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"I go online sometimes, but everyone's spelling is really bad, and it's depressing." -Tara

Welcome to Buffy Stuff, my site devoted to all things Buffy!
View this month's site calendar (Somewhat out of date. I'm working on fixing it, I swear.)
On this site you will find fanfic, links, episode guides, pictures, reviews (of Buffy books, CDs, merchendise, etc.) and lots of other stuff. I'm trying to get everything up as fast as I can, but please bear with me when the html is crappy and the images come up as little squares with X's in them. You can check out the "UPDATES" below to see, well, the updates.
Also, if you like to check the updates, scroll down further than the latest entry. I sometimes make two or three updates a day. Just so ya know.


No, that's not a typo. Two updates in one day! This really contradicts what I was saying about lack of interest/involvement/updates just one update ago.
Got rid of Andrew's HTML Help page, possibly only temporarily. Deleted tons of broken links from the links page. Which brings me to my rant. AFFILIATES SHOULD NOT TAKE THEIR SITES DOWN/MOVE LOCATIONS WITHOUT INFORMING OTHER AFFILIATES. This is just common courtesy. I mean, if you decide that managing a particular website isn't worth it anymore, then by all means shut it down. But TELL YOUR AFFILIATES! The difference between affiliates and just "links" is that the affiliates are more involved, and because of this, they should be informed of the status of your site.
This rant springs from the fact that, when I went to check for broken links, more than half of my affiliates had either moved or shut down. Again, I don't have a problem with the actual moving OR shutting down, but I am annoyed that I was not informed of it by ANY of these websites.
I know, I'm probably preaching to the choir here. And I apologize if I'm coming off as petty or whiny. It's just discouraging to kow that I know have to go remove links from all of the pages on my website (because I use a table layout, I have to delete every link from every page manually, which is quite tedious and time consuming. I've tried frames, believe me, but Angelfire puts ads in every frame, making the layout messy and just...ugly).
So, to all you fellow webmasters/webmistresses out there: Respect your affiliates. They deserve it.
Sorry for the rant. Thanks to all who actually read it. I am duly impressed.

Okay. I'm still alive. That's the good news. Unfortunately, the site is gasping for its final breaths.
Okay, maybe not quite. But I have to admit that, as far as updates and interest go, this site is a shadow of what it used to be. I'm not planning on taking it down or anything, but I've considered whether or not I should just throw in the towel and call it a day. I mean, I've had a good run.
Now that I've brought the mood down, I WILL say that I did some webiste "housekeeping" today. I took of the Question of the Day (because I never changed it after I posted it that first day, which directly undermines the implication that the question will be changed EVERY DAY), I got rid of the trivia quiz because it wasn't all that great, deleted the AIM themes (I don't think you could download them anymore, anyway), and I deleted the "lower quality" live journal icons/avatars and buddy icons (because, let's face it, they sucked). I came across a few pages that STILL hadn't been converted to the new layout ("new" being a relative term in this case, because the layout was applied, like, a year or more ago), so I fixed them. I'm off now to clean up the "links" page (make sure they're all still working and such) and clean out some broken images, etc. Oh, and delete the "challenges" page ('cause if you thought the old ICONS were bad, then I'd be afraid of what you'd say about the challeges...uber-suck). I'll also just poke around and check up on things.
Sorry for all this--my lack of involvement, the lack of updates...sadly enough, they come from my lack of interest, which is a sad thing for me. I never thought I'd see the day when I was no longer obsessed with BtVS! But my obsessions have moved on to Gilmore Girls (not quite as big a leap as it seems ... they've still got the whole banter/pop culture references/feminist thing going on), and the site is feeling the effects of it.
Sorry to be such a downer.

I'm back! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and New Year!
(And Fourth of July and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Bastille Day and Boxing Day and Guy Fawkes Day and everything else that happened since June. Guy Fawkes Day is in July, right? I apologize if that's totally off.)
Okay, I'm sorry! I can't believe it's been nearly eight months since I even checked in! But, I will use my all-purpose excuse: I've been REALLY busy! 2006 was a crazy year. I don't anticipate 2007 being any less crazy, but I DID clean my room and closet thoroughly for the first time in at least four or five years, so THAT'S out of the way, hopefully freeing up much time for me to work on this site.
So, Amy returned my season four DVDs to me months ago, so I can FINALLY add that "Tour Sunnydale" feature. (Sidebar: Jessalyn has now had my season five DVDs for 14 months and counting. I'm kind of sad to say that I don't really miss them. Not that I don't want them back!)
So, I'm back, hopefully. You can thannk the good people at the Celebrity Exchange for unwittingly and unintentionally guilting me into updating. (I read the site profile that Buffy Stuff is currently displaying on the C-E, which begins with, "A frequently updated...Buffy site..."
Whoops. *blushes* I'll get right on fixing that, I promise. =)

Did some behind the scenes stuff for the news section. Added two scans.

Okay, so here I am, back again, a shell of the webmistress I once was, begging forgiveness and stuff. The forgiveness part: I STILL haven't updated in ages. I AM busy, but in reality, I DO seem to find lot of time to watch and rewatch Pride and Prejudice and The Princess Bride, two of my favorite movies. If I can watch those as frequently as I do, you'd think I'd have time to update this site.
And I began today with good intentions. I was going to add that "Tour Sunnydale" feature I talked about so many moons ago. I would begin by getting my season four DVD set, which has a featurette about the sets of Buffy, and cap the image of Main Street, map the image, and take it from there. Then I remembered that my friend Amy borrowed season four from me. (Apparently I'm a DVD library--Jessalyn STILL has season five--and has had it since November, not that I'm bitter about that or anything; I gave Colleen season three of Gilmore Girls today, I promised my friend Kelly I'd lend her The Last Samurai, which I bought BEFORE TOm Cruise went psycho...) So, see, for once, my lack of updates isn't totally my fault. I tried to do something else, but I couldn't think of any site-related stuff to do that wouldn't bore me to tears (such as image uploading, layout-fixing, episode guide writing, etc.)
Now for the part where I beg for other stuff: I'm in the Special Round Seven of the Lie To Me Awards, where all previous winners and runners-up are competing against each other. The contest is based on judge evaluations as well as reader votes, so if you like my fanfic and want to support me (oh please say you do!), pop on over there and vote.
On that topic, I just thought I'd let you know that I added to the "awards won" section: one fan site award and one fanfic award. I'm really late in posting them (just like I'm late in posting, oh, EVERYTHING.) Sorry.

Check it out, check it out! I ACTUALLY UPDATED THE SITE!
Granted, it's a partial update. But you can't expect me to do everything at once, right? If I went all-out and did a total site makeover, I'd get a headrush or a rash or something. I've gotta ease back into it.
Anyhoo, the new news section is up and running. I still have to add pages (years 2007-2008), so don't be surprised if you find a few dead links. I'm on it. Also, I haven't applied the layout to any of the articles themselves yet. I'm gonna be going thru and renaming those pages so they're easier to index. (That doesn't really matter to YOU, but it makes things a heck of a lot easier for ME.)
Happy (belated) Passover, and Happy Easter. And, overall, Happy Spring! (I can go outside without a parka now! Yay!)

The new layout for the news section is all ready to be set up on the site. I would've done it WAY sooner than this, but I've been so busy I have barely had time to eat and sleep. I'm not exaggerating. I swear.
Anyhoo, I would've applied the layout long ago, but the ONE day when I had my website momentum going was the same day that Angelfire decided to, oh, I don't know, NOT LOAD. I apologize to all of you, but I ran out of steam and am still out of steam. I promise to try my darndest to at least add the layout before the site anniversary in 19 (!) days.
Apologies from me. But I'll try to make it up to you: wanna see a preview of the header graphic? Click here.
Side note: I apologize for the broken image in the sidebar (the one that claims I hotlinked. Maybe I did. But that would be weird. I'm usually really careful about that. Anyhoo, I'm gonna fix it as soon as I get the chance.)
Side note #2: I CANNOT type today for some reason, so pardon any typos in this update. I'm too tired to proofread, and it's only 5 in the afternoon! Must...sleep! (And I will sleep...after I watch Bones, of course.)

Oh my dear God, my first update of the New Year hasn't happened until NOW?! FEBRUARY THE TWENTY-FOURTH?! That's practically three months in!
Whatever happened to me? I used to update three times A DAY. It's not like I got a social life, so what could possibly be taking up all the time I used to dedicate to websiteering? (Yes, "websiteering". Don't question my made-up words. That one'll be in the Oxford English Dictionary someday, just you wait. I mean, if they already have the word "jiggy" in the dictionary, "websiteering" can't be far behind.)
So, I STILL don't have anything new, really, but I wanted to let you guys know what's coming. I FINALLY got a DVD drive for my computer (after the disc drive was tragically snapped off of the tower, due to a grave miscalculation of the position of the computer chair to the open C drive), so I can get some of my own screencaps up on the site, AND possibly some video clips! Possibly.
I gotta say, it was really frustrating--I had a vidcapping device for a year, but no DVD drive. Such is my life.
Anyhoo, I'm gonna get back to work on that game I've been talking about for like, a year and a half, and I think I might add a "Tour Sunnydale" feature to the "Show" page. I'm also gonna work on the other sections--news, galleries, episode guides, etc.
Have any ideas for the site? Is there a feature or section you'd love to see added? Just let me know and I'll be happy to listen to what you have to say. Not just happy, relieved. Thinking up stuff on my own is tiring.

Okay, I didn't actually update anything, guys, so don't get excited. I'm just checking in for now so you know that I haven't died or fallen off the face of the earth or anything like that. I apologize for the lack of updates, but, as we all know, I've been busy. (Those of you who visit the site frequently know that "I've been busy" is more or less my mantra.) Sometimes being a multitasker is darn tiring.
I really hope to update this site soon, though. It's my baby *awwww* and I feel really bad about neglecting it like this. Call website DSS!
Anyhoo, I've been blogging pretty frequently (which, for me, is "like, once a week. Or so."), so you can go check that out if you want. I know the link is around here somewhere. Go on, you know you want to read about the Evil Vegetarian Chocolate Sponge Cake Of Doom (and see the picture of aforementioned DoomCake).
Side note: Who's been watching Bones and How I Met Your Mother? Do they not rock? HIMYM has improved by leaps and bounds since the pilot, and Bones rocks, as always. Woe to anyone who stands between me and the Christmas special airing a week from next Tuesday. Nothing short of an apocalypse will prevent me from seeing that episode. Seriously. Stand clear, Bones-freak coming through.
Just in case I continue with my current pattern of neglect and don't update before the holidays--a Happy Hannukah, Blessed Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year to you all. And also, happy Boxing Day to all you Canadians, Brits, Austailians, and New Zealanders out there. (I only know this holiday because I have a calendar hanging in my kitchen that commemorates practically every holiday known to mankind...nevertheless, if I missed the holiday you celebrate, I apologize, and happy insert holiday here to you.)
Peace out.

Oh my God, when did I become this awful webmistress who never ever updates?!
I did a couple little edits around the site and began work on the season five episode guide. It's not done yet, though. Sorry.

Okay, I actually updated last week, but somehow the last entry got deleted and never showed up on the site. Anyhoo, last time I was here (which was Sunday, September 18) I added SIX scans to the 'other' gallery. Check them out!

Okay, nothing on the site has been updated, but I thought I'd let you guys know that Buffy Stuff won in the Best Unhosted Site Category at the SYCA. And then, when I looked more closely, I noticed that the Anya's Magic Box section of this website was Runner up for Best Site Feature. So, yay!
Now that the Viewer's Choice is over, I'll stop being tyrannical about votes! *sigh of relief from general population* Not that it really helped much. =) Many thanks to the ONE person who voted for me. =P
Neat little tidbit: Did anyone watch tonight's episode of America's Most Wanted? If you did, you may have noticed the 'Chosen' theme from Buffy's seventh season playing in the background at around 9:40, during the story on Gary Irving. I just thought that was really cool. I seem to be the only one.
Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. I ask all of you to pray for the victims of these attacks, as well as the family members, friends, and loved ones they left behind. If praying's not really your thing, please keep them in your thoughts. The same for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. And help out, if you can! Visit redcross.org or salvationarmyUSA.org to provide aid to the victims of this disaster. (Did anyone catch the 'Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast' telethon on last night? If you had your TV on between 8 and 9, it was pretty hard to miss, seeing as it was on about ten stations. There were tons of celebrities there--I was playing Spot the Famous Person...you know, when I wasn't crying my eyes out. Serisouly. I cry at everything. Anyway, Jennifer Aniston, Ray Romano, and Jack Black were among the celebrities donating their time.)
Well, I'm off. Ta-ta!

Yes, it's true: For the first time since January, the 'news' section has been updated!
I plan to transcribe an interview with Nick Brendon that was in Entertainment Weekly, and scan an ad for "Kitchen Confidential", his new show (he's not pictured on the ad, sadly).
In the wake of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, I'd like to extend my condolences to all who have lost loved ones, and to all those who have lost their homes. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Visit redcross.org to help with relief efforts.
Oh. And one more thing. VOTE FOR ME.

Okay, I admit it: Look all you want, but I have not updated anything on the site. In fact, I haven't done much of anything all day except eat, count calories, watch TV/movies (including The Pacifier, against my [very strong] will), and pluck my eyebrows. Okay, between the vegging out and eyebrow-plucking, there was some actual work involved (I don't really feel like getting into it.)
But anyhoo, if there are no updates, you ask, why this little blurb?
Well, sad as it is, I begging you again to VOTE FOR ME. It's not hard. Just click any one of the flipping "VOTE FOR ME" buttons I've plastered all over the site. It'll take you one flipping minute. And if I have to sit here sweating like a pig while the remnants of Hurricane Katrina pour down outside and the bat living in my [thankfully sealed off] fireplace scritch-scratches like the crazy (but somewhat cute, in a scary sort of way) flying rodent that s/he is, well, than you can take a minute out of your busy schedule to FLIPPING VOTE FOR ME!!!
Now, as I look back over all the shameless VOTE FOR ME links I stuck in here, I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't have been so forceful and capitalization-y. Not. I'm actually sitting here going, "Darn it, why didn't I make the whole update a flipping hyperlink?"
C'mon, please? SYCA extended the judging/viewers' choice for a week, and it'd be fruitless of me (and you all) not to take advantage of it. But remember, you can only vote once. I don't care how many split personalities you have, they don't all get one vote each. The SYCA judges weren't so happy when I tried using that as my excuse for voting for myself forty-two times.
I'm kidding. Chill out, crazy uptight rule-abiding person.
Anyhoo, not only will viewers' choice votes reflect well on the site and myself, they'll reflect well on you, the viewers. Because you don't want to be labeled inattentive and ungrateful, do you? And don't pretend like you've never seen this site. I DO have a hit counter, you know.
Anyhoo, exercise your civic duty (if you're American), and vote. And if you're not American, vote anyway.
Just to drive the point home:

So, in conclusion, thank you for your time. And vote for me. =)
P.S. I swear I'm not this pushy in real life.
P.P.S. Though I do have friends that might say the contrary. But don't listen to them. =)

Happy belated birthday to Rain, our meesage board co-moderator!
Applied new layout to all pages that pertain to winning awards. Changed the awarding/nomination system, and made and posted new awards (which are much prettier than the old ones). =)
Oh, before I forget--very important:

Vote for me!

Please? It would mean the world to me. =) And just in case you don't get just HOW much it means to me, I'm gonna paster these little "vote for me" buttons everywhere! Mwa ha ha!
Okay, so now I'm off to put ether an image or text "vote for me" link on the slpash page, as well as update the 'random affiliate' link so my newer affiliates are included. Ta-ta!

Wow. I have been working on the site since one-thirty this afternoon. It's almost quarter of eight now. Yay me!
The new layout has been applied to the e-cards page, and I am pleased to announce that there are 8 brand spanking new e-cards there (replacing the old, not-so-great ones).
This is my first REAL update in, like, a really long time. Wow.
Well, I'm outie. It's dinnertime, and, seeing as I haven't eaten anything but a bowl of Rice Krispies and a Hershey Kiss all day, I'm STARVING. Bye.

Just came back from up north (in the mountains) where I was visiting an old friend. I drove a jet ski. I don't have a boating license (nervous laugh).
In more pertinent news, I nominated the site at the SYCA. I nominated some of my fanfic at various places (okay, 2 places)...the links are on the 'nominated' page.
And, yay! Buffy Stuff has a new affiliate! I'm pleased to welcome Abandoned Memories to the exciting and rewarding (*bitter laugh*) world of BSA (Buffy Stuff Affiliation). =P
In other news, I acquired both a new monitor (no more screwed up color!) and the GIMP graphics program (no more crappy images!) from my relatives while visiting them. I knew there was a reason I was related to these people! (Just kidding, you guys--I love ya.)
I updated the links page--added a few new links, fixed URLS that had moved locations, and got rid of links that led to nowhere.

I want you all to know I feel really guilty about not updating. I also want to let you all know that I just missed "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" 'cause I was updating and stuff. You'd better be grateful. =)
Okay, so I applied the new layout (not so new anymore, but still referred to as new in that not all the pages have it yet. Did that make sense? I'm very tired). I also updated the 'nominated' and 'awards won' pages, taking down inactive noms and adding new ones, and fixing broken images on the 'awards won' page (left over from the days of free image solutions hosting). I also discovered that some of the award-granting sites (in the fansite awards section) are no longer existant, in which case I took down the link and provided an alternate. Some links may still be broken--that's 'cause I'm waiting to see if the inactiveness (inactivity?) is temporary.
I'm working on e-cards again, replacing the old ones with better quality ones (I hope) and maybe adding new ones.

Okay, I added 11 adoptables. From the looks of things, you guys aren't going to be getting a July site calendar...sorry. (And I was doing so well, too!) I started one back in June, lost it, and started a new one about a week ago, but I made some dumb mistakes while making it and it therefore probably won't be showing up on this site any time soon. Plus, I just don't have the time to fix it. I'm leaving on vacation in two days, and so far, I've packed my toiletries and some sunglasses. That's all. I still need to pack all my luggage, plus a carry-on bag. Darn it.

Happy birthday to John!, website savior extraordinaire!
Added some buddy icons and an avatar, and did some fixing up on the avatar page. Moved the page counter from this page to the splash page, so I can see where people are getting their link referrals from. =)
Things have been crazy lately, and most likely will remain crazy, meaning updates may continue to be few and far between. =( Sorry! I'm going on vacation the end of this month, and I've got shopping, packing, etc. to do before I leave. Plus I've been trying to chill out and read lately, rather than watch TV and DVDs. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading, and also, how I'm cursed with being a quick reader--I finish all the books I like TOO QUICKLY! But that's a story for my personal site, not my Buffy site. So, adios!

Fixed up the adoptables page: applied new layout, tossed the three craptacular old adoptables and replaced them with eight new ones. I think you'll all agree that while they may not be the best, they're certainly better.
Also fixed up the links page: added two new 100x35 buttons and moved three or four 88x31 buttons that somehow got placed under 100x35 by mistake to the correct section.
Added a new chapter of 'From Here'.
AND I'm pushing (again!) the site survey. Come on, guys, it'll take two minutes, and it'll really help me out. Even more so than guestbook signage (not that I don't appreciate guestbook signage when I get it...thanks, guys!). You can pretend like you're reading fanfic...Buffy vs. The Evil Site Survey. Go on, you know you want to...

Added five new buddy icons.
Posted a new fanfic, "From Here", at ff.net. It seems like people like it so far. Of course, I've only got one chapter, so...

FINALLY added The Magic Box Online (opens in new window). Enjoy it! (You'd better.)

Added a new section: fic extras. (It can be found in the 'writings' section.) Enjoy!

Added four scans: two Michelle Trachtenberg and two Sarah Michelle Gellar. I apologize for the jpeg-i-ness. =)

I added a response (finally! a response!) to the Caption Game. Head on over and add your response. Please?
Cleaned up some typos on the "Restless" and "Reflections and Ramblings" pages. Also fixed the broken image (left over from the Free Image Solutions days) on the "Reflections and Ramblings" page.
I also figured out how to cap video clips (that I find online) on Windows Movie Maker, so you may be seeing some screencaps soon. And also some scans--I've just been too lazy lately! =P

Sorry I haven't been around...
I FINALLY reformatted the calendar page (I've been meaning to do that forever.) Still not quite sure how I feel about the new format. Added June calendar. It's in JPG form. Sorry about that. I hate JPG.
Worked on game. It's got a name now: Honorary Scooby, because, in the game, that's pretty much what you are. It's still a long way from being done, though, so don't get your hopes up.
I hope to add the 'sounds' page this weekend.

GASP! I haven't updated since the anniversary? *slaps own wrist* Bad Misty, bad.
Anyhoo, I finished the season four episode guides as a peace offering. Forgive my lack of updates?
Coming shortly - May's site calendar.

The day has finally come...IT'S BUFFY STUFF'S 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! (This calls for excessive punctuation - !!!!!!)
Yes, ladies and gents, I've been doing this for one full year. Me, the girl that NEVER finishes what she starts. Not saying that this site is finished, because it's definitely not.
In honor of the anniversary, I...
  • added 3 wallpapers (2 are blank calendars, one's original)
  • added 13 links
  • added 2 season one images to the gallery
  • added 18 season two images to the gallery
  • added six "link me" buttons
  • posted a new poll - archived old one
  • added 9 quotes - fixed images on quotes page
  • added 27 buddy icons
  • made a slideshow of Buffy Stuff's year-long lifespan (so far). (This can be accessed from the "Site stuff" page.)
  • pushed y'all (again!) to fill out the site survey.
Still to come - the super-awesome-very-orignal-never-gonna-get-made-if-I-keep-procrastinating game, the sounds page, another slideshow - "Buffy: Seven Seasons" which will basically be a series overview, and neat little pieces on werewolf and vampire mythology, the Claddaugh ring, and more!
Side note: My fanfic, Fully Qualified, was runner-up for the "Not Another Like It (Most Original Plot)" Award at the Lie To Me Awards. Yay! (See the award?) {mistymidnight shuts up at 4:48 pm EST}

The anniversary's approachin'!
Okay, I was gonna wait until I posted the anniversary stuff (which I'll begin doing around noon EST tomorrow) to add this, but, hey, what the heck. I'll post it now. Don't get too excited, though--it's just a site survey. Just let me know how I'm doing, would ya? Thanks. =)

Okay, I added 10 buddy icons, as promised. I also did a little tweaking over in the buddy icons section...not only did I convert the page to the new layout, I separated the older (lesser quality) icons from the newer (better, I think) icons. The older icons now have their own page.
Added Patches the Zombie Cat [that started it all!] to the Hellmouth Petting Zoo.
I decided awhile ago that I'd have a lot more space on my Angelfire account if I transferred the bulk of my images over to Photobucket. So today I began the arduous task of transferring images, starting with the buttons on the links page. It wasn't SO bad...I mean, definitely not the way I LIKE to spend my time, but it could've been worse. I freed up about .25 MB (let's hear a sarcastic "Go Misty!"), and that's even before I tackle the bigger stuff. (Plus most of the galleries.)
Anyhoo, in the process of transferring images, I came across a few broken links. So I hunted around and found alternatives. So "Bittersweet" (which closed on October 15, 2004...shame, I liked that site a lot) has been replaced with Radiant (the two sites were/are operated by the same webmistress), and ILB's IMGs (which just disappeared...I LOVED this site..helped a lot with the galleries) has been replaced with An Unforgettable Obsession, which is a simply breathtaking site, if you ask me.

Again with the lack of updates. Geez, at this rate, I'll never stop feeling guilty! *pauses while various website viewers sit sulkily and think, "Well, good, you oughta feel bad."*
Made 21 buddy icons for buddy icon page. Of course, I haven't posted any of them yet because it's half past midnight and I'm sitting here at this lousy computer when I could be upstairs...sleeping! (Yay!) So here's my promise to you: at least 10 buddy icons added to the site tomorrow. (I'd add them all, but I wanna save some for the site anniversary, which is in...oh yeah...FOUR DAYS!
And yes, I realize the layout hasn't been applied to all the pages yet. I also realize I have to change the splash page. I'll get to it, I swear.
The good news is that my site is rated 9/10 by 1 (yes, one! Count it yourself!) reviewer at The Celebrity Exchange (links in sidebar). Thank you, reviewer, whomever you are!

Happy belated Easter to all who celebrate it. Hope it was blessed! (If that makes sense...I'm not really sure...I'm functioning on minimal sleep. Minimal for me, anyway. =P )
Applied the new layout to five pages: all the 'writings' section and two fanfics. This is taking longer than I expected. My apologies. =)

Check it out, check it out! The new layout is here! I haven't applied it to all the pages yet, but I've been working for almost three hours straight. I applied the new layout to 48 (or more) pages. I didn't realize how big my site was! It was killer applying the layout to the news articles (which took up 17 of the 48 pages). While on my travels through website-land, I tweaked a few tiny things--fixed typos, broken links, converted the char_bios page to .html format, etc. Y'all better appreciate this!
I'm off to take a shower (it's twenty past three and I'm still in my pajamas), finish my spring cleaning (my room looks so nice now!), and then most likely drift back on over here and re-layout (not a word) some more pages. Ta-ta!

GAH! No updates practically all month! Sorry!
I finally, finally, FINALLY finished the new layout. I should start applying it tomorrow. Preview it here.
Now I'm gonna go unload the dishwasher, make a splash graphic, work on the April calendar, and get some stuff ready for the anniversary celebration. Later!

Added season four to the episode guides. Right now, there's only eps 1-7 and the season overview, but more are coming.
Wrote a rant about Riley-bashing. It'll probably be up in the Reflections and Ramblings section soon.
Fixed a small mistake on the season three ep guide. Kudos to anyone who can figure it out. =P
I'll try to add the latest chapter (chapters?) of Nonsense the next time I update.
Again, I beg you: rate my site at The Celebrity Exchange. It's really easy! The "Rate Me!" button thing is right on the left menu! Go! Go now!

We're closing in on Buffy Stuff's one-year anniversary! Yip, yip! (<--That's my joyful noise. :P )
Anyhow, I FINALLY changed the site calendar. (It had said September for nearly six months.) It's a different style calendar than usual, so I hope you all like it. And I technically added a new wallpaper, too, but you can only access it from the calendar section right now.

Two updates in twenty-four hours! Oh, it's just like the good old days!
Began work on the 'sounds' page. There will be five categories: show, bloopers, extras, songs, and other.
Added "I'll Never Tell" to the OMWF lyrics section.

Day number four! Hip hip hooray!
Added 11 buddy icons and revamped the buddy icons page a little bit. Go me!

Three days and running! Way to go, me!
Added 16 buddy icons to the buddy icons page.
I also added September, October, and November's updates to the past updates page and therefore cleaned this page up a little bit.
Speaking of cleaning this page up, I deleted the "Rate My Site" button [from buffy-slayer.org] that hasn't worked since, like, FOREVER (since the site just disappeared) and replaced it with the "Rate My Site" button from the Celebrity Exchange (where I am now listed, thank you very much.) While I'm on that subject, please RATE Buffy Stuff! (Good or bad, I don't care, as long as you're honest...this helps me improve the site.) Also deleted the broken image at the bottom of this page (before it was a little X in a box, it was a banner promoting WaTchers' second season, which is well underway, so I don't think they need any help with page hits. And speaking of page hits, my Bravenet counter was down for awhile, but now it's back up, and it says I've had 1151 views! Add this to the 531 from the old page counter, and that's 1682 hits! Yahoo!
I was going to change the "bookmark my site", "sign guestbook", and "set as homepage" buttons, but the new ones (which are for the upcoming new layout) are too big for the table set. Oh, well.

Yeah! Two days in a row! Go me! (I bet you thought I'd forget to update again, didn't ya? Well, you're WRONG!)
I added 2 Michelle Trachtenberg scans (which I scanned myself...vive la bad image quality!) and a Sarah Michelle Gellar scan. I also updated the "About Me" page and made a few minor tweaks to some of the image pages. (Nothing exciting, just terms of service, stuff like that.)
Coming soon to Buffy Stuff: More news, more images, more avatars/icons, a new layout, and a brand-spanking-new "sounds" section. Yes, you too can hear your favorite characters on your very own PC! (This won't happen, however, until I drag my TV back downstairs, plug it in next to the computer, and point my little microphone at the speakers, like I did for the Friends sounds at Smelly Cat. =P)

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! (Times a billion!) I can't believe it's been over a month since I last updated! *gasp!* I apologize to all viewers (yes, all six of you! =P). So here's my weak attempt at reconciliation: I added two LJ icons/avatars and a buddy icon. (I told you it was a weak attempt.) And let it be known that the "Going Through The Motions" icon's base came from the Templates Resource. In other words, totally not mine. Please don't sue. =)
Maybe tomorrow I'll scan some magazine pics for the galleries. I guess I'll just combine those scans with a bunch of others I should do for my newest site, Smelly Cat, a Friends fansite. (<-- Go visit - this is what's been keeping me from updating here.)
Also, I'm still working on the new layout. The tables are being screwy and they won't let me center my affiliate buttons on the sidebar. *blech*Oh, speaking of affiliates, I've added a new one: The Spike Threw The Heart Awards.

New layout on the way. This one will have a mapped image as the header, so the sider will be freed up for my affiliates, who will be displayed on every page. (It's really more fair to them this way.)
As soon asI finish posting this, I'm going to work on the analyzation of "Restless" page. Toodles!

Yesterday--finished season three episode guides. Started new a new page that analyzes "Restless".
Today--New affiliate: Delicate.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all those who observe it.
I actually began work on the New And Innovative Buffy Game That No Other Site Has. And I'll be working on it for a long time. I had to set up a whole new account for this thing, because it's gonna take up a LOT of space.
In the meantime, I'm planning on updating the episode guides and working on future layouts for the site. And also thinking about being hosted on a domain name. (Oh, John!...) But other than that, I'm planning on relaxing. Haven't been doing much of that lately.
Oh! Thought! Maybe the game will be done in time for Buffy Stuff's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! (April 24, 2005) And I promise to actually celebrate the anniversary, not completely brush it off like I did with the six-month one. Sorry about that, by the way. =)
Also, the reviews section has been updated. This time: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Sixth Season on DVD.

I am pleased to announce that my good buddy Jess (aka Rain) has joined the site "staff" as a board moderator. Not that I expect we'll need to be moderated... *glares*. I promise to update more this weekend...I SWEAR.

Added 2 news articles.

It's now six after eleven at night. I'm off to bed. Yes, I do sleep. =P
Added 3 avatars--two more are on the way. I also added 5 100x35 links to the Link Me page and one 50x50 link.

Well, it's 12:06 in the moring and I just finished adding five (count 'em, five!) animated avatars to the LiveJournal Icons/Avatars page. And I added two new buttons/banners to the Link Me page!
Yep, the site's gonna be chock full of animated GIF-y goodness. I my GIF animator!
I also started working on a new sort-of game for the site. We all know how Buffy always has killer fashion sense, right? Well, now you can choose her outfits! (Think online paper doll with drag-and-drop clothes.)

Rejoice! Rejoice! The Webmistress is back!
I hope you all had (or are having) a great and blessed holiday. And for those of you not celebrating any holidays, I hope you're having a nice winter. (*snorts*--I just had to go shovel eight inches of snow.)
I had a great holiday and I'm all rested and relaxed (I slept from 1:30 in the morning until almost one o' clock this afternoon), so I've got evey intention of UPDATING REGULARLY!!! Goodness gracious me! =P
Some of my Christmas gifts that may interest you:
-Seasons four and seven of Buffy. I have the entire series on DVD now. This oughta help out with the episode guides.
-A bunch of Buffy non fiction books. This should do wonders for the non-active (as of now) product review section.
-Web Editor 6, complete with Image Editor and GIF Animator 2.0. (Ooh! Two point oh!)
-A scanner/printer/copier/other stuff-er. (I sense gallery additions!)
All this should make your site-viewing just little more pleasurable. (Yay!)
And I'm real sorry about the lack of updates. Life's busy; I'm sure you understand.

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