Prompt #13: Tomorrow

Bienvenidos a Mexico

The atmosphere in Buffy and Faith’s bedroom is busy as they both make their final preparations for their very first vacation together. Buffy has her pink suitcase laid out on the bed and she’s neatly placing her folded clothing in it in little stacks, leaving room between them for shoes and accessories. She’s made a list and she’s checking it twice, and there’s no way she’s going to forget a single thing.

Faith, on the other hand, is sitting on the floor and reading a comic book next to her empty suitcase. Buffy has tried to tell her again and again to make a list and get things ready but Faith isn’t worried about it. The only thing she needs for sure is her bikini and some sunscreen. She can improvise the rest.

“Do you have your passport and ID ready?” Buffy asks.

“Already stashed ‘em in your purse,” Faith replies. “Did you charge your iPod?”

“Yep, and loaded it up with a bunch more of your favorite songs.”

“Thanks babe,” Faith replies. They stop what they’re doing long enough to look up at one another and they instantly smile. Faith stands up and holds out her arms and the rest plays out like always.

Buffy runs over to Faith and jumps into her arms, wrapping her legs around her waist. Faith spins around a couple of times, making Buffy laugh and hold on even tighter.

“Can you believe we’re getting an actual vacation?” Buffy asks giddily. “And not a slayer vacation. A real Buffy and Faith vacation. You, me, Mexico, and more fruity drinks than we can handle.”

“It’s gonna be awesome,” Faith replies. She sits down on the edge of the bed with Buffy’s legs still wrapped around her. “Ten days in the sun on the Mayan Riviera with the most gorgeous girl in the entire world. Sounds like heaven to me.”

“You don’t have to schmooze me, you know,” Buffy says, stealing a few kisses from Faith’s lips. “I’ve already agreed to go. The hard part will be convincing me to come back here once the ten days are over.”

“You’re right. We might have to become Mexicans. Ya think the resort will let us build a hut on the beach and use their showers everyday?”

Buffy pretends to think about it. “It can’t hurt to ask.”

“Speaking of ass,” Faith says, her eyes full of mischief as she lets her hands slide down over Buffy’s butt and squeezes hard.

Buffy yelps and grabs Faith’s hands, pulling them away. She jumps up from Faith’s lap and laughs, slapping her grabby hands away as she makes her escape.

“I said ask, not ass, and we don’t have time for that right now because we’re leaving tomorrow and you’re barely even packed yet.”

Raising an eyebrow, Faith walks over to the closet. She grabs all of her clothes hanging there in a bear hug a carries them over to her empty suitcase, unceremoniously dropping them in. They fall in a messy pile, the plastic hangers clanging around noisily.

“There, done. Now about that ass . . .”

“You do realize that you just packed all of your winter clothes to go to Mexico, right?”

Faith shrugs. “There’s a nude beach near the resort, B. Wasn’t really plannin’ on wearing clothes anyway.”

Buffy laughs and shakes her head. She walks over and grabs the clothes out of the suitcase and lays them on the bed, then faces Faith. “I’ll make a deal with you.”

“Does it involve ass?”

“It could involve me kicking yours if you don’t listen to my offer.”

Faith grins. “I’m all ears.”

“Good. I’ll do your packing if you go and use Dawn’s computer to check us in with the airline. It’ll save us time before we have to leave tomorrow.”

“Deal,” Faith agrees before Buffy can change her mind. She plants a quick kiss on Buffy’s lips and makes her way out of the room and down the hall to Dawn’s bedroom.

Still smiling and barely able to contain her excitement, Buffy grabs the clothing pile from the bed and works on getting it all back in the closet in an orderly fashion. Sure she’ll miss seeing Faith in her leather pants and boots, but the prospect of seeing her in her barely-clad glory for ten days seems to balance out the equation nicely.

Humming excitedly, she begins to pack Faith’s suitcase with vacation appropriate attire . . . and the tiniest string bikini she can find in Faith’s wardrobe.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

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