Prompt #76: Spray

A Good Excuse

There’s something completely erotic for Faith about watching Buffy get dressed and ready after her daily shower. It’s a daily ritual and today is no different than any other day. Faith lays back on Buffy’s bed in anticipation and waits for the moment when Buffy finally emerges from the bathroom wrapped only in a small cotton towel, humming a soft song as she buzzes around the room.

The hunt for clothes is more amusing than erotic; Buffy has a habit of putting together at least six outfits before she finally settles on the one that’s the most stylish but also comfortable. All bets are off if there was something pink in the mix; pink always wins above all others.

Picking panties is easy: she just grabs whatever Faith hasn’t stolen or ripped on her. That leaves slim pickings, but Buffy doesn’t seem to mind, which just makes it that much sexier for Faith. Buffy makes sure her bra matches her panties; god forbid she’s ever caught outside the house in ‘mixy underoos’ as she likes to call them.

Knowing that Faith is watching, Buffy unhurriedly steps into her panties and pulls them up nice and slow, looking at Faith through her eyelashes the whole time.

Now, when Faith had first been around for the post-shower ritual, they’d never made it much further past this point. Before Buffy would have her panties pulled all the way up, Faith had them ripped off with Buffy bent over the dresser and half way to happy land in mere seconds.

But these days, Faith has an appreciation for the ritual. She likes to sit back and watch, taking in every move, every inch of tanned, smooth skin. She’s mesmerized by the way Buffy makes the simple act of rubbing lotion on her legs the second most sexy thing in the entire world. Faith’s heart is pumping so hard by now that she has to clench the bedsheets in her fists just to stop from reaching out and touching.

She can’t touch, because the best part is coming up.

When Buffy is in her bra and panties and fully moisturized, she grabs the lavender bottle of Victoria’s Secret ‘Love Spell’ body spray from the dresser and pops open the cap, placing it gently down as she watches Faith in the mirror. That’s when – and this is Faith’s favorite part – Buffy tilts her head back and closes her eyes, spritzing the spray on her neck and chest. The liquid lands in tiny sparkles on Buffy’s skin, catching the light of the sun through the white blinds on the window.

And then it happens. Faith catches the scent of the spray, and between the scent that is perfectly Buffy and the sexy look on Buffy’s face, Faith can’t sit back any longer.

She stands from the bed and comes up behind Buffy, kissing from the top of her shoulders to the side of her neck while breathing in deeply. Buffy’s appreciative sigh turns Faith on even more, as does the giggle Buffy lets out when Faith’s fingers creep down her sides and start to shimmy her panties over her hips and down her legs.

“Buffy? Are you coming?” Dawn yells from the other side of the door.

“Not yet,” Buffy shouts back, ignoring Faith’s smirk. “I’m just gonna need a few more minutes.”

“God, why are you perpetually late?” Dawn asks before stomping away.

And as Faith drops down to her knees while sliding Buffy’s panties down, Buffy can’t help but smirk too.

If only Dawn knew.

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