Prompt #045: Cold


“It’s colder than a witch’s tit out here.”

That earned a soft chuckle from Kennedy who was walking alongside Faith and twirling a stake in her gloved hands.

“Yunno, that saying’s actually a load of crap. I’ve been dating a witch for over a year. I’ve done the research; the tits are hot.”

“That’s probably somethin’ I didn’t need to think about. Ever,” Faith replied but couldn’t help the smirk on her face. It matched Kennedy’s perfectly.

While they seemed a lot alike in many regards, Faith and Kennedy never seemed to be able to click in a social way. When Willow and Buffy realized that they seemed to have bonding moments while sparring, they decided that sending them on patrol together once or twice a week would be good for them.

Unfortunately, awkward conversations about stake-twirling technique and cold tits were all they could come up with.

They fell back into their usual silence which they both seemed happy to keep, but Kennedy sighed as she remembered Willow’s less-than-subtle encouragement to be friendlier with Faith, especially now that she and Buffy were an item.

Willow apparently couldn’t get the thought of double-dates out of her head.

“So . . . you and Sergeant Buffy. What’s that like?” Kennedy asked, still twirling her stake in her hands.

Faith shrugged and buried her hands deep in her pockets to warm them up. “Pretty good,” she replied after a moment.

Kennedy waited for her to elaborate but when several long moments passed, she decided to press on a bit further.

“That’s it? ‘Pretty good?’ C’mon, gotta give me more than that. Wills is gonna hound me for details when I get back.”

Faith chuckled softly and grinned as she stole a sidelong glance at Kennedy.

“More than that? Okay, I can do that. She’s got hot tits too.” She paused and held back her laughter as best as possible as Kennedy’s stake clanked on the hard ground. “So now you know something about my girl, I know something about your girl; think we’re full up on the social quota for tonight. Unless ya wanna know more, I mean.”

Kennedy bent down and quickly picked up her stake before shoving it and her hands into her pockets. She shook her head and gave a short laugh.

“I think we’re good on the sharing front.”

They both continued walking quietly until they broke out into laughter a few minutes later. Maybe this whole bonding thing was good for them after all.

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