Prompt #069: Book

By The Book

“How is it that we move all the way across the country and our hangout is still a friggin’ library?” Faith asks as she flips through a book, cursing when she gets a paper-cut on her thumb.

“Faith, this isn’t a library, it’s Barnes and Noble. A bookstore. And it’s hardly a hangout; we’re looking for a birthday gift for Willow.”

Buffy’s done her best to ignore Faith’s complaints but Faith is getting more antsy with every passing minute and it’s only a matter of time before she’ll start to get into trouble.

“B, we’ve been here for damn near an hour. We’ve moved outta shopping territory and into loitering zone. We stay here any longer and they’re gonna give us nametags, put us to work.”

“You’re the one who wanted advice on what to get her. I picked out her present two months ago but since you’re Last-Minute Molly, here we are scrambling for a gift from you two hours before her party.”

Faith idly picks up another book and makes a face before setting it down on the shelf. What kind of a book about vampires is named Twilight anyway? She’ll tell you what kind of book: a sissy book.

“I already told you what I wanted to get her.”

“And I already told you that I’m not going into any kind of sex shop with you,” Buffy easily dismisses her yet again, trying hard not to let a blush creep up on her cheeks.

“Fine, fine, Miss Vanilla,” Faith says mockingly.

“I’m not vanilla!” Buffy says as she spins quickly to meet Faith’s surprised gaze.

They’ve had this discussion before; Faith always teasing Buffy about her tendency towards prudishness and Buffy arguing back that just because she won’t sleep with Faith doesn’t make her a prude. That’s when Faith smiles and tells Buffy’s she’s right, it doesn’t make her a prude; it makes her a fool.

“No? Then prove it, B. I’m gettin’ her this.”

She quickly scans a shelf in the adult section and her eyes light up when she finds what she was looking for. She grabs the book and pushes it against Buffy’s chest before walking off with a grin on her face.

Buffy waits until Faith is a few aisles down before glancing down at the book. Her eyes widen when she reads the title, Kama Sutra for Lesbians. She blushes a little on Willow’s behalf, but her interest is piqued. Making sure that Faith’s attention is otherwise occupied, she quickly grabs another copy and heads off for the register before Faith can catch up with her. The clerk takes the books and steals a look up at Buffy who swallows her pride and chuckles nervously.

Good ol’ Buffy Summers, always making sacrifices in the name of research.

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