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The Seven Mayan Prophecies

The Mayans left us the inhabitants us of the planet land of today, a message written in stone, a message that contains seven prophecies, a part of alert and a part of hope, the alert message prophesies on which it is going to happen in these times that we live.

The hope message speaks to us on the changes that we must make in ourselves to impel the humanity towards the new era; The era of woman the era of the mother the era of sensitivity.

All we, of a way or another one felt that we are beginning to live the times on the Apocalypse. All we felt the war; war by petroleum, war by Peace... Every day it has but volcanic eruptions, the pollution generated by our technology has become alarming, we have debilitated the ozone layer that protects us of the radiations of the sun, we have contaminated to the planet with our industrial remainders and sweepings; The devastation of the natural resources this ending the water sources, with the air that we breathed.

The climate has changed and the temperatures have increased of impressive way. The glacial ones and snowed melt and great floods follow one another anywhere in the world; enormous tornados put in danger to Florida and gigantic hurricanes devastated to Central America.

The computer science chaos threatens to us and the poverty generalized by the effects of the economic chaos feels in almost all the countries of the world. All we looked for answers and a safe way for the times that we lived, we recognize, from the problems that we faced newspaper, which we are not living in harmony.

Many religions elaborated prophecies about which it is happening, the Bible announcement that when all these facts happened at the same time the times would be arriving from the Apocalypse. The Mayans knew that this was going to happen exactly in these times, for that reason left guides so that each one of us of individual way contributes to take to the humanity towards the dawn of the galaxy, to a new era in which there will be more chaos nor no destruction.

They left seven prophecies us in which they speak of his visions of the future (of our present) and are based on the conclusions of his scientific and religious studies on the operation of the universe.

Prophecy 1
Prophecy 2
Prophecy 3
Prophecy 4
Prophecy 5
Prophecy 6
Prophecy 7

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