Prompt #097: Free


There were many things that Faith didn’t like to do. Shopping was at the very top of her list of dislikes, though she was always the very first to volunteer when it came to grocery shopping. Understandably, no one in the house fully trusted her to do the grocery shopping alone after the Cheetos and Beer incident.

Honestly, how was Faith to know that the $100 she was given to spend wasn’t supposed to be spent on snacks and adult beverages? She couldn’t believe how they’d overreacted. And really, who didn’t like Cheetos? And beer!

Since then, they’d made sure to always send a chaperone with Faith to make sure she’d stick to the list. More often than not that person was Buffy, and more often than not she ended up chipping in her own money to make up for the extra things Faith bought that were nowhere on the list.

It had been a bit annoying for Buffy when she and Faith weren’t involved, but now that they were girlfriends, she found it rather endearing.

She slowly pushed the cart behind Faith as they made their way up and down the aisles, not even bothering to argue when she added item after item that wasn’t on the list. Besides, she knew that the can of whipped cream Faith tossed in the cart with a wink would be for her benefit more than anyone else’s.

When they got near the front corner of the store, Buffy tried her best to steer Faith away from the area but there was no distracting Faith at that point. It was her favorite area of the store.

“Look, B….freebies!”

“Faith, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times; the bulk food section is not free.”

“Sure it is. I mean, come on, B. Why would they pour a whole bin full of unwrapped candy if they didn’t want ya to sample it?”

“Umm, because it’s the bulk section?” Buffy tried, but Faith completely ignored her protests and popped a handful of gummy-worms into her mouth. “Oh, that’s attractive,” she said with a grimace as Faith slurped a dangling worm into her already full mouth. “Hurry up and chew before an employee comes by and arrests us for Grand Theft Gummy.”

Faith smiled as she chewed, finally finishing with a loud gulp. Buffy just watched her and laughed before grabbing one of the plastic bags and shoveling it full of the gummy worms.

“See, that’s why I’m the master shopper and you’re not,” Faith said as she walked to the next bin of candy and grabbed out a handful of gummy-bears. “My way costs nothing but your way costs a few bucks. All those bucks add up.”

“Your way is also illegal,” Buffy said, then quickly smiled as an old woman shoveling bulk peanuts into a baggy looked over at them.

“You’re just jealous cos I’m a bargain hunter and you’re not.”

“Yes, that’s exactly it. Now come on, let’s go cash out before they send the pimply-faced security guards after us.”

Buffy turned the cart around and pushed it toward the checkout, hoping Faith would follow after her. Faith watched her for a moment before walking over by the old lady and snatching a peanut from the bin she was digging from.

“Love those freebies,” the old lady replied with a peanut-filled smile. Faith smiled and gave her a high-five. Buffy would never be as good a shopper as she was.

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