Prompt #58: Cotton

Three’s Company

When Faith finally manages to make it back inside after finishing up her workout, she comes across Buffy in the kitchen with a bag of frozen peas clutched to her abdomen. She grins sheepishly at the blonde, silently apologetic about the little accident they’d had during her workout.

But hey, until the day that Buffy finally admits that she likes to watch Faith work out? There’s no reason to acknowledge that she was there in the first place and make the situation all unnecessarily awkward.

“My intestines are fine, just in case you were wondering,” Buffy says as Faith takes a long swig from the carton of orange juice she’s just pulled from the fridge.

Faith tries hard to contain her laughter, pulling the carton carefully from her mouth so she won’t dribble all over herself.

“Yeah, but that bag of peas has seen its last day. They’re gonna be all mushy and gross now. Hey, offer ‘em to Giles, I hear English folk are all kindsa into mushy peas.”

She ignores the raised eyebrow Buffy gives her and tilts her head back, downing the last of the juice left in the carton. Feeling like someone’s watching her, she looks out of the corner of her eye to see Buffy’s gaze seemingly fixated on the way her white cotton tank top is riding up just a little bit as she’s holding up the juice carton to her lips. With the last of the juice now gone, she tosses it into the garbage bin and faces Buffy with her arms crossed over her chest, a smug smile on her face.

“Were you just checking me out, B?”

Buffy’s eyes widen for a moment but she quickly covers it up with a look of amused disbelief.

“Could your ego get any bigger?”

Faith just grins.

“Yeah, if you tell me you were checking me out.”

Buffy laughs in response and makes her way toward the living room, mumbling something about there not being room enough for the three of them in the kitchen – her, Faith, and Faith’s ego.

Faith watches her go with a smile on her face, unable to look away from her retreating form. She’s pretty sure that she’s not imagining all of the secret glances anymore.

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