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Black Love

"Black love is the sharing of love. That is expressed thru emotional and physical contact
as a couple.
Black love is the teaching of resposnibilites and directions we inbed in our children
as a family
Black love is the concern of others rising and falling of dreams. The things we build upon.
as a village
Black love is what we show to the world our contribution to humanity
as a nation."
Michael Broadnax

Love me Black Woman
Love me with the love
We lost on the hulking
ships of slave merchants
love me with the strength
Of the clanking chains
That tore flesh from
Our bone
Love me with all the
Black blood that watered
Fields of nations
Built upon our backs
Love me Black Woman
Love me
Love me with the hot rhythms
of our ancestral drums
The eternal fires of
Sacred black altars
Love me with the warm press
Of your thighs
And the soft swell of your belly
Filled with the children of our union
Love me Black Woman
Woman, Woman, Oh Black Woman
Mother of the universe
Breeder of a million kings
Woman, Oh Black Woman
You who crawled with me
When I could not stand
Stood with me
When I could not walk
Lay with me
When I was unworthy
Woman, Oh Black Woman
Mother of all the shades
Of the rainbow
Love me, love me
Love me now that I am worthy
Love me now that I am Man
Love me with the love that
Made me Man
The love that will make me a giant
The love that can make me a god
Love me Black Woman
Love me
Love me
Love me
__Arnold Kemp

I bring to you us.

Love is just a reflection of our inner selves.

It all start with comfort of being alone with each other to communicate,

and sharing of experiences
A whole lot of passion of being on top of the world.

with our eyes on love

The black man bears the weight.

  • The beauty of our culture will never die.

    Cause we teach our children to love one another in many ways.

    Our children

    we love at conception

    The black man teaches our children. How their spirit flies, and the beauty of our land. To conquer, To fight, To be independent.

    The black woman.

    My nubians queens teaches love joy happiness

    So a salute to you my sisters
    for your sight into the spiritual that defines a nation
    and whats builds character.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,and my eyes are beholding you.