Prompt #20: Flower

I'll Be Mrs.

Buffy and Faith walk through the front lobby at the resort, their jaws open in wonder as they take in the beautiful room around them. Marble floors and huge crystal vases only begin to scratch the surface of the posh decor, yet they both feel oddly comfortable in their sandals and summer clothes.

They check in without a hitch, Buffy taking care of the business end while Faith wanders around excitedly, checking out every nook and cranny. She stops at a huge vase of wildflowers and finds the prettiest one, then plucks it out and breathes it in. It’s easily the second most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

The first is wearing a tiny little yellow and white sundress and getting their room keys.

She walks up behind Buffy and wraps one arm around her from behind and then covers her shoulder in a series of quick kisses. Buffy turns her head and catches one of those kisses with her lips, barely getting even a glance from the front desk clerk.

“Here are your room keys, Senorita Summers,” he says with a genial smile. “If you need anything during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact the front desk at any time. The hospitality desk is open during daylight hours and can provide you with information about local tourism and sightseeing.”

“Thanks, my man, but we’re not leavin’ the resort unless you run outta food,” Faith says with a smile.

“Ah, newlyweds! I apologize; we didn’t have that information in our computers. We are, however, happy to have couples of all walks of life here. If you are interested . . .” he pauses and taps a few buttons on his keyboard and then smiles brightly when he finds what he’s looking for, “we happen to have one honeymoon villa available for the duration of your visit. I can upgrade you for a nominal fee.”

Instead of correcting him that they’re not, in fact, married, Buffy focuses on the more important part of the deal: the villa.

“How nominal is nominal?” she asks warily but Faith isn’t sharing her concern.

“What’s the honeymoon villa got that our room doesn’t?” she asks.

“Privacy,” he says honestly. “Ocean view, in-room Jacuzzi, a full kitchen and dedicated staff, and a private balcony and pool.”

“Not sounding very nominal,” Buffy says under her breath.

“As you know, the resort is all-inclusive but the honeymoon suites have daily fruit and wine service as well,” the clerk continues.

“Sold!” Buffy says and Faith grins as she watches Buffy hand back the credit card she was just about to tuck away in her tiny purse.

While it’s the balcony that sold Faith, she knows it was the wine that sold Buffy.

The clerk adjusts their information in the computer and gives them a new set of keys. The concierge comes up along side them and takes their bags, then leads them over to what looks like a golf cart that Donald trump might drive. It’s completely pimped out and Faith jumps right on the back, eager to see their villa.

Buffy moves to climb on as well but Faith catches her around the waist and pulls her on her lap. Buffy happily allows it and smiles when Faith brings up her free hand and places the flower she’d picked from the vase in Buffy’s hair.

“You look like a goddess, Mrs. Lehane,” she says, putting playful emphasis on the Mrs.

“Oh no, I’m a modern woman. I’m keeping my last name,” Buffy replies just as playfully. She takes the sunglasses from the top of Faith’s head and slips them down so that Faith is wearing them, no longer squinting in the sun.

“We’ll see about that,” Faith replies.

She leans in and steals a kiss and Buffy gasps against her lips as the driver takes off and they nearly topple over together. Laughing together, Faith wraps both of her arms around Buffy and holds her tight, kissing her all the way up to their villa.

It’s the perfect beginning to what’s sure to be the best ten days of their lives.

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