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The Exchange is a place to trade romance novels, - contemporary, historical and fantasy. Feel free email me if you find  anything of interest.

How it Works - Via email, we agree on books to be exchanged and mail the books. I'll pay postage on my end and you'll pay postage on your end.


Books For Trade

How it Works


I am interested in trading romance books only


My books range from mint to good condition


There are no loose pages, missing pages, or writing


I do frequent used bookstores and there are stamps and the expected wear and tear. I will try to inform you about this before we agree on a trade.


In most cases, I will trade:
1 series for 1 series
2 series for 1 full length
1 full length for 1 full length
2 full length for 1 Hardcover or Tradesize Paperback
4 Series for 1 Hardcover or Tradesize Paperback
(or whatever is fair)

I mail through  media mail and I prefer to trade with in the US

If you are interested in trading internationally, I would be willing to trade overseas, however I do prefer that the trade be for more than one book, preferably four or five, in order to save on shipping costs. If you are truly interested in a particular book, please email me and we can probably work something out

bulletFor Wish List books in RED I will be willing to trade 2- 4 books in exchange for those books
bulletA *** next to the the book name denotes a new addition to the list.
bulletTIP - trade in progress


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