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The War Between the States in the Shenandoah Valley
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Union men burning barn

         "Yankees" during "The Burning"

The Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley

Whissen Hill in Edinburg currently owned by Hal & Joan Sharpe

repairing the Manassas Gap Railroad

Working on Manassas Gap Railroad




Civil War Photography

Photography and the Civil War

The Civil War in 3-D

The Center for Civil War Photography

National Archives:
Civil War Photos 

Wikipedia: Civil War Photography »

PBS: The Camera Goes to War »

Civil War Monuments of the South

Photographic Encyclopedia of the Civil War 
Photographic History of the Civil War in 10 volumes.

Conderate Regiments

Many Virginia Confederate regiments included soldiers from counties of what is now West Virginia. 

Compendium of the Confederate Armies: Virginia, by Stewart Sifakis

A Guide to Virginia Military Organizations: 1861-1865, by Lee A. Wallace, Jr.
Available for order from H.E. Howard Inc.; Route 2, Box 496-H; Appomattox VA 24522; Phone 804-352-8871

Virginia Regimental History Series
Regimental histories of most Confederate units from Virginia are availabe from H.E. Howard, Inc.; Route 2, Box 496-H; Appomattox VA 24522; Phone 804-352-8871

CS Infantry

2nd Virginia Infantry

7th Virginia Infantry

13th Virginia Infantry

22nd Virginia Infantry

23rd Virginia Infantry Battalion

24th Virginia Infantry

25th Virginia Infantry

26th Virginia Infantry Battalion

27th Virginia Infantry

29th Virginia Infantry

30th Virginia Infantry Battalion (Sharpshooters)

31st Virginia Infantry

33rd Virginia Infantry

36th Virginia Infantry

45th Virginia Infantry Battalion

59th Virginia Infantry

60th Virginia Infantry

62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry

CS Cavalry

1st Virginia Cavalry

6th Virginia Cavalry

7th Virginia Cavalry

8th Virginia Cavalry

10th Virginia Cavalry

11th Virginia Cavalry

12th Virginia Cavalry

14th Virginia Cavalry

16th Virginia Cavalry

17th Virginia Cavalry

18th Virginia Cavalry

19th Virginia Cavalry

20th Virginia Cavalry

21st Virginia Cavalry

23rd Virginia Cavalry

26th Virginia Cavalry

34th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry

36th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry

37th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry

43rd Virginia Cavalry (Mosby's Partisan Rangers)

44th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry Partisan Rangers

151st Regiment Virginia Militia

190th Regiment Virginia Militia - Wyoming County

Virginia Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows

Web site for the 25th, 31st, and 62nd VA Infanty Regiments

Confederate Partisan Rangers

Confederate Military History 

Confederate In The Field

Confederate Soldier's Life

Typical Confederate Soldier   An excellent description of a typical Confederate soldier written in 1893.

The Private Infantryman

"War-Time Reminiscences of James D. Sedinger, Company E, 8th Virginia Cavalry (Border Rangers)"

Confederate Soldiers: Why Did They Enlist?" (Part One),

Confederate Soldiers: Why Did They Enlist?" (Part Two),

General R.E. Lee's Northwest Virginia Campaign Gray Forces Defeated in Battle of Lewisburg

The McNeill Rangers: A Study in Confederate Guerrilla Warfare

Death of John Hanson McNeill

McNeill's Rangers Last Raid on the B & O

Execution of John Yates Beall

Life of Brigadier General John McCausland

The Raid on Piedmont and the Crippling of Franz Sigel in the Shenandoah Valley

A Confederate Journal

The Civil War Record of Albert Gallatin Jenkins, C.S.A. 

War Time Reminiscences of James D. Sedinger, Company E, 8th Virginia Cavalry CSA (Border Rangers)

Hospitals & Medicine

Civil War Medical Terminology - (Civil War)

Civil War Medicine 

Confederate Medical Department

Civil War Medicine Vocabulary 

Confederate Medical Personnel 
Article by DeAnne Blanton.

National Museum of Civil War Medicine 

National Museum of Health and Medicine 
Information on the history of American and military medicine. Special emphasis on Civil War medicine.

Guide to Collections at the National Museum of Health and Medicine 

Pre-1870 American Surgical Instruments & Amputation Sets 
Extensive photos and information on Civil War surgical amputation sets and instruments.

Resources in Civil War Medicine 
At The Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

Virginia's Confederate Military Hospitals 


The Confederate Cemetery List 
Lists the final resting places of Confederate Soldiers.

Confederate Soldiers Buried in Our Soldiers Cemetery 
Mount Jackson, Shenandoah County, Virginia.

USCWC Cemetery Listings 
From the U.S. Civil War Center.

Wasted Valor 
The Confederate dead at Gettysburg. 

Societies & Groups

Sons of Confederate Veterans Home Page 

The Southern Cross of Honor  

United Daughters of the Confederacy 

Who were the United Confederate Veterans? 

The War Ends

The End of the War
From John B. Gordon's book "Reminiscences of the War".

Surrender of the Confederate Armies 


Aftermath of the Civil War -- Reconstruction Era 1865-77 

The Compromise of 1877 

Reconstruction 1865 - 1877 

Reconstruction by Frederick Douglass 


Preservation Organization in the Valley

Civil War Battlefield Trust This is a great organzation created to bring groups together for the purpose of saving the precious batttlefields on the Shenandoah Valley. A membership organization

The Civil War Preservation Trust. This important organization is dedicated to preserving significant Civil War battlefield and other sites all over the United States

Kernstown Battlefield Association Very Important Site that is dedication to the preservation and interpretation of the to Battles of Kernstown!

Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation Organization that puts on the annual reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek and works to preserve and interpret the Cedar Creek battlefield.


John Brown, great page from the Jefferson Village project.

Campaign for Western Virginia (3 June 1861 - 12 December 1861)

Signals in the Civil War

Signal Corps Association Reenactors Division

General Interest Sites

American Civil War: Electronic Texts

A remarkable collection of letters and diaries from the University of Virginia

The American Civil War Dakota State University
Jim Janke PhD
This site features numerous links to web resources and is one of the oldest and most popular sites on the web dealing with the American Civil War.

The August Forsberg Civil War Memoir
Washington and Lee University
Special Collections, James Graham Leyburn Library
From the site's description of the memoir:
"August Forsberg (1831-1910) was a Swedish immigrant and engineer with the Confederate Army. His memoir of his war years includes accounts of Confederate fortifications, marches and battles. Many of his wartime duties were in western Virginia. There is a description of his life in a Union prisoner of war camp. After the war, Forsberg settled in Lynchburg, Virginia, where he held the post of City Engineer for many years."

Behind the Stonewall
"360 Degree Panoramic Images From Civil War Battlefields" Contemporary panoramics from major battlefield sites.

Center of Military History United States Army
Army Historical Series American Military History
The following four links are from the above cited source. They are chapters from this
US Army publication on the military history of the United States Army. Students will find
this a rich source of  excellent information and quite useful in their Civil War studies

U.S. Civil War 1861-1865, The History Place

A time line of the Civil War with quotes and photos

The Confederate States of America

This is the Confederate section of Shotgun's American Civil War Home Page

Cyndi's List Civil War/War Between the States

The Civil War/War Between the States section of Cyndi's List. A fabulous collection of indexed and categorized genealogy links.

The Valley Of The Shadow
Two Communities in the American Civil War
This highly acclaimed site is the work of historian Edward L. Ayers and company and is a project of the
University of Virginia

Southern Women In The Civil War  Taken from the Southern Historical Society Papers.

David Creigh and the Burning of Chambersburg 


  • West Virginia
    Battlefields and Historic Sites

    Loyalties in Conflict: Union and Confederate Sentiment in Barbour County 

    Belle Boyd House 


    Battle of Blue's Gap

    Bulltown Historic Area

    The Battle of Bulltown

    Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park

    The Battle of Carnifex Ferry

    "The Civil War Comes to Charleston,"

    Letter Describing the Battle of Cheat Mountain

    Craik-Patton House

    Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park

    Battle of Droop Mountain

    The Battle of Fairmont

    Fayetteville, West Virginia, During the Civil War 

    Loyalty and Civil Liberty in Fayette County During the Civil War

    General John Fremont Evacuates the Town of Franklin

    Guyandotte Meeting, 20 April 1861

    Burning of Guyandotte 

    The Tragic Fate of Guyandotte 

    General McClellan's Headquarters - Anna Jarvis Birthplace

    Grafton National Cemetery

    Harper's Ferry National Historical Park

    Destruction of Harpers Ferry Armory

    Siege of Harpers Ferry

    Jackson's Mill - Boyhood Home of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

    The Jenkins Plantation

    Laurel Hill / Belington


    Battle of Lewisburg

    Martinsburg Roundhouse 

    Destruction of Mercer Salt Works

    The Beginning: Philippi, 1861

    Philippi Covered Bridge and Historic District

    Battle of Philippi

    Pocanontas County Civil War Sites

    Burning of Princeton During Civil War 

    Rich Mountain Battlefield

    Battle of Rich Mountain

    Rich Mountain Revisited


    Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association

    Battle of Shepherdstown [NPS]

    Map of Battle of Shepherdstown [NPS]

    Battle of Shepherdstown []

    Bloody Day at Boteler's Ford []

    Sinking Creek Raid

    Burning Of Sutton

    The Battle of the Top of the Allegheny

    West Virginia Independence Hall

    West Virginia State Capitol

    Weston State Hospital

    Lincoln and the "Vast Question" of West Virginia

    Nathan Goff, Jr., in the Civil War

    The Confederate Postal Service in West Virginia

    A Civil War Diary from French Creek: Selections from the Diary of Sirene Bunten 

    Five Tri-State Women During the Civil War

    West Virginia in the Civil War 

    WV American Civil War Research Site 
    Civil War site related to Confederate West Virginia history.

    West Virginia Archives Sources

    "The Confederate Postal Service in West Virginia,"

    The Battle Flags Of The State (Fifth [West] Virginia)

    "Five Tri-State Women During the Civil War,"

    Cleon Moore: War Incidents

    Roster of the Jefferson Guards

    George S. Patton to James C. Welch, 16 June 1861

    Jones-Imboden Raid (Time Trail)

    George W. Peterkin to Father (from Gettysburg), 7 July 1863

    Joseph A. J. Lightburn to George, 17 June 1863
    Sources on Belle Boyd
    "A Civil War Diary From French Creek: Selections From the Diary of Sirene Bunten,"
    "Nathan Goff, Jr., in the Civil War,"
    Sources on J. E. Hanger
    Thomas Maley Harris
    Sources on Nancy Hart
    Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson
    Obituaries for William H. Powell
    West Virginia Soldier Bugler at Surrender of General Robert E. Lee
    Jesse Lee Reno
    Joseph Snider Letters
    David Hunter Strother

  • Post-War Activities

  • Confederate Monument Dedicated in Monroe County
    Invitation to the Annual Reunion of the 36th Ohio Volunteers at Lewisburg
    Sources on Anna Jarvis
    Establishment of Mothers Day (Time Trail)
    Annual Reunion of West Virginia Confederate Veterans
    West Virginia Confederate Reunion, Beckley, 1918
    Dedication of Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park
    Program for the Seventieth Anniversary Celebration of the Battle of Carnifex Ferry

  • Maryland

  • Maryland Confederates

    Maryland In The Civil War

    The Battle of Antietam on the Web 
    A comprehensive information source on the 1862 battle at Sharpsburg, Maryland.


    union Infantry

    1st West Virginia Infantry (3 months service)

    1st West Virginia Infantry

    1st West Virginia Veteran Infantry (consolidation of 5th & 9th West Virginia Infantry)

    2nd West Virginia Infantry (later the 5th West Virginia Cavalry)

    2nd West Virginia Veteran Infantry (consolidation of 1st & 4th West Virginia Infantry)

    3rd West Virginia Infantry (later the 6th West Virginia Cavalry)

    4th West Virginia Infantry

    5th West Virginia Infantry

    6th West Virginia Infantry

    7th West Virginia Infantry

    8th West Virginia Infantry (later the 7th West Virginia Cavalry)

    9th West Virginia Infantry

    10th West Virginia Infantry

    11th West Virginia Infantry

    12th West Virginia Infantry

    13th West Virginia Infantry

    14th West Virginia Infantry

    15th West Virginia Infantry

    16th West Virginia Infantry

    17th West Virginia Infantry

    45th Infantry, United States Colored Troops

    Independent Battalion Infantry

    1st Independent Company Loyal Virginians

    Union Cavalry

    1st West Virginia Cavalry

    2nd West Virginia Cavalry

    3rd West Virginia Cavalry

    4th West Virginia Cavalry

    5th West Virginia Cavalry (formerly the 2nd West Virginia Infantry)

    6th West Virginia Cavalry (formerly the 3rd West Virginia Infantry)

    7th West Virginia Cavalry (formerly the 8th West Virginia Infantry)


    Battery A, West Virginia Light Artillery

    Battery B, West Virginia Light Artillery

    Battery C, West Virginia Light Artillery

    Battery D, West Virginia Light Artillery

    Battery E, West Virginia Light Artillery

    Battery F, West Virginia Light Artillery

    Battery G, West Virginia Light Artillery

    Battery H, West Virginia Light Artillery

    Broom of Destruction: Captain Blazer's Scouts
    The Jessie Scouts 

    The First West Virginia Infantry

    Civil War Battle Summaries 
    From the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report on the Nation?s Civil War Battlefields.  

    Civil War Battle Summaries by State

    General Resource Sites

    1860's Foods: Union, Confederate & on the Frontier 
    Excerpted authentic cooking information and recipes from the North Collins (NY) Historical Society book by the same name.

    Access Genealogy - U.S. Military Resources for the Civil War 

    American Civil War 
    From the home page of Nikki Roth-Skiles, highlighting several regiments in which her ancestors served.

    The American Civil War 
    From Dakota State University - Madison, South Dakota

    American Civil War Search Directory 

    The American Civil War - The Struggle to Preserve the Union 
    A look at the causes, characters, and history of the American Civil War.

    American Civil War Home Page 
    Categorized links to other Civil War resources on the web.

    A Brief Introduction to Genealogy and the American Civil War 

    Chronicles of the Great Rebellion 
    Transcription of a book 1864 in the style of the Bible.

    The Civil War 
    This site has extensive, original illustrations from the Civil War, as they appeared in the pages of Harper's Weekly. Slave Heritage Resource Center, and more.

    Examines the Civil War through the Smithsonian Institution's extensive collections.

    The Civil War Archive 

    [The original link is broken. This link points to an archived copy on the Wayback Machine]
    The Civil War Lady 
    Historical, military, & genealogical research of the American Civil War.

    Civil War Records Online -- Sassytazzy's Online Genealogy Research Library 
    Civil war rosters, documents & records.

    Civil War Resources 

    The Civil War Project 
    Providing information on the Civil War at the state and national level.

    Civil War Resources 

    Civil War Resources on the Internet: Abolitionism to Reconstruction (1830's - 1890's) 

    Civil War Search - A Search Directory for the American Civil War 

    Civil War Soldier Vocabulary 

    The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSS) 
    Online searchable database of over 5 million soldiers from 30 states and territories.

     Civil War Virtual Archive Web Ring 
    The Civil War Virtual Archive Web 

    Confederate Links 
    Categorized index of over 1,500 Confederacy related sites.  

    The Confederate Network 

    Confederate States of America 
    This site presents original Harper's Weekly news accounts.

    CWOL Webring (Civil War On-line) 

    Electric Cemetery 
    Many Civil War links.

    History of Mapping the Civil War 
    From the Library of Congress.

    Index of Civil War Information Available on the Internet 

    Lesser Known Historical Excerpts Relevant to The War for Southern Independence 
    Contains annotated historical excerpts that address neglected history of the nature of the War Between the States.

    Military History: United States Civil War (1861-1865) 

    U.S. Civil War Center 
    Links and resources for Civil War information.

    U.S. Civil War Center -- Civil War Links Index 

    US Civil War Factbook 
    Chronology, info on casualties, the Confederacy and a discussion forum.

    War for Southern Independence Links 

    The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies 
    Online searchable scanned images of the OR.

    General Civil War site with many links to Civil War sites including a genealogy page of links.

    Bull Run Civil War Round Table 

    Civil War Richmond 
    Primary sources, photographs, and maps relating to the life and history of the Confederate Capital.

    The Southern Home Front 1861-1865  From Documenting the American South.

    Virginia Civil War Home Page 

    Libraries, Archives & Museums

  • Museum of the Confederacy  ~ Richmond, Virginia
  • Old Court House Civil War Museum 
    Winchester, Virginia, served as a prison/hospital during the Civil War.
  • U.S. Civil War Regimental Histories in the Library of Congress 
    A searchable catalog of U.S. Civil War regimental histories in the Library of Congress.
  • USGenWeb Archives: West Virginia: Civil War Files 
  • Virginia Military Institute Archives 
    Includes full text manuscripts, images, and an online historical VMI rosters database for surname resear