncovered breasts so close to her.


Before the blonde girl had a chance to protest, Faith scooted closer to her, and wrapped an arm tightly around her waist. Spooning Buffy, as she lay facing away from her.


“Can’t have you catching the flu or something, can we?” Faith said, as she moulded herself into the smaller girl’s back, pressing up against her.


Faith’s firm body instantly heated Buffy up.


Faith had just reacted to the fact that Buffy was cold in a natural way, to protect the little blonde. But then she realised her mistake. She was impossibly close to Buffy now, and her bare breasts were pressed up against the girl who was now trapped under her strong left arm.


She closed her eyes tight as she felt her nipples harden at the contact. She had put herself in a very awkward position, and was mentally kicking herself for always being so impetuous.


Buffy was having difficulty breathing normally, and she was willing herself to relax into the other girl’s embrace. She didn’t want Faith to notice how tense she felt and get the wrong idea, maybe thinking that she didn’t like or want the contact, as Faith seemed to be pretty tense herself. It didn’t help that she could now feel Faith’s hard nipples brushing against her with every breath she took. It was sending little lightning bolts down her spine, to her now slick sex.


Buffy decided the best thing to do was to just loosen up and enjoy the soft contact she was getting from Faith. Trying her best to push any sexual thoughts to one side, Buffy positioned her arm over Faith’s, which was gently resting on her stomach. She desperately wanted to reassure the younger girl that she was in no way threatened or offended at being so close.


As she relaxed she felt Faith relax right along with her. Buffy closed her eyes, a contented smile playing on her lips. Surprising herself at how comfortable she felt in Faith’s arms, the chosen one sighed, and then drifted off to sleep.


For her part, Faith couldn’t quite believe that Buffy had allowed her to remain so close. Not that she was complaining, although it was doing nothing to dam her increasing desire. She tried her best to just enjoy it, not thinking too much about what else she would rather be doing in bed with the other slayer.


It was just so nice to be able to hold her, and not worry about anything too much. The implications of what this seemingly innocent clinch brought about were just not important when it felt so good.


As Buffy noticeably relaxed into the embrace, holding the brunette’s arm about her, Faith realised that Buffy must be thinking more or less the same thing. She drifted off to sleep, with Buffy pulling her in even closer.




Faith tentatively opened her sleepy eyes, trying her best not to catch the light too much, because she hated mornings. As she became more aware of her surroundings however, she decided that some mornings were actually pretty fucking good. The sleeping slayer that was practically on top of her was the cause of that particular revelation.


During the night Buffy had pinned the younger girl under her. Her right leg was all the way over both of Faith’s legs, and she was resting most of her upper body on her; her head resting between Faith’s ample and uncovered breasts. Her silky blonde hair splayed out over the now smiling brunette.


Faith was trying her best not to move and wake the cute blonde. She was also attempting not to notice the reaction her nipple was having to Buffy’s breath gently blowing over it. Her mind was racing with past images she’d had of waking up like this with Buffy. She had never once actually believed it would happen. Fair enough, they hadn’t had what Faith knew would be great sex the previous night, but this was pretty close to perfect in terms of starting a new day.


As she realised Buffy was beginning to wake up, Faith thought to herself that it was probably not a good idea for Buffy to find her awake. She didn’t fancy explaining to the feisty slayer just why she hadn’t bothered to move out from under her. So she closed her eyes again, and pretended to be fast asleep.


Buffy shifted slightly as she came to. She held her breath as she realised that she wasn’t totally on the mattress. In fact, she was almost completely not on the mattress, and on top of Faith. She reminded herself that breathing was necessary to stay alive, and took a deep breath. A breath so full of Faith’s delectable scent that her brain pretty much crashed into overload. She could almost taste the other girl in every respiration.


The thought of Faith’s sweet juice in her mouth almost caused the older slayer to groan with arousal.


Buffy couldn’t move. She didn’t want to move. Moving was so not what she wanted to do right now. Her cheek was firmly nestled between two gloriously exposed full breasts with deliciously puckered nipples, and her leg was wrapped around the beautiful brunette. She was being overwhelmed by so many stimulating feelings.


It was warm, soft, and so nice being close to Faith. She could feel Faith’s heart beating under her. She wanted nothing more than it to be beating for her.  She couldn’t believe she had ever doubted what she felt for the younger girl. It felt so right.


But she knew she would have to move eventually. She didn’t want Faith to wake up and find her sprawled all over her. It would be far too embarrassing to explain why she hadn’t removed herself as soon as she’d realised. So Buffy slowly unwrapped herself from Faith’s body, instantly missing the contact as she moved.


She got as far as pulling her leg away from Faith, and shifting her head to her shoulder, but Faith’s arm was curled around her back. Preventing her from moving any further away.


Faith just didn’t want it to end too soon. She was jumping for joy inside about the fact that Buffy hadn’t pulled away from her as soon as she had woken up. She could feel the blonde’s heartbeat racing away on top of her. Buffy obviously wasn’t too keen on moving, so Faith gently but firmly strengthened her grip around her.


The two slayers slowly let the light of the day lift them from sleep as they shared the delightful and essentially loving embrace. Faith kept her breathing as steady as she could, but her mind was running rampant. She would love to just lift Buffy up onto her, kiss her and caress her. She wanted to wrap her legs around Buffy’s slender back, and feel their heat slick against each other. Faith fought back her fantasy as best she could, not wanting the other girl to notice her tense muscles and realise she was awake.


She kept Buffy in her grasp for a couple of minutes then relented. The fire inside her was quickly burning out of control and she thought that if she got any wetter she might just slide right off the bed.


Faith opened her eyes to be greeted by two beautiful green ones looking right back at her. She smiled lazily at the cute blonde, trying to be as nonchalant as possible given how horny Buffy had made her feel.


Faith released Buffy and swung her legs out of the bed. She made her way to the bathroom without even a glance back. She knew if she did look back Buffy would see the lustful look in her eyes, and she didn’t want to push too far too soon and scare her off.


Buffy rolled onto her back sighing. She had got an eyeful of just how gorgeous Faith was as she had made her way to the bathroom; her perfect breasts bouncing slightly as she walked away, and her firm young backside looking like it was just begging to be spanked. That coupled with the position she had just been in with Faith had got her extremely turned on.


She knew this was going to be another hard day of desperately trying not to think of Faith naked and writhing around all sweaty and wet on top of her.


“Why did I insist on coming?” Buffy groaned, well aware of the answer to that.


She was there to show support for Faith, but mostly she was there just to be with her. Because not being with her was something she just didn’t want to contemplate.


Faith stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, a sexy grin playing on her lips as she made her way out of the bedroom. Just as she got to the door, she turned to look directly at the blonde still wrapped in the sheets.


“Fancy getting wet, B?” Faith threw the question out in a sultry tone, and it practically kissed its way up Buffy’s neck to her ears. Or at least that’s what it had felt like it had done.


“I. . .I. . .what?” Buffy stumbled.


“A swim, girlfriend. I’m going in,” Faith grinned and left the bedroom, leaving behind an extremely bemused Buffy.


Faith hadn’t been able to resist. She knew it would fluster the older girl being so obviously flirtatious, especially after the way they had woken up together. She had received a great reaction too. Not only had Buffy blushed, but she had also stammered.


Buffy shook her head. She was glad Faith was flirting with her again, but it was playing havoc on her senses. She wanted the brunette so much, and just knew it was going to be impossible to hide the fact. But then she realized that two could play at that game.


Buffy removed her sleeping attire and retrieved her own towel. She doubted that Faith would ever guess she would go swimming with her naked. But that was exactly what she was going to do.


“Let’s see you try not to look at me now, with me frolicking around in front of you with not a stitch on,” Buffy said to herself, just hoping that Faith had either chosen to wear something, or that she could keep control of her own wandering gaze.


As she made her way out of the back door Buffy couldn’t help but stand and stare in wonder as the other girl threw her towel to the ground and gracefully entered the water. She was just so damn gorgeous. Every inch of her was perfect, and every inch of Buffy wanted to experience her.


The powerful play of muscle just beneath the surface of Faith’s lustrous skin captured Buffy. As Faith gracefully made her way into the lake, her strength obvious in her firm figure, she pushed her hand through her hair, tousling it slightly so it cascaded down her back in luscious brown twists. The thought of Faith’s dark locks tickling her as it swept over her slighter body caused tingles to shoot over Buffy’s aroused center.


Buffy tried to move forward in order to catch up, but was stopped in her tracks as Faith, only immersed up to her knees, dipped her hands into the water and splashed her glorious body with their contents. She then ran her palms down her torso, slowly. The brunette guided them to her chest, over her breasts, then onwards to her flat stomach. She stopped just before touching her most intimate part.


Buffy was cursing the fact she only had a rear view. But even that had been pretty fucking hot. Watching the sexy slayer practically fondle her own breasts had certainly given Buffy ideas. She continued her study of the other girl up until the point Faith floated out into the lake, the water appearing to part for her faultless form. Buffy then also made her way to the shore, stripped of clothing and her defences.   


Faith waded out into the lake, adjusting to the chilly temperature. She knew that at least it would cool her ardour someway. That was until she turned around just in time to watch Buffy follow her into the water, also with not a thing on. It took her breath away. The blonde had a deliciously firm little body, and Faith licked her lips at just the thought of maybe one day being allowed to explore it.




“Jesus, it’s cold.” Buffy quivered a little as she waded out into the small lake.


Faith smiled wickedly, loving the cute way Buffy was trying her best to look sexy and not about ready to freeze to death. She couldn’t take her eyes off the other girl though, as Buffy swam out to the centre of the small lake to join Faith. She did look fucking sexy.


The whole body of water was no larger than maybe two average sized swimming pools, and shallow enough to stand up in; the water reaching just above Faith’s chest.


It still managed to look impressive with the hazy morning sun glinting off the shimmering water; birds in the nearby trees, calling to each other in greeting for the day. It was certainly picturesque, and the two naked slayers only added to the attractiveness of the scene.


Faith had never seen Buffy naked before, and she was mesmerised. Her chocolate pools roaming over the smooth skin of the older girl as she lowered herself into the icy water. Buffy’s neatly cropped pussy had instantly caught Faith’s attention, but unfortunately it was beneath the water before she was finished devouring it with her eyes.


Buffy’s breasts were the next to engage her. They were smaller than her own, with small pink nipples as opposed to her own darker ones, but they looked good enough to eat as far as Faith was concerned. She stood, frozen to the spot with Buffy approaching her. She just couldn’t look away, finding it impossible to hide her desire for the slighter Slayer.


Buffy was more than pleased at Faith’s reaction. Once she got over the shock of the cold water, her mind and body were entirely focused on Faith’s response. Buffy moved closer to Faith through the water, partially swimming and walking her way as the lake enveloped them both in its chilly cloak.


Buffy could see the size of Faith’s pupils already. The dark alluring eyes almost engulfing her as she stepped ever closer. It was fairly obvious that Faith liked what she saw, or what she had seen before Buffy had immersed her nakedness in the lake. The brunette was visibly taken aback, trying her hardest to regain control.


But Buffy didn’t want Faith to find her restraint again. She wanted Faith to open up to her, and to admit what she felt for her. Even if Buffy wasn’t certain if she could quite handle all that right now, she was sure she couldn’t just ignore it or hope for it to go away. She didn’t just want to be Faith’s friend any longer.


Buffy came within touching distance of Faith, but the brunette just continued to stare. Her slight frown testament to the inner battle, and torment she was going through. She wanted to sweep Buffy up into her arms and pull her shimmering body into hers. She felt like she would explode if she couldn’t touch those delicate lips with her own. 


As the sun rose higher, bathing the mesmerised slayers in its warmth, Faith smiled shyly at Buffy. It was the one and only time Buffy had ever seen Faith actually looking coy and not charged with confidence.


It filled Buffy with an urge to act. To do something to break the silent mist that had descended over them both. It was as if nothing else existed but them. They were caught in each other’s eyes, delving into one another’s daydream.


Buffy inched towards Faith, unsure of what she was going to do or say. She just wanted to be closer to the heat radiating from the other girl. She felt the need to reach out and run her fingers across the brunette’s delicate collar bone, then allow them to wander over to her neck and down, collecting the drops of water that were currently trickling their way towards her voluptuous breasts.


Buffy closed her eyes, her lips parted almost in invitation. She took a deep breath and looked at Faith again. The fire she saw in Buffy’s eyes overwhelmed Faith. It was unmistakable need. Desire. And it was being directed right at her as Buffy moved closer to her. Faith remained still, not wanting to crash the moment. She stood enchanted, her heart pounding in her chest, waiting for the blonde girl’s next move. 




Part Four

I Don’t Do That Kinda Thing


“What the?” Faith turned her head towards the nearby bushes and trees. She had heard something rustling about, and her attention had been stolen from the blonde girl in front of her as her slayer instincts kicked in. “You hear that, B?” Faith asked as she turned her body away from Buffy in the direction the noise had come from.


“Yeah.” Buffy scanned the nearby foliage, silently cursing the interruption of what had been one of the most, if not the most intense moment of her short life.


Faith turned back to Buffy, her senses now acutely on edge to whatever danger, if any, could be lurking nearby. She nodded towards the shore, gesturing for them to get out and investigate rather than wait like sitting ducks. Literally.


The two girls swam to the edge of the small lake, Buffy emerging from the cool water with Faith following behind. They were both doing their best not to focus on each other, and concentrate on the possible threat. But it was hard, noticeably so. Faith could tell that Buffy really didn’t want to stop looking at her.


Buffy was certainly having a hard time taking her eyes off Faith. As the brunette wrapped the towel around her waist, not bothering to cover her torso, Buffy did all but physically drool. Faith just looked so damn sexy, especially as she was now in slayer-mode. Her dark eyes looking even more dangerous and alluring than normal. Her muscles taught and ready to attack. The droplets of water rolling down between her succulent. . .


“Hey, B. . .stop gawking and come on.” Faith grinned a little. She couldn’t help herself as Buffy had been doing such a crappy job at trying not to look at her breasts.


Buffy wrapped her own towel around herself, ensuring she covered her top half too unlike Faith.


“I wasn’t gaw. . .shit,” Buffy sighed as the cell phone rang out in the cabin.


“You’d better go get that. Could be important.” Faith continued on to the rustling trees.


Buffy really didn’t like the idea of leaving Faith to investigate alone, even though the likelihood that it was something dangerous was minuscule. She hated thinking of her friend getting into trouble, getting hurt or worse.


“Faith. . .be careful.”


“Always am, girlfriend.” Faith winked at Buffy, wanting to reassure her before cautiously making her way over to where she had heard the noise.


She couldn’t help feeling full of wonder at just how much Buffy had grown to care for her over the last few months. It had been a little slow in coming, but now she was sure of her slaying partners concern for her safety. The fact that she was stuck out in the middle of nowhere with her, and for her, was definite proof of that.


Buffy re-entered their secluded cabin and picked up the cell phone. It was Angel’s number flashing at her on the display.


“Hey,” she said, and awaited his usually sullen voice.


“Hey, Buffy. Can’t talk long. I’m ringing to let you know the council are in Sunnydale. They’ve spoken to Giles, and he’s pleading ignorance. As is everybody else,” Angel explained.


He was about to continue but Buffy interjected in her usual manner.


“So why are they looking for Faith? Did Giles find out?” She asked.


As much as she was afraid for the gang’s safety, Faith was her main priority. She was being blinded by something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.


“They want to take her back to England, assess her, and then relocate her,” Angel said quietly.


“Bastards,” Buffy snapped. “Is everybody else safe?” Even though her mind was full of Faith, Buffy still had her mother, Giles, and her friends to think about.


“They’ll be ok. The council won’t dare to hurt anybody to get to Faith. I don’t think even they would go to that extreme.” The souled vampire was distracted by somebody muttering in the background before he continued. “I gotta go, you take care Buffy. You still my girl?” It was something Angel always said to her, even though they had both decided it was better for them to split.


Buffy would usually just say yes to stave off any tension between them, but this time she didn’t want to say yes. She wasn’t his girl any more. And more to the point, she wanted to be Faith’s girl.


“I, err. . .I’ll speak to you soon. Take care.” Buffy switched the cell phone off as quickly as she could. She didn’t want to get into her feelings about her ex. She did still care for him, she just cared for Faith a whole lot more.


Making her way quickly back out to see where Faith was, Buffy forgot to switch herself off from the conversation she had just had and turn her slayer sensors back on. She crashed right into the taller girl in her rush.


“Hey, watch the goodies,” Faith said as she smirked and pointed to her chest as Buffy bounced off it.


“Sorry. Are you ok? What was it over there?” Buffy did her best to ignore the fact that she had just had a close encounter with Faith’s sizeable breasts, turning her eyes towards where the brunette had come from.


“It’s ok, B. It was just an animal or something. Suppose we gotta expect that out here,” Faith said.


The two girls made their way back into the relative safety of the hideaway.


Faith saw no point to hiding her partial nakedness just yet, for one thing it didn’t really bother her, and for another she was enjoying the trouble Buffy was having trying to keep her eyes off her chest area. It was hard not to laugh at the shyer girl’s obvious but abashed approval.


“So, who was on the phone?” Faith asked and lowered her dark eyes to pull Buffy’s gaze up from further down.


Faith winced jealously a little when she found out it had been Angel calling.


Buffy told Faith exactly what the broody vampire had told her. Willing herself to look at the dark girl’s eyes and nothing else, she let her know why the council were looking for her and what they planned to do. She did her best for it to make sense, as she avoided resting her sight on the round breasts and solid stomach on unashamed display to her.


“Fuck. . .I’m happy where I am. Fucking idiots,” Faith said angrily, sweeping her hand through her luscious hair. “What about the scoobs? Will they crack? They in any danger? ” She really hoped they weren’t in danger, which was her main worry, as she didn’t want anybody else to suffer just for her.


“No. Giles is pretty sure the council won’t risk doing anything stupid. And nobody’s going to let you down. You’re part of the gang Faith, so they’ll always be there for you.” Buffy smiled in encouragement, but Faith wasn’t fooled for a second.


“I’m sorry, but I really doubt that. They don’t even like me most of the time,” Faith shrugged. She couldn’t help falling into her well worn “I’m an ass so people stay away” shoes, as they fit her so well.


“That’s not true, well. . .maybe a little. But I’ll always be here for you.” Softer, Buffy went onto say. “I’d do anything for you,” she admitted quietly.


She hadn’t really meant it to come out aloud, but it was out now. There was no taking it back as she did her best to avoid looking into Faith’s soulful eyes. 


Faith really hadn’t expected such a heartfelt statement to come from Buffy. They had never been at the stage of friendship where any kind of emotion was involved, or at least that’s what Faith had thought. Now she wasn’t so sure; of either of their emotional ties to one another. She looked down, feeling completely unworthy of Buffy’s friendship all of a sudden.


“I know, but you shouldn’t always be there for me. I don’t want you to get hurt,” Faith confessed. Before Buffy could say anything to disagree, Faith continued. “You know I feel the same though, right? I mean, I’d do anything for you too.”


They locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity.


The two slayers stood in each other’s shadows, and in each other’s light. Not knowing quite what it all meant, or how things could change given just a word from either of them. They seemed lost to the moment, just like they had been in the lake, but Faith was beginning to feel uncomfortable. She wasn’t used to this whole ‘caring and sharing’ thing.


Faith grinned mischievously.


“Hey, I’ll even help ya get dry. . .not.” Faith whipped the towel away from Buffy, leaving her totally exposed. She ran with it to the bathroom in the other room.


“Faith, you little. . .” Buffy couldn’t think of a name that didn’t describe the other Slayer as gorgeous or beautiful or sexy or delicious. So she gave up and went in search of clothes to cover her goose-pimples.




After the two girls had got dressed, they spent most of the day in their own respective ‘little worlds’. Faith was reflecting on the way Buffy had been acting with her. She was in no doubt the little slayer was encouraging her to flirt more. And that in fact, Buffy was also being a lot more flirty too, and going so far as to be practically teasing her. 


She wasn’t completely, totally, one hundred percent sure why Buffy was being the way she was, not wanting to jump to conclusions. But the clues given to Faith when Buffy could hardly take her eyes off her body earlier were certainly assisting her new insights into their relationship.


Neither girl spoke of the interaction they had had, or hadn’t really had in the lake that morning. Both of them still too worried about getting things wrong, or leaping into something the other girl didn’t want, or wasn’t ready for. So they carried on as normal, with the exception of far more furtive glances and yearning stares at each other.


To any outsider it would have been obvious they were attracted to each other. In their own hidden ways, they would both have to admit it was pretty obvious to them now too. Buffy was almost certain now that Faith was more than interested in her. But Faith was still lingering on the side of caution.


They had decided to tidy the cabin up a little more than it was, Buffy wanting to get rid of the cobwebs as she hated spiders. Faith enjoyed teasing the older girl for a while when she found that out. She couldn’t help herself, it was just too cute, the way Buffy even made Faith clear the webs for her, not wanting to tempt fate and be attacked by one.


“You can face vamps and demons, but if a little tiny spider rushes you you’re telling me you’re gonna crap yourself? That’s so lame, B.” Faith was practically doubled over laughing.


Buffy didn’t really mind. It wasn’t often she got to see Faith laugh so much, if at all really. She was always trying to act so tough and mean, not wanting the rest of the gang to know she was just like anybody else underneath.


Buffy subconsciously shook her head, dismissing any notion that Faith was ‘just like anybody else as soon as she thought it. Because in fact, she was far from it. Faith was full of such hidden depths; even Buffy had no hope to ever completely get to know all of them.


She was a wonder to be discovered and explored, and Buffy most definitely wanted to be the one to do it. Just the idea of somebody else getting there before her made her almost insane with jealousy. She knew Faith was far from being a virgin, but that’s not quite what she meant. She wanted to be the first to conquer her heart. The concept made her stop dead in her tracks.


A crazy idea flashed through her racing mind. If she wanted Faith’s heart then. . .she wanted Faith’s love. And if she wanted that. . .


“B? Are you ok? You’ve gone all pale.” Faith immediately ceased her laughing when she noticed Buffy’s serious expression and shade. “If it’s a spider I’ll get the fucker, don’t worry. I was only joking, Buffy.” She looked around her to see if there was indeed a venturesome creepy crawly near by, she couldn’t see any however.


 “I. . .sorry, I just. . .” Buffy ceased talking as she suddenly realised she had fallen in love with Faith.


“Hey, sit down. You don’t look too good.” Faith offered a helping hand to Buffy.


The blonde girl didn’t resist the offer to sit down, suddenly feeling the need to do that very thing. She grabbed onto Faith’s arm and moved over to the couch, slumping down into it as soon as she could.


“B, tell me what’s wrong,” Faith implored, the anxiety in her voice evident, even to herself. She had no hope of curbing her concern.


Buffy lowered her head, her loose blonde hair falling over her eyes a little until Faith carefully brushed it away. Buffy looked up at the compassionate touch, and closed her eyes as soon as she saw the dark pools of Faith’s concern. She couldn’t look into her eyes right now. Not when she knew they would prove to her she had fallen for Faith, and fallen hard.


“Buffy?” Faith didn’t know what to do. She had never seen Buffy wig out quite like this before. She sat next to the smaller girl, placing a gentle hand on her lower back.


“I’m sorry Faith, I just. . .felt a little faint.” Buffy didn’t know what else to say to her friend.


She sat upright again, shaking the shock from her body. After all, she had seen this coming. Even though she had disregarded it, or denied that it could possibly actually happen between her and the other slayer. It had been there, just ready for her to acknowledge it.


And now she had acknowledged it she knew she couldn’t push it away. She couldn’t ignore the ache in her heart she was feeling for Faith right now. But it was still too soon to say anything, and to let Faith know how she felt. She wasn’t sure if the brunette would turn and run. It was one thing to be attracted to somebody, and quite another to be in love with them after all.


“I’m ok now. Must be hungry or something.” Buffy stood, pushing her emotions down for now.


Faith wasn’t quite sure she believed the older girl, but she didn’t want to push her either. They had grown to trust each other over their time slaying together and she didn’t want to start throwing questions Buffy’s way. If it was something serious, she just hoped Buffy would tell her.


“Ok, if you’re sure you’re not gonna pass out on me or something. I mean, I don’t wanna have to dump ya in the lake to wake you up, B.” Faith reverted back to her tough girl act. Not thinking Buffy needed to know right now how much she really did care for her.


“I’d kick your ass before you even had a chance, F.” Buffy winked.


They smiled at each other. The worry being buried by Faith. And the longing in her heart being buried by Buffy.




They eventually decided the best thing to do was to eat. A full stomach would always make a slayer feel a little better about things, especially Faith. So Buffy set about retrieving their supplies from the containers they had brought, arranging the plates and things ready for cooking, and generally making the place suitable to prepare food and cook in.


Faith busied herself collecting firewood outside. The light was already beginning to fade so she got as much as she could for the night. She had cleared the stove, and also the fireplace earlier, thinking it would be nice to get a fire going later even if it wasn’t particularly cold. 


Throwing the last of her haul onto the stack outside the cabin door, Faith looked up into the darkening sky. It was going to be a beautifully clear night. She could already make out a handful of bright stars twinkling in the darker half of the horizon. The deep blue of the night staking its claim on the heavens.


She was never one to be a stargazer or have an interest in nature or scenery, but there was just something about this place. It made her feel warmer, safer inside. She could only compare it to the way Buffy sometimes made her feel. She didn’t quite understand that either, but she liked it. Every time Buffy got near to her, or touched her she felt it. She felt it, and didn’t want it to stop. She never wanted it to stop.


For some reason Faith felt a small tear escape her grasp. She had no clue where it had come from. It was just suddenly there. She took a deep breath and ran her hand through her hair. She was shaking a little, and didn’t have the slightest idea why.


Looking out towards the rippling lake, remembering how intense the moment had been between her and the other slayer in it that morning, Faith began to see the chink of light that just might explain why she was feeling so strange. She could admit she would be lost without her little slayer, and that she was immensely attracted to her. She knew right then that she was the most important person to her in her life. She felt. . .she felt something she still couldn’t quite grasp.


“Faith, are you done?” The sound of Buffy’s sweet singsong voice wafted over Faith, instantly warming her.


“Yeah. . .be right in.” Faith wiped her face, frowning at her own sentimentality.


Knowing she didn’t do that kind of thing, because it just wasn’t like her, she stood straight, replaced her tough shell back to where it belonged, and entered the warm confines of the cabin.


“Hey girlfriend, what have we got? I’m fucking starving.”



Part Five

Was It Far Enough?


Faith breezed back into the cabin, acting like she hadn’t the slightest notion that she might have any kind of feelings for Buffy; other than wanting to get in her pants of course. She dumped her armful of wood next to the stove and began doing her best to figure out how to actually work the rusty old thing.


“Gee, did they never hear of electricity out here?” Faith stood and brushed the remnants of bark off her hands, smirking at the amount of wood she had just stuffed into the small hollow of the stove.


“Faith, don’t you think maybe you put a little too much in there? I wasn’t aware we were hoping to head to the moon on it,” Buffy chuckled at the proud brunette as her shapely dark eyebrows sloped in annoyance.


“There’s just no pleasing you, slayer,” Faith said, and swatted the older girl on the backside before bending to remove a handful of the wood.


Happy that maybe now Buffy would appreciate her efforts, Faith leaned on the nearby counter and folded her arms, watching her prepare their evening meal. She smiled despite herself, feeling strangely comfortable in these surroundings with Buffy. Then something struck her as funny, although fairly disturbing.


“Do you realise what this looks like, B?” Faith had a slight grin playing on her sumptuous lips.


“Huh?” Buffy continued whisking some milk into her bowl of eggs, planning to make Faith her omelette surprise.


Which consisted mainly just of egg. . .and whatever else she could find lying around.


“Well, you’re being Miss Homemaker, while I was out practically chopping wood. This looks like we’re in some weird fucking 1950’s ideal home commercial. The thing is. . .why do I have to be the butch one?” Faith was virtually pouting.


Buffy had never really seen the other girl do it before, so it was an irresistible invitation to tease her a little, and maybe make her pout some more. She loved it when Faith went all cute, because it was just so unlike her; and it only served to make Buffy want the other girl even more.


Buffy stopped what she was doing and looked over at Faith. She raised her eyebrows, and looked up and down the younger girl greedily.


Faith almost felt uncomfortable with the way Buffy was looking at her. Buffy had never given her a look so full of pure unadulterated lust before. Her panties were now getting understandably wet from the thought of what might have been going through Buffy’s head.


“Faith. . .I certainly wouldn’t call you butch. But, I guess the whole bad ass look is, well, butcher, or whatever. . .than me. Not that it doesn’t look good on you, ‘cause it does, without a doubt. Really. . .good,” Buffy said, rambling and licking her lips. “But yeah, you are the butch one in this little ideal home.” She winked at Faith, and continued with her cooking.


Faith didn’t know what the hell to say. Had she just been given a compliment? Or had she been insulted? She didn’t have a clue. But to be honest she didn’t care. Just the way Buffy had looked at her, the way she had licked her lips mid sentence as if making one hundred percent sure she had Faith’s attention, had totally turned her on. The annoying thing was, she knew Buffy knew it. It was glaringly obvious.


Faith narrowed her eyes, wondering if she should say something. Debating whether now was the time for them to find out what the hell was going on between them recently. She turned towards Buffy, about to find something to say.


“Faith, hold this please?” Buffy shoved the bowl of massacred eggs at her, as she fumbled around with a frying pan that was now smoking on the stove. “Thanks.” She took the bowl back, and emptied its contents into the pan.


 Faith slumped herself back against the counter, and kept quiet. For now.


Buffy was feeling pretty proud of herself for leaving Faith in a muddle. She knew she had done that very thing from the way Faith was now looking at her. Although, the blonde girl pretended not to notice as she blustered around the kitchen, preparing to wow the other slayer with her cooking.


She was happy things had become a little less tense between them. After they had dried off from the lake things had seemed a tad awkward. The mood had definitely lifted, however. She had thought maybe Faith was going to go into one of her famous introspective funks, but she had returned from her job collecting firewood in a somewhat lighter mood.


Buffy just hoped they could both stay that way for the night. She was enjoying the whole ‘alone time’ with Faith immensely.




After Buffy had finished preparing their meal, and Faith had busied herself lighting a small fire in the hearth, the two girls sat down to eat. They were sat on the floor in front of the fireplace, on the two sleeping bags Buffy had brought. She had brought them just in case there had been something wrong with the bed. Luckily though, the bed was fine.


The fire was just big enough to give the girls a warm glow without over heating the small cabin; it was summer after all. The room was also being lit by a handful of candles. It could have been a very romantic setting, and in fact it was. Buffy had noticed, but Faith was doing her best not to.


“Hey B, this is pretty good. For real,” Faith acknowledged as shovelled as much of her food as she could into her mouth.


“Yeah. . .I can see you like it.” Buffy smiled kindly at her counterpart.


It was nice to see somebody actually appreciate her cooking for once. Willow never seemed to be quite as enthusiastic. But Faith loved her food, so it was nice that she was enjoying it.


“Do you really like it?” Buffy asked, just wanting to make sure.


Faith halted her scoop-and-shovel action and turned towards the smaller girl, moving her body to face Buffy so now they were both sitting crossed legged in front of each other.


“B, I like it. It’s great, here. . .check for yourself.” Faith raised a forkful of omelette up towards Buffy.


Of course, she was well aware that Buffy was eating exactly the same thing as her, but she just wanted to see if Buffy would eat from her fork. She was getting the other girl back for the earlier attempt to get her flustered. Which, of course Buffy had definitely done.


“Err, Faith? I cooked it. I know what it tastes like.” Buffy gave Faith a puzzled look.


Buffy was sure Faith wasn’t that stupid so she had an inkling that there was more to the gesture, and that there was an ulterior motive for the offering of food in such a way. She wasn’t sure whether to go along with it or not. If she was reading it wrong and the offer was a set up for some kind of joke. . .she knew she would never hear the end of it.


“You scared to eat from my fork, B? That hurts.” Faith faked her best wounded puppy-dog look; her deep soulful eyes looking about as sweet and innocent as she could get them. It was quite a feat, so she hoped Buffy would fall for it.


“Ok,” Buffy sighed a little at the look she was being given, for more reasons than the obvious annoyed one.


To be truthful, Buffy couldn’t have been more willing to do it if she’d tried. The sweet, bordering on sexy look Faith was currently submitting her to was heating her up more than the fire.


She leant forward towards Faith, almost unable to contain the butterflies tumbling around in her stomach at the idea of putting the fork the younger girl had been using in her mouth. She didn’t mean to do it, but as she took the tasty morsel Buffy looked up suggestively at Faith through her eyelashes.


She had done it subconsciously, just not wanting to take her eyes from her friend, but the reaction she got was certainly a bonus. Faith had in no doubt approved of Buffy’s suggestiveness.


Faith watched Buffy delicately take the fork in her mouth, pulling the offering from it with her teeth. The overtly sexual nature that Buffy did it wasn’t lost on her at all. She had almost growled involuntarily with the way it sent shivers up and down her spine. Her dark eyes no doubt letting Buffy know exactly how she had been affected.


It took Faith a couple of seconds to realise Buffy had eaten her offering before lowering the fork down to her plate again. She couldn’t look away from the other girl. Fighting the urge to jump on Buffy, Faith filled her utensil with food again.


“Hungry, B? Want more?” She kept her eyes locked with Buffy’s as she offered her fork to the other girl once more.


The fire crackled and spat in the background. The soft glow encasing the two girls in its warmth, but the heat was nowhere near as intense as that coming from the slayers.


Buffy didn’t hesitate to repeat the performance. She had no hope in turning Faith down right now, no matter how obvious things were becoming. This was definitely what the blonde would call full on flirting now, and she could tell it wasn’t just a one sided thing. They were both encouraging each other.


The lustful fire in Faith’s dark pools spoke volumes to Buffy. Telling her that the brunette was just as up for some teasing and flirting as she was. As she allowed the fork to slip once more from her lips Buffy smiled sweetly up at her counterpart, wondering if she could get away with trying the same on Faith.


“It doesn’t seem fair that I’ve eaten some of yours, Faith. You should have some of mine.” Buffy then proceeded to feed Faith in the same way the dark girl had done to her.


She just couldn’t resist the temptation after watching Faith’s reaction. She wanted to at least put something in the Faith’s mouth, even if food wasn’t the main thing on her mind. It would have to do for now.


Faith practically felt the penny drop as she watched Buffy grow ever more confident in her actions. She was fairly sure this was a subtle attempt at some kind of seduction, or at least a way to tease her. She marvelled at how Buffy had turned the tables on her. After all, it was Faith that had started this particular game. Now she was on the receiving end.


She grinned wickedly before slowly slipping the cold steel into her mouth, making sure to stay focused on Buffy. Faith’s teeth pulled the remnants of the omelette from its perch as she leant back again, letting her tongue lasciviously brush over her fleshy bottom lip as she did so.


Buffy felt herself almost follow Faith backwards in order to relieve the other girl from the task of licking her lips and doing it for her. She stopped just in time, feeling totally and utterly captivated by Faith. Lost in her dark eyes. 


Buffy knew if they carried on, something would happen to give her and her feelings away. She wasn’t sure enough of Faith’s desire to do that just yet. Doing her best to stop noticing the arousal in the brunette’s eyes, Buffy turned her face from her and settled on watching the flickering fire.


Faith frowned a little at Buffy’s sudden change; unsure whether she had maybe taken things a little far. She didn’t want to scare her friend away from the changing nature of their relationship. She was well aware that Buffy would be wanting to take things as slow as she could, even if she could tell that she was fighting for control.


“You up for some sparring, girlfriend?” Faith asked, deciding to steer them away slightly from the sexual tension that had been bristling between them. Although as soon as she suggested the sparring she realised that it would only help to fuel the tension.




Buffy took the now empty plates into the kitchen area as she thought about her answer. She could think of only one other activity other than sparring that she would like to indulge in with Faith, but she didn’t trust herself with getting too close to her right now. Not on a physical level at least.


She was still too busy trying to come to terms with the fact she was in love with Faith. So Buffy thought it would be best for them to maybe take this opportunity to have some ‘conversation time’. They rarely got the chance to just talk to each other about anything other than slaying or, well, things associated with it.


She knew that it was mainly her own fault that they never really spoke about anything close to them, because when Faith had turned up in Sunnydale Buffy had been far from interested in sharing things with her. Especially her thoughts and feelings.


It had a lot to do with Angel, and the situation that the whole thing had left her in. She just didn’t want to let anybody in at the time. But now things were different, and she definitely wanted to let Faith in.


“Can we just talk or something, Faith?” Buffy sat down again in front of the fire, attempting not to sit too close to the object of her attraction


“I thought that’s what we were doing?” Faith rested an elbow on the couch behind her, and stretched her legs out towards the fire, keeping most of her body turned to Buffy.


“No, I mean really talk.” Buffy hoped Faith wouldn’t shy away from this kind of interaction between them; talking not usually being something they indulged in.


Faith eyed her a little suspiciously, unsure what Buffy was actually meaning. She was aware of the fact they never talked about anything important to them. It was generally all about the slaying, or just banter and witty comments, or maybe the odd moment of small talk. But they didn’t do the whole sit and share thing. She thought that Willow was the kind of friend Buffy did that with, not her.


“If you really want to, no problem,” Faith said, and hoped she wasn’t getting herself into something she might regret. After all, the sparring idea had been far more appealing to her. “What do ya wanna talk about, B?” Faith jumped right in, not wanting them to sit around in an uncomfortable silence, or anything resembling it.


“Umm, I don’t know. I guess I just realised I don’t really know that much about you. I mean, considering how long we’ve know each other,” Buffy confessed.


It was true, Faith rarely talked about anything from her past, or about things that affected her or moved her in any way.


Faith was always too busy trying to protect her image, and act the tough girl. Buffy knew there were things that maybe Faith didn’t want to talk about, like maybe her family or upbringing. She hadn’t heard it from the brunette herself, but guessed as much, more from the things that Faith didn’t say than did.


“Right, I get ya. Wait there, I need to go get something.” Faith sprang up from the floor and headed outside before Buffy could ask why.


The blonde slayer kept her eyes trained on the door, pushing down the urge to follow Faith. It was well known to her that Faith usually bolted at any sign of serious conversation or emotion, so she was hoping she wouldn’t be hearing the car zoom off any time soon. In some ways it wouldn’t surprise her if Faith did decide to do the avoiding thing she had down to a fine art.


She sat in the calm of the cabin, trusting in the fact that the beautiful brunette would walk back through the door at any second with whatever it was she went to fetch. The truth was though, she had an awful feeling that maybe she had crossed the line she knew she shouldn’t have with Faith. That maybe it would have been a better bet to have risked the sparring instead.


Buffy crossed her fingers and waited. 



Part Six

You Just Had To Make Me Feel


“Faith, what have you been doing?” Buffy looked up from the seam on the sleeping bag she had been worriedly picking at whilst she waited for her fellow slayer. She sounded, and felt, full of a mix of relief, anxiousness and. . .well, annoyance.


But she was glad that Faith hadn’t left at the first sign of anything hinting at meaningful conversation.


That Faith hadn’t left her.


Faith strolled back into the humble cabin with a small bag in her arms, unaware of why Buffy sounded so upset. She did her patented puzzled frown and made her way to the counter at the far end of the room.


“I went to get something, I told ya. You ok?” Faith placed her bag on the counter and turned to look over at Buffy.


The blonde girl was awash with the mellow glow of the fire. It highlighted the gold in her hair, and gave her skin a delicious flush. She was kneeling on the bulky sleeping bags, her emerald eyes fixed on Faith, overwhelming the rest of the room.


Nothing right then existed for Faith except Buffy, and the small blonde hadn’t even done anything. She was just there, being her usual self, but there was so much feeling in her eyes. Something deep and speaking to Faith on a level she had never felt before. And she couldn’t help but smile because it filled her heart. It filled her entire being with. . .love.


It hit her, harder than any demon ever could, harder than anything she’d ever felt before. She was in love. Faith was in love with Buffy. It was so fucking obvious now that she could see it staring back at her. It was coming off in waves from the other girl and landing her square in the middle of her chest.


“Fuck.” Faith stepped back into the hard wood of the counter behind her. She steadied herself on it and battled the urge to turn and run.


“Faith. . .are you ok?” Buffy asked as she stood up and began to make her way over to Faith.


She had never seen Faith go so pale before. Faith was tough. A badass with the shell of an armour-cased tank. Buffy was wondering what the hell had just caused the sudden confused and lost expression on the other girl’s face. Even in the shadows of the cabin she could see something was wrong, but she couldn’t quite make out what.


“Hey, it’s ok. . .stay there,” Faith said. She wanted to compose herself. She wasn’t the type of girl to feel like she’d just been hit by a truck for no good reason. But then, there was a good reason. Buffy.


Faith ignored the thumping of her heart as she didn’t want the older girl to grow any more suspicious than she obviously was already. She didn’t know how to deal with love, on either side. . .receiving or giving. She didn’t have the experience of it. Certainly not like Buffy did. Or anybody for that matter.


But she was sure she could feel it coming from Buffy. It was suddenly just there for her to see and to feel, to taste almost. As if an extra slayer sense had awakened. She had no clue whether or not it had been there all along, or if it was a recent thing. She had no idea even if Buffy was aware of it herself. She wasn’t even sure if maybe it was all in her head and wishful thinking on her part.


It didn’t make sense to Faith so she decided to do her best to ignore it right now. Faith certainly didn’t want the blonde girl detecting how she felt about her, because she wasn’t ready to deal with it herself. And it would be above and beyond awkward if she was reading things wrong, and all she could really detect from Buffy was the love you have for a close friend.


So she shook her head, clearing it of the thoughts that were screaming out of her ears. She didn’t want to think about something as serious as this right now. Not when there was nowhere to run to, and no escape. Faith fought for control of her emotions, then smiled at the clearly baffled slayer kneeling by the fire.


“Here. . .catch,” Faith said as she threw something towards her friend, breaking the tension filled atmosphere; watching Buffy dreamily as she reacted to what was aimed her way.


Buffy caught the projectile effortlessly, although Faith had hurled it fairly hard.


“What is. . .oooh, chocolate,” Buffy smiled.


Faith had thrown her a large bar from the bag of goodies she had procured the day they had made their way to the cabin. Buffy turned her attention to the gift and away from Faith.


Faith couldn’t stop smiling even though she was pushing her feelings to one side for the time being. It was hard to stop feeling full of. . .feeling. That’s the only way she could describe it to herself. Where before there had been nothing; now there was a whole load of stuff.


Faith wished she had more experience with the love thing, because she was doing a crappy job at letting her stomach settle. She had never felt butterflies like it.


She made her way back over to Buffy with an armful of bottles. Buffy could see it was alcohol. Drinking wasn’t something she’d had a lot of experience with. Even though she was now at college, Buffy had just never seen the appeal of getting hammered and coping with the whole hangover deal.


“You know I don’t drink, Faith,” Buffy pointed out, unwrapping the chocolate as Faith sat back down next to her, instantly making Buffy feel warmer and more relaxed.


“Tonight ya do. Come on, this place is so beyond dull, so we’re gonna have to make our own entertainment.” Faith was well aware that Buffy didn’t usually drink; she was too Miss Goody-Two-Shoes for that kind of thing. Too ‘straight’.


She chuckled to herself at how un-straight Buffy had been acting recently. Ok, so she wasn’t exactly jumping all over her, but Buffy did seem fairly interested, even if it was just a curiosity thing that never went beyond flirting and teasing. Faith wasn’t sure why the Buffy had started acting the way she was but she wasn’t complaining. And now of course there was the love she saw in the blonde girl’s eyes to try and work out. Her mind was full to the brim of the girl sat beside her. 


“Fine, but I’m not drinking a lot. Unless you do,” Buffy made clear, but she was looking less and less convincing in the sweet-and-innocent department as the day went on. She was attempting to look all demure, but was busy stuffing a handful of chocolate into her mouth.


“Hey, don’t eat all of it, girlfriend.” Faith smirked and sat back down, close to Buffy. “I want some too.”


“Sorry.” She looked up at Faith with her famous puppy-dog eyes, the ones the younger girl couldn’t resist.


“I really wish you wouldn’t do that, B. You know what it does to me,” Faith said, raising her eyebrow. She’d meant how it made her crumble and give in to whatever it was Buffy was pouting about, but Buffy’s now wide eyes told her something else was going through her head. “No, I didn’t mean. . .shit, never mind.” Faith didn’t really feel the need anymore to completely hide how much she liked Buffy. And in what way exactly she did so.


There was no point in sweeping the trail behind her when she was wearing a flashing neon light most of the time that was saying “I wanna strip you down and make you mine”. Faith was fairly sure any attempt to fool Buffy was now a waste of time. And something definitely told her that the blonde girl was kind of thinking the same thing.


“Here.” Faith got handy with her bottle opener, and passed Buffy a beer. Opening one for herself too. “It mixes well with chocolate.”


Buffy took a tentative swig of the offered beverage. It was warm, and didn’t mix well with chocolate at all. She pulled a face that Faith instantly laughed at. She tried to be mad at Faith, but couldn’t. She liked it too much when her dark counterpart laughed. Instead she opted for pretending to be pissed off, narrowing her eyes at Faith.


“These really don’t mix well, Faith.” Yet she took another swig, this time longer than the last, trying to rid her mouth of the conflicting tastes.


“I know, but the look on your face. Priceless,” Faith chuckled, then downed some of her own beer. Enjoying it even though it was warm. Then she placed some of the chocolate absentmindedly between her lips, regretting it straight away. “Man, this really doesn’t work together.” Faith also pulled a face.


“That’s cute,” Buffy said quietly, then blushed instantly. It was the first thing that had come into her head and she’d blurted it out. It was definitely a cute face the other girl had pulled, but she hadn’t really wanted to share the thought.


Buffy glanced away from her friend, who said nothing for now. Buffy was grateful because she was too busy trying to stop the flow of other adjectives that wanted to follow the cute comment. Words like beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and sexy, wanted to just roll off her tongue in description of Faith. But she stopped herself with another mouthful of the warm liquid.


Which unfortunately made her think of some other type of warm liquid to do with Faith. Her face flushed about as red as it probably could have done. Buffy couldn’t believe she could think such a thing, but then. . .she was trapped in the middle of nowhere with an incredibly sexy girl who was busy turning her mind to mush.


“You ok there, blondie? You look kinda hot.” Faith grinned, wondering what Buffy could possibly be thinking about. She wanted to ask, but thought that maybe it would keep for later, when they were both just that little bit more ‘relaxed’.




The two girls spent the next hour or two drinking steadily and talking, just like Buffy had wanted. Most of the talking was coming from Buffy however, because Faith had a knack of turning questions back on people. That way, she knew she would never give away too much about herself.


She hadn’t kept completely tight-lipped, and shared a little more of her life before Sunnydale with Buffy. Telling her about her childhood, or lack of. Her upbringing in Boston and the crappy school she had dropped out of.


But she didn’t go into great detail about anything, or scare the other girl too much with stories of her mom’s boyfriends hitting on her and feeling her up at any opportunity. What she had shared Buffy was obviously affected by.


Faith glossed over things a bit, as she didn’t want to bring them both down. Faith had dealt with most of what had been thrown at her, and didn’t really want to drag it all out, or drag the evening into something of a therapy session. It wasn’t Faith’s style to dwell on her past nowadays. Anyway, Buffy seemed to be enjoying herself, and the drink the she had brought. It was definitely relaxing the usually uptight slayer.


“So, now I know more about you, we can be closer,” Buffy said, smiling a lopsided grin and hiccupping.


She looked dotingly at Faith, unable to stop her admiration showing on her face in her tipsy state. She wasn’t sure why she seemed to be more affected by the alcohol than Faith was, but she was past caring now. She had really enjoyed listening to some of Faith’s stories, even if the ones she had rushed through about her mother’s boyfriends had upset Buffy somewhat.


She had done her best not to make her upset obvious and cause Faith to feel bad about it, but she knew she wanted to know more about it all at a later date. Buffy loved Faith, and hated the thought of anybody treating her badly, or hurting her in any way.


She hoped what she had just implicated to Faith, about them being closer, hadn’t passed the younger girl by. The puzzled look Faith now wore probably meant she was turning it over in her mind, so Buffy refrained from saying anything more. 


Faith turned her face to the fire for a second, enjoying the gentle heat coming from the crackling logs. She wasn’t quite sure what Buffy had meant by the ‘closer’ comment. She hoped it was something along the lines she had been thinking though, because she was imagining all kinds of closeness with her friend. Hot and sweaty kinda closeness. She was pretty sure it was also what the blonde girl had meant, and the knowing grin said it all.


Buffy turned more towards Faith, leaning her arm on the couch, and almost but not quite trailing it around the back of the brunette. Forcing herself not to start playing with the luscious brown locks close to her hand, Buffy continued with their conversation.


“Anyway,” Buffy said, breaking the silence and subconsciously looking Faith up and down as she got comfortable right next to her, “tell me about the guys you’ve been with, I mean, dated. . .recently.” She wanted to make sure Faith hadn’t found herself a boyfriend.


The girlfriend thing she wasn’t so confident in asking about, mainly because she had never heard Faith talk about girls in that way. Which was a major reason for not wanting to dive right in and ask Faith if she was interested in being with her in that way or not. There was flirting and teasing coming her way from the other girl, but no definite declaration at anytime of gay tendencies. Buffy realised the same could be said about her however, so it didn’t perturb her hopes.


What Buffy didn’t know was that Faith had toned down her sex life somewhat. She no longer felt compelled to go and get her jollies after a slay, and it was all down to Buffy. Faith didn’t want some random guy to fix her itch. She wanted Buffy, and sleeping around wasn’t going to stop her thinking about it. She’d already tried that.


“I haven’t really been doing that much these days,” Faith admitted, looking down into the almost empty bottle before finishing it.


She knew Buffy would get what she meant. It wasn’t something she really felt comfortable admitting to, not wanting to lose her bad-girl image, but she also didn’t want her possible new lover to think she was still the town slut.


“Why not? I mean, you’re all about the slaying, and the sex,” Buffy said, practically whispering the last words and sending chills up and down Faith’s spine.


Faith had always oozed sexual charisma. It was one of the reasons Buffy was so drawn to her. The effortless sexiness of Faith washed over Buffy almost constantly, pulling her in the direction of wanting the sultry slayer more and more. She was unable to resist the feeling it gave her. The feeling of wanting to be part of it, involved in it with Faith.


It especially impressed upon her when they slayed together, because the brunette turned into a feisty bundle of hot need. It showed in the way she fought; in the cocky sway of her hips when she walked away from whatever she had just killed. And Buffy would just melt on the spot when she bore witness to Faith’s dancing. Faith was all attitude and destructive beauty. It was compelling and attractive, and the ultimate turn on for Buffy when it was directed her way.


It wasn’t something Buffy had encouraged when Faith first came to Sunnydale, mainly because she didn’t know how to deal with somebody so openly flirty and sexual. Faith’s attitude had grown on Buffy over time, and now she made sure she got as much attention from her friend as possible.


Buffy would go slaying in totally inappropriate attire just to get a reaction from the other girl. She would make sure they never moved too far apart when they danced because she hated it when guys would hit on Faith, as they always did. Buffy had had to deal with the jealousy she felt about Faith sleeping around, but there was nothing she could do about it, as much as it pissed her off.


She didn’t want to have to feel that jealousy again. She didn’t want her sexy slayer to be anybodies but hers.


“Maybe at one time that’s the way it was. But now I’m a little more choosy about who I sleep with,” Faith said. She hadn’t had sex in almost a month; her feelings for Buffy not allowing her to just go out and screw people without thinking.


“Really? So, would you sleep with me?” Buffy blurted out. Her face fell as soon as she realised what she had said.


She had been too busy thinking about how sexy Faith was to stop her mouth making the mistake of not checking what exactly her brain meant, before releasing it to the heated air. Now she wanted to run and hide, because it really hadn’t come out the way she had intended. The drink wasn’t helping her either, just making her more vulnerable to embarrassing herself.


Faith just grinned widely, well aware that Buffy hadn’t quite meant to say what she had. Though she was beginning to think that the seemingly coy blonde was busy contemplating things. Things that were probably best not shared until they were on firmer ground with the whole wanting to be with each other deal. It was cute, so she decided to push it a little.


“Was that a request or a question, girlfriend?”


Faith waited for the answer. Feeling deep down inside herself how much she wanted it to be more than just a question, Faith mentally crossed her fingers.



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