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Catch Cool Dela Peña’s Sample Voice on a Voice Mail (retouched to “lean” more on his “voice” at the time when he was still adolescent)

Date of Recording: September 15, 2005 Wednesday 10:35pm

Voice Mail for Rey Maranan Jr.

Click for the Content of the Voice Message

Today is Tuesday September 20, 2005 and this voice mail goes to Reynaldo Maranan Jr. Hi Rey, I have called you up on your cell number 09287970211 before lunch today and you said we'll meet on Saturday September 24, 2005 . You gave the time as 2:00 PM at Shopwise Cubao and we'll meet at Netopia Internet Cafe. I have also called you up on your landline number 0439841081, that's how I found out you're on your classroom. Okay, so until then and hope to see you on weekend. It's me GEORGE PALAGANAS.

All Recordings are issued with permission from Cool Dela Peña’s Novelties Copyright 2005.


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