Prompt #43: Strain


"C'mon, B. Reach," Faith grunted, her voice straining with effort.

"I am reaching," Buffy replied, her voice equally strained.

"Well try harder."

"If I try any harder I'm going to dislocate my shoulder."

"You're a slayer, you can hack it." When Buffy stopped what she was doing and looked up at Faith with her eyebrows raised, Faith immediately realized that look and tried to backpedal. "I just meant that you'll be fine because you're all kinds of wicked strong and resilient."

"I'm so not talking to you if we ever get out of this," Buffy replied, annoyed as she went back to stretching her arms and legs to their limit.

"Not if B, when. Sooner or later your pals are gonna realize that we're missing and they'll come looking for us."

Buffy stopped what she was doing once again and looked over at Faith in horror. Faith was right! If they couldn't find a way out of their situation and soon, someone would come looking for them. Someone would come looking for them and find them naked, handcuffed to one another through the headboard with the key glistening in the light from halfway across the room!

Motivated by her desire for that nightmare to not come true, Buffy feverishly began to stretch again, her arms extended all the way over her head while her lower half stretched across the floor, her toes wiggling to try to span the last two inches she needed to reach the key.

"This is all your fault!" Buffy hissed.

"My fault?" Faith asked in both disbelief and amusement, her wrist chafing and bending in unnatural ways through the back of the headboard as Buffy yanked on the chain connecting them. "I wasn't the one flailing around and knocking the nightstand over."

"Well it was you that was making me flail! And that's beside the point. You're the one who had Willow mystically enhance the handcuffs so they wouldn't break. Now we're stuck in them unless I have some kind of miraculous growth spurt!"

Faith laughed; she couldn't help it. Frantic Buffy never failed to amuse her.

"I think we can rule out a growth spurt," she said with a chuckle. "And we can't break the handcuffs but we can break the bed."

Buffy stopped straining to reach the key and flopped back on the bed, looking up at Faith with her bottom lip sticking out in a small pout.


Faith nodded. "On the up side, the guy at the furniture store probably ain't having any problems feeding his family cos we're giving him so much repeat business."

Buffy thought about it for a moment, seemingly put a bit more at ease by that fact.

"So when you think about it," she began, "we're really just doing our part to help the economy."

"Damn right," Faith replied, grinning. "Now how about we try to break the whole bed frame this time. Pretty sure they go for a pretty penny. Let the guy's family eat some lobster with their steak this week."

She ran her hand along Buffy's side and mentally cheered when Buffy smiled and yanked her over so that Faith was straddling her face.

"Helping the helpless right from the comfort of our own soon-to-be broken bed? I could learn to like this," Buffy said before leaning up and placing her mouth over Faith.

Faith gasped a little and then grinned as she began to rock her hips, temporarily forgetting about her chafed wrist.

Sometimes being a do-gooder really had its benefits.

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