Prompt #40: Lake

Cramped Quarters

The bad part about living in Cleveland was that they were no longer living beside the ocean, like Buffy was accustomed to. The good part about living in Cleveland was that they were pretty darn close to Lake Erie which, admittedly, was a pretty decent substitute. Also, the absence of marine life that regularly snacked on humans was a pretty nice bonus.

Xander took it upon himself to rent a cottage at the beach for the long Fourth of July weekend and invited the entire gang along to go with him. The cottage was rustic, to say the least, but it had four small bedrooms and two futons which was more than enough to accommodate their group. They headed out Friday afternoon with plans to stay through until Tuesday, a well deserved bit of down time for some fun and sun.

Though their room had a comfortable double bed and a closet, it didn't have room for much more than that. Buffy and Faith had to squeeze past one another to get around the small space but that really didn't upset them too much. It just gave more opportunities to 'accidentally' grope and fondle one another, as if they didn't already do that enough.

"Hey, hands off the merchandise if you ain't gonna fuck it," Faith warned playfully, stealing a glance over her shoulder as she tried to tie her bikini.

It was difficult though, especially with the way Buffy was pressed against her from behind and letting her hands roam all over her front.

"Rude," Buffy said just as playfully. She smirked, then let her right hand slide down even lower until Faith's jaw dropped open a little in surprise. Buffy stilled her hand where it was, loosely cupped over Faith's bikini briefs.

"Mmm," Faith replied, but then found her common sense and chuckled a little through her sudden onset of lust. "Listen B, I'm all about holing ourselves up in here and finding new and innovative ways to have sex without destroying this closet of a room, but we were supposed to join your pals on the beach about five minutes ago. I give it ten minutes before they send Andrew to check in on us, and you know that sex for me is like Pringles: once I pop, I can't stop. Ten minutes ain't gonna be enough time, but I'm down for the challenge. Gonna let you be the deciding vote on this one."

Buffy took a minute to think it over, flexing her fingertips just enough that she heard Faith's breathing pick up and felt a subtle rocking motion begin in the girl's hips. It would be rude to leave their friends hanging, especially since they'd already committed to going to the beach picnic. There would be food wasted, games not played, questions asked . . .

And Faith was right. Ten minutes was nowhere near long enough.

Sighing in defeat, Buffy pulled her hands away from Faith's warm skin and took a step back, adjusting her own bikini before taking a perfunctory glance in the mirror to make sure she wasn't too rumpled.

"Fine. It'll just have to wait until tonight then," Buffy conceded, then walked over to the doorway. She was half way out of the room before she stopped and chuckled quietly, then looked back at Faith over her shoulder. "You know, I never thought I'd see the day you tried to appeal to my logical side when it came to sex, baby. Someone's turning into a grown up."

She winked at Faith before disappearing fully out of the room, humming a soft tune as she went. Faith watched her go and then groaned quietly before looking down at her bikini briefs, to the area Buffy had just been teasingly caressing.

"Sorry, girl. Didn't mean to sabotage ya. We'll make it up to you later."

She reached down to give herself a pat but stopped herself just short when she realized exactly what she was doing. Shaking her head in amusement, she grabbed Buffy's forgotten sarong from the bed and tied it around her waist.

No way did she want to explain to everyone why she was wet when she hadn't yet been in the lake.

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