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For Sale

WPSA Khaleel

(Tcheser Billa Bay x Wpsa Fakoura)
2014, Straight Egyptian, Chestnut, Colt
Available for purchase.


WPSA Hadhiq

(El Saniel x Ruminaga Farida)
2010, Straight Egyptian, Grey, colt
We are offering this fantastic colt for sale.
Hadhiq is halter quality and would make a good performance horse.
He has excellent conformation, upright neck, pretty face and great movement.
He has a super pedigree tracing to Nabiel, Deenaa, Ruminaja Ali, and Madkour.
Photos taken at 6 months old.

Congratulations to Lorriee Golanty of Hamidbar Arabians of California.



DB Rahiil

(Shakiel Amar x DB Faliana)
2001, Straight Egyptian Bay mare
Rachel is as good a natured mare as you can get. She has had 2 beautiful foals
by our stallion Shah El Ray, a chestnut colt and a black filly.
She is a easy breeder and good Mom.
Rachel is green broke to ride and is very quiet for riding.



CM Khala Jahuara

(Maar Al Aquid x SC Najwa Moniet)
1993, Straight Egyptian, Black, mare
Jahuara would make a great broodmare.
She had a beautiful black filly in 2011.
She will be bred back to Tcheser Billa Bay in 2012.
She is heavy Moniet El Nefous and tailfemale Moniet El Nefous through Manaya.



Shah El Ray

(Shah El Sun x SC Najwa Moniet)
1989, Black Straight Egyptian Stallion
We are offering this very lovely stallion for purchase.
He is extremely easy to handle and has a great disposition.
His foals are are very nice in every way.



Wpsa Haleinah

(El Saniel x Nabilat El Sheruk)
2005, Straight Egyptian, chestnut, filly
Haleinah is a very pretty chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail.
Her dam is Imperial Imdal, Shaikh Al Badi, Farazdac, Nabilahh breeding with Yoseria tail female.
Her dam was multi top 5 at the Egyptian Event. Her sire is by Nabiel and out of a Deenaa daughter.
He has sired US National top 5 Hunter and Canadian top 5 Hunter/Jumper.
Haleinah will be tall, has a great disposition and is wonderful to work with. She has been professionally trained at halter
and is ready for the show ring.

*Congratulations to Al Aadeyat Stud of
Saudi Arabia the purchase of this lovely filly.


Wpsa Ashqar

(Shah El Ray x DB Rahil)
2007, Straight Egyptian, Chestnut, Colt
Ashqar (pronounced Ahshkar)will be a tall guy, he has a pretty head and super long neck.
His pedigree traces to many prolific straight egyptians such as Nabiel (2x), The Egyptian Prince,
Farazdac, Ansata Ibn Halima(3x)and many more.
All inquires are welcome for his purchase.




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