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Prophecy 1 - The Seven Mayan Prophecies

The first prophecy speaks of the end of the fear says: "that our world of hatred and materialism will finish Saturday 22 of December of the year 2012, that stops that day the humanity will have to choose between disappearing like thinking species that threatens destroying the planet or evolving towards harmonic integration the universe yet, including/understanding that everything is alive and conscious -, that we are part of that whole and that we can exist in a new era of light. The first prophecy says that from 1999, (we have left thirteen years) single one thirteen years to make the changes of conscience and attitude of which they speak us to turn aside us of the destruction way by which we advanced, towards that opens to our conscience and our mind to integrate to us yet what exists.

The Mayans knew that our sun (they called kinich-ahau to him) is an alive being who breathes and who every certain time synchronizes itself with the enormous organism in which he exists, that when receiving a spark of light of the center of the galaxy shines more intensely, producing in his surface which our scientists call solar eruptions and magnetic changes.

They say that this happens every 5,125 years, and that the Earth is affected by the changes in the sun by means of a displacement of its axis of rotation, they predicted that from this movement great cataclysms would take place.

For Mayas the universal processes like the breathing of the galaxy, they are cyclical and they never change, which changes is the conscience of the man who happens through them, always in a process towards the Perfection.

Based on his observations the Mayans they predicted that to start off of the date of its civilization from the 4 Ahau 8 Cumku is to say from the year 3113 AC, 5,125 in the future, or is Saturday 22 of December del year 2,012, the sun is going to receive a fort ray originating synchronizer del center of the galaxy will change its polarity and will produce a gigantic radiating blaze.

By then the humanity must be prepared to cross the door that the Mayans left us, transforming the present civilization based on the fear into a much more high vibration of harmony.

Single of individual way the door can be crossed that allows to avoid the great cataclysm that will undergo the planet to begin to a new era, a sixth cycle of the sun.

Mayan they assured that its civilization was fifth illuminated by the sun kinich-Ahau, fifth great cycle solar, which before other four civilizations had existed on the Earth that were destroyed by great natural disasters, thought that each civilization is single a step in ascent of the collective conscience of the humanity.

For Mayan in the last the cataclysm the civilization had been destroyed by a great flood that left few survivors of who they were their descendants.

They thought that when knowing the end those cycles, many human beings would prepare themselves for which he came, and that thanks to that would manage to conserve on the planet to the thinking species, the man.

They say to us that the change of the times allows to promote a step in the evolution of the conscience, to direct to us to us towards a new civilization that will show greater harmony and compression all the human beings.

The first prophecy speaks to us of the time of the not-time, a period of 20 years called by them a katum; last the 20 years of that great solar cycle of 5,125 years, it is to say from 1,992 to year 2.012.

They prophesied that until that time more and more intense spots of the solar wind they would appear in the sun and that from 1,992 the humanity would enter a last period of great learnings, great changes.

That our own conduct of depredation and contamination of the planet would contribute to that these changes happened.

The first prophecy says that these changes are going to happen so that we include/understand as the universe works and we advance towards superior levels, leaving back the materialism and releasing to us of the suffering.

The Mayan sacred book of the Chilam Balam, says: ... they "En the thirteen Ahau at the end of the last katum, itzá it will be coiled and it will roll Tanka, there will be a time in which will be sunk in the dark and soon the men will come bringing the future signal from the sun; The Earth by the north will wake up and by the west, itzá will wake up ".

The first prophecy announced that seven years after the beginning of the last Katum it is to say in 1999 would begin a time of the dark that would face us all our own conduct.

They said that the words of their priests would be listened to by all we as a guide to wake up.

They name to this time like the time that the humanity entered the great hall the mirrors, a time of changes to face the man same himself to do that between a the great hall the mirrors and is watched.

That he watches and he analyzes his behavior with the same one, with the others, the nature and the planet in where he lives.

A time so that all the humanity by conscious decision of each one of us decides to change, to eliminate the fear and the lack of respect in all our relations.

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