Prompt #73: Pain

Hair of the Dog

It’s the day after Halloween and Faith is sick. It’s like a Halloween Hangover, except this was caused by candy and not alcohol. Since she’s too old for Trick-or-Treating – a fact that she tried to convince Buffy she was wrong about – she went to the drugstore early in the day before everything had been bought up by last minute shoppers and picked up some treats for herself.

Those treats consisted of a bag of Blow Pops and party-sized bags of Snickers, Skittles, and Butterfinger bars. And in true slayer form, she’d eaten all of them before the night was through with only minimal help from Buffy who was more interested in her apple cider and popcorn-ball.

Buffy thought she was going to have to use the Tranq gun on Faith to get her to sleep with the sugar-buzz she’d been riding all night, but Faith passed out some time after midnight with a Blow Pop still sticking out of her mouth.

It was Faith’s groaning that had woken Buffy at shortly after eight in the morning. Buffy’s been playing nurse-maid ever since and really, she doesn’t mind. It’s not often that Faith needs help with darn near anything.

“I think I’m dying,” Faith mumbles, her head under the blanket to hide from the bright afternoon rays.

“Shall I have Andrew start making funeral arrangements?” Buffy asks from her side of the bed where she’s lounging casually above the covers and watching TV, munching on some leftover popcorn.

“Your concern overwhelms me,” Faith replies sarcastically and Buffy can’t help but smile.

If it’s concern Faith wants, it’s concern she’ll get.

“Oh baby,” Buffy says dramatically and dives under the covers, her arms encircling Faith from the side. “Tell me where it hurts and I’ll make it better.”

“It hurts everywhere!” Faith complains. “My head’s poundin’, my gut’s aching, and I feel like I gotta crap a camel but that ain’t gonna happen cos of all those damn Blow Pops.”

Buffy tries to keep in her chuckle and has to bite her lip for a moment to compose herself.

“I told you that you’re not supposed to eat the suckers like that, Faith. You chew the gum and spit it out, not swallow it.”

“Well now I know that for next year, don’t I, B?”

“You sure do,” Buffy replies sympathetically.

Faith slides further down the bed and wraps her arms around Buffy’s hips as she rests her head on her stomach. Buffy lifts the blanket up a bit so that she can look down at Faith. She shakes her head and chuckles, then moves the sheet down off her head and chest so she can resume watching TV.

“Do you want me to go and make you some food? A nice sandwich or a bowl of soup might do you some good.”

It takes a minute but Faith sticks her head out from under the blankets and looks up at Buffy, her hair a complete mess.

“Think we have any candybars left over from the trick-or-treaters?”

Buffy gives Faith a disapproving look but eventually kisses the top of her head and climbs out of the bed in search of more candy. In a strange way, Buffy guesses that it kind of makes sense. Hair of the dog, right?

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