Prompt #070: Music

Sex Bomb

Much to Buffy’s surprise, none of the Scoobies seemed too bothered with the revelation that she and Faith were now a couple. They’d apparently seen it coming for months and had been placing bets on when it would finally happen. The general consensus was that the relationship was good . . . so long as any and all romantic liaisons were kept behind closed doors.

Xander hadn’t actually insisted on that part of the deal but quickly agreed after a few smacks to the back of his head.

Buffy and Faith did their best to keep their hands to themselves while around the others but on days like today, they just had to hide behind locked doors and get the groping out of their system. It was a week after their big reveal to the gang at breakfast and they still hadn’t had sex, though they were getting closer and closer every day.

Still, with Buffy’s tongue in her mouth and Buffy’s fingernails scratching up and down her back under her t-shirt, Faith was starting to lose control. The making out was good – no, it was fucking great – but she couldn’t keep the hot and heavy up for too much longer without breaking Buffy’s panty rule.

Feeling herself start to lose control as she basically dry-humped Buffy’s still clothed body, Faith quickly rolled off of Buffy and right off the bed. She stumbled around the room hunched over and with her thighs pressed together, looking more like she was in pain than having any kind of pleasure.

“You’re . . . I’m just . . . there’s gotta . . . I’m gonna . . . I gotta go, B!”

Faith stumbled out of the door and down the hall to her room before Buffy could say anything, leaving an equally flustered Buffy behind. Less than thirty seconds later Buffy heard the door to Faith’s room close, then the sound of music playing loudly from her stereo. Thank god the house was empty of everyone would be complaining . . .

Buffy stopped and tilted her head to the side as she pulled her unbuttoned shirt closed. They were alone in the house. They were horny as hell. They weren’t gonna have another opportunity like this in a long time.

Taking a deep breath, Buffy made up her mind and got up from her bed, checking her reflection in her mirror before making her way down the hall. Faith’s music was loud and nothing Buffy would normally listen to but there was something about Spinnerette that just screamed ‘Faith.’

And the song that was playing now? Sex Bomb? Oh yeah, totally Faith.

Buffy turned the doorknob without knocking and let herself in, going completely unnoticed by Faith until the door clicked loudly behind her when she locked it. Faith paused in her position on the floor, mid-way through doing what would’ve been her first of many sets of sit-ups that night. Faith looked like she was about to speak, probably to apologize for her quick exit, but Buffy didn’t give her the opportunity.

Smiling, Buffy pulled back her unbuttoned shirt and shrugged it off to the floor. Faith’s eyes followed it down to the carpeted floor and then looked back up quickly to see Buffy unclasping her bra.

Faith’s eyes widened when Buffy stepped out of her pants and walked over to the bed wearing nothing but her little lilac panties. In fact, she remained frozen in place until Buffy crawled seductively on the bed and beckoned her over with her finger.

Finally smiling, Faith quickly stood up and pulled her shirt off over her head, her eyes never leaving Buffy’s. They had three hours until everyone got back from their movie night.

They were gonna need every minute.

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