Prompt #47: Feathers

A Little Kink Goes a Long Way

Buffy is never quite sure what she’s going to get with Faith. Some nights it’s soft and slow, others quick and hard. Sometimes it’s on the bed, and others . . . well, pretty much anywhere they won’t get caught.

Though there were those few times they forgot to lock the bathroom door.

Dawn will never look at them the same again.

Neither will Andrew.

Or Giles.

Her sex life with Faith, though pretty new, has been more varied, interesting, and most importantly – satisfying – than she ever could have imagined. She’s been introduced to positions that she never knew existed and found that Faith’s body can move in ways that would snap most humans right in half.

Yesterday morning, Faith brought her breakfast in bed. Fresh squeezed orange juice and banana pancakes with maple syrup were the fare for Buffy, but Faith’s menu was a little bit different. Instead of pancakes, Faith just had the maple syrup.

On Buffy’s naked body.

It was fun, that was for sure, and both Buffy and Faith had enjoyed their breakfast buffet. Of course, once it was over, Buffy had complained that she was sticking to the blankets and that she needed seven showers to get fully clean.

With that in mind, Faith decided to try something different tonight. Buffy’s not sure if it’s better or worse because she’s definitely all kinds of sticky again but this time it has nothing to do with maple syrup.

Faith runs the long black feather from Buffy’s temple down to the tops of her feet in long, languid strokes. She’s clearly taking pleasure in the soft moans and sighs Buffy makes as the feather tickles across her smooth skin, making Buffy wriggle and squirm on the red satin sheets.

The feather tickles the inside of her thighs and Buffy gasps. She’s tried to play by Faith’s rules, tries to keep as still as possible, but this wonderful, wonderful torture has finally made her snap. Quicker than Faith can react, Buffy has reversed their positions, pinning Faith to the mattress with her body. Faith looks surprised but covers it with a sexy smirk, looking up into Buffy’s lust-filled eyes.

“So I guess that means you’re ready to be on top, huh,” Faith says easily.

Buffy smiles sexily and runs her fingertips down the inside of Faith’s forearm, stopping only when she’s taken the feather from her hand.

It’s finally her turn to be the one to introduce them to some new experiences. Topping Faith will be a challenge, but it’s one Buffy’s ready to take on with gusto.

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