Prompt #038: Rain


They’d spent most of the night after patrol working off their H&H’s together, having equal parts of sex and ice cream to quench their desires. To be honest, they’d even had a little bit of them at the same time. It was Faith’s fault, Buffy had reckoned at the time. Had she not snuck out of Buffy’s room after their second round of sex to get a snack and had she not brought that snack back to the room, neither they nor the bed sheets would have ended up covered with double chocolate fudge ice cream.

Faith had finally worn Buffy out just before dawn and they curled up together under the messy sheets, their bodies sticking together in more than one place. Buffy was actually less sticky because Faith had an appetite – and a tongue – that never quit, but Faith didn’t mind being left messy.

That was always her favorite part about sex with Buffy.

It wasn’t the usual morning sun that woke Faith up but the sound of rain beating softly against the glass windowpane. She tried to go back to sleep but her sticky ice cream-covered skin was sticking to the sheets and she just couldn’t get comfortable.

As quietly as possible, she crept out of bed and took a quick shower just to de-stickify. She walked back into the room buck naked with a towel in her hand and her hair dripping over her back and shoulders to find Buffy talking in her sleep. Smiling, Faith crawled back onto bed and atop the blankets, positioning herself so that she was hovering just a few inches above Buffy. She couldn’t quite make out the words so she turned her head to the side, not noticing that her wet hair started dripping on Buffy’s face.

“It’s raining in the house,” Buffy mumbled in her sleep, wrinkling her nose when a drop of water spilled on it from Faith’s wet hair and leaked down onto her cheek. “Someone stole the roof! Giles will be so mad.”

Faith laughed but tried to keep her body from shaking the bed.

“B,” she whispered.

“Someone get Xander a hammer and an umbrella. A BIG umbrella. A big umbrella from the Big Umbrella store,” Buffy continued mumbling.

“Baby,” she said slightly louder and leaned down to brush her lips over Buffy’s. When she dipped her head down, a thick clump of wet hair slipped back from behind her ear and landed on Buffy’s cheek.

“Rafts! We need rafts!”

Suddenly Buffy’s eyes were open and she was staring up at Faith’s amused face. Another drop of water rolled from Faith’s hair onto her face and she used her fingertips to wipe it away.

“Ugh, Faith! Dream-Buffy was about to build an ark!” she said as she pushed Faith’s wet hair back behind her ear.

“Dream-Buffy sure is pretty entertaining,” Faith said with a smile before leaning down and capturing Buffy’s lips in a long, deep kiss. She pulled back a few moments later to see several more drops of water running down Buffy’s face.

“You’re getting me all wet,” Buffy said with a soft giggle.

“Now that’s what a girl likes to hear,” Faith replied as she pulled the sheet out from between them and rested her body down against Buffy’s, nudging her thighs apart with her knees. “Better start workin’ on that ark, B. There’s about to be a flood.”

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