Prompt #16: Friend

A Friend Indeed

Buffy’s glad that Faith has made a friend. Really, she is. Part of the reason that she and Willow used to make Kennedy and Faith patrol together was so they could have someone like-minded to spend time with. Faith had always complained that Willow and Xander were Buffy’s friends and that she couldn’t exactly go and get liquored up with Dawn. Giles was Giles and Andrew was . . .

Well, no. Just no.

That wasn’t gonna happen.

Buffy isn’t exactly sure when Faith and Kennedy actually made it past the awkward and unsure phase but the two girls have been hanging out for almost a month now, laughing it up and having a good ol’ time. When Faith isn’t spending time with Buffy, she’s training or playing video games or just out and having fun with Kennedy.

Unfortunately for Buffy and Willow, part of Faith and Kennedy’s ‘fun’ involves booze.

Lots and lots of booze.

The front door crashes open and Buffy and Willow look up from their spot on the couch to see Kennedy and Faith pouring themselves into the house, giggling and shushing each other as they stumble trying to keep their balance. They fail miserably and land in a heap on the hardwood floor. Buffy contains her amusement well but Willow has to hide her face behind a pillow so the girls won’t see her smile.

Faith is on her feet first and quickly realizes that they’re being watched. She reaches down and helps Kennedy up, whispering something in her ear as nonchalantly as possible. Kennedy laughs but then nods, trying to sober up as much as she can in the space of ten seconds. Suddenly they turn and head into the living room, offering each other as much physical support as possible.

“We know wha’ this ish,” Kennedy slurs as she looks at Willow, then Buffy.

“You do?” Willow asks, confused but trying to play along.

“Yeah,” Faith replies. “This ish the offishull meeting of th’ Pretty Committee.”

Buffy full out laughs and Willow joins in, though they keep it brief. They want to hear the rest of this one.

“And we’re schorry to interrupt, but we brought you these to make up for it,” Kennedy says, then fumbles around in her pocket and pulls out a crushed daisy.

Faith digs into the pocket of her leather jacket too but can’t seem to find what she’s looking for. She spins around in a circle, looking all around her, then finally finds what she’s looking for stuck to the bottom of her boot. She reaches down, banging her head on the wall as she does, and picks a smushed dandelion from her heel.

“Oh, Faith . . .” Buffy says. Her bottom lip sticks out in sympathy and she chuckles as Faith puts the wrecked flower in her hand. “How much did you have to drink, baby?”

“Jus’ one . . .” Faith replies, rubbing her forehead, “ . . . after another. You like your flower?”

“It’s lovely. And I’m pretty sure you’re gonna feel just as crappy as it does in the morning.”

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