Prompt #049: High

The Perfect Drug

The morning sun was shining through the large window, its warm rays falling squarely on Buffy’s bed and the two slayers sleeping peacefully under the blankets. They were in standard spoon position, Faith curled up behind Buffy with an arm wrapped over the blonde’s stomach and holding her close.

They’d come in from a late patrol and had literally fallen into bed together. Buffy had insisted on having just a little nap before getting undressed but Faith had had other plans in mind and stripped them both down to their underwear before pulling the warm blankets over them.

Sure, she’d wanted to get rid of the Victoria’s Secret lacey goodness too, but apparently Vickie’s secret was that Buffy was still too nervous to shed the panty barrier and make with the girly loving.

It was okay, though; Faith knew that the reward would be worth the wait. After all, she’d made it six whole days since their first kiss while on patrol; surely Buffy could only hold out for a few more days, right?


Buffy tried to bury her face further into the pillow she was sharing with Faith but the bright sun kept finding her eyes no matter how hard she tried to hide them.

“I’m boarding up the window after lunch,” she murmured, rubbing her face on the soft cotton pillowcase.

“I’ll bring the hammer,” Faith mumbled back. She buried her nose in Buffy’s hair and breathed in while she stretched, a small smile brightening up her face.

“Are you Real Faith or Dream Faith?” Buffy asked sleepily.

“Depends. Does Dream Faith get to feel you up?”


“Then I’m definitely Dream Faith.”

Faith’s hand suddenly started wandering up Buffy’s taut stomach, stopping only when a hand gripped hers and stopped its steady climb to the Buffy Twin Peaks. That was Faith’s favorite mountain range despite her rare and often short visits.

“Access denied,” Buffy said as she lowered Faith’s hand back to her stomach. Suddenly something dawned on her and she lifted her head, trying to read the clock. “What time is it?”

“I dunno, like. . .” Faith looked over her shoulder at the alarm clock on the desk, “8:08. Or possibly BOB. I dunno, I’m still half-asleep here, not seeing so good.”

Suddenly Buffy was up from the bed and fumbling around the discarded clothing on the floor in search of Faith’s.

“You have to go! Everyone’s gonna be up soon and then you won’t be able to make a clean escape!”

“Maybe it’s the perfect way for them to find out,” Faith replied, rolling onto her back and folding her arms underneath her head.

“No it’s not! We’ll tell them at breakfast, okay?”

Faith playfully narrowed one eye at her, then the other, before finally sitting up and sighing dramatically. “Fine, fine. But I’m not leaving without some form of bribery.”

Without waiting for an explanation, Buffy quickly ran over and planted a nice and deep but quick kiss on Faith’s lips. She didn’t linger though, and instead had Faith half-dressed before she could even stand from the bed.

“So breakfast?” Faith asked as she slipped into her jeans from the previous night.

“Yeah-huh,” Buffy replied anxiously, hardly paying any attention. She was already at the door and peeking out the crack to see if there was anyone out in the hall.

“Right. So I’ll see ya in a bit then, babe.”

Faith opened the door and was only two steps past Buffy when she was yanked back in the door which closed promptly behind her.

“Are you high? You can’t go out there looking like that!”

Faith looked down at her clothes, then back up at Buffy with one of her eyebrows raised. “Like what?”

“You have sex hair!” Buffy said, running her fingers through the unruly brunette locks and trying her best to tame them. After several minutes of fussing and fighting away Faith’s gropey hands, Buffy finally gave up and threw her hands in the air in defeat when she heard footsteps receding down the hallway. “You’re just gonna have to stay in here until everyone is downstairs.”

“Fine by me,” Faith said with a grin, pulling her shirt off over her head. “So, how ‘bout some more of that drug? Feel like I can use another high.”

Buffy pretended to be skeptical but couldn’t help the smile on her face as Faith walked her backwards to the bed, peppering light kisses over her lips.

“Are you comparing my kisses to drugs?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Faith mumbled, “and I’m about to overdose.”

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