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James "Jamie The Scotsman" Sutherland ggggGrandfather

Born: bet.1755 - 1760 possible Parish Scotland

Died: 1825 Russell County VA at Carbo VA

Married: Sarah Buchanan, Sutherland ggggGrandmother

Born: bet.1759 - 1760 possible America

Died: 1822 Russell County VA

After the death of Sarah, James m/2nd Nancy Smith

Sarah's father is listed simply as Father of Buchanan. Other than Sarah, there is named a Jack Buchanan and Theodore Buchanan. Sarah being the third child. (Parents of Sarah is said to be Henry Buchanan and Sarah Armistead. Sarah had 2 brothers Theodore and John "Jack" Buchanan).

As documented from OLD CARBO CEMETERY, CARBO VA a memorial marker is standing and reads, This Memorial Marker was dedicated on 25th July 1987 by the descendants of James and Sarah Buchanan Sutherland, both James and Sarah are buried in this Cementery.

Marker for James and Sarah

(this picture compliments of Lois Wark)

Children of James and Sarah Buchanan Sutherland;

1.Nancy Sutherland b/abt.1780 d/September 1861 m/Jonathan Yates

2.Henry Sutherland Sr. b/1782 Botetourt County VA d/1840 Russell County VA m/Agnes "Aggy" "Aggie" LaForce b/1786 d/1862 Russell County VA. Their children: Van Renselaer Sutherland, Alexander "Alex" Sutherland, Samuel Sutherland, Henry Homer Sutherland ggGrandparents

3.Catherine "Katie" Sutherland b/abt.1784 d/1st March 1869 m/Monsieur LaForce

4.Daniel "Boone" Sutherland b/1792 Bedford County VA d/5th February 1875 Russell County VA m/Phoebe Fuller

5.Elizabeth "Betsy" Sutherland b/1795 d/1842

6.Sarah Sutherland b/1797 m/Micjah "Cajer" Ervin

7.Mary "Polly" Sutherland b/1799 d/21st February 1858 m/Ephraim "Eph" Kiser

Henry Sutherland Sr.ggggGrandfather

Born:1782 Botetourt County VA

Died:1840 Russell County VA

Married:Agnes"Aggie"LaForce, Sutherland gggGrandmother


Died:1862 Russell County VA

Taken from Book "Descendants of John Counts of Glade Hollow" it is written, that Henry and Agnes settled on Dumps Creek In Russell County VA. Henry was a tall and fair skinned man. He died during the winter following General W H Harrison's election at the home of his daughter, Mary "Pop" Artrip and was buried in the Artrip Graveyard at Clinchfield on Dumps Creek. Agnes lived longer than Henry, she became a cripple and lived among her children. She was very industrious and, after she was crippled, it was said she would crawl across the house to sweep the floor.

Henry Homer Sutherland ggGrandfather


Died:9th April 1905

Married:Margaret Mary Counts,Sutherland ggGrandmother



Children of Henry and Margaret Mary Sutherland;

1.Elizabeth Sutherland b/1 March 1845 d/22nd July 1905 m/James Harvey Powers

2.Zachary Taylor Sutherland b/5th March 1847 d/18th December 1923 m/1st Lucy Compton m/2nd Melissa Kiser

(The above picture is Left to right: Zachary Taylor son Bruce and second wife Melissa.)

3.John Marshall Randolph Sutherland b/6th July 1851 d/18th October 1929 gGrandparents

4.Ezekiel Sutherland b/21st March 1853 d/1900 m/Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Brooks

5.Sylvia "Sib" Sutherland b/6th March 1856 d/17th March 1938 m/James Owens gGrandparents

6.Napoleon Boneparte Sutherland b/abt.1858 d/10th February 1881 m/Arminda Barnett

7.Stephen Douglas Sutherland b/14th December 1860 d/30th August 1912 m/Rebecca Sutherland

8.Martha A. Sutherland b/23rd April 1863 d/15th December 1910 m/Lorenza Dow Owens

9.Henry Walker Sutherland b/abt.1865 d/abt.1911 m/Kate Shepherd

10.Garland Bruce Sutherland b/abt.1867 d/2nd April 1900 (never married) died overseas in war. Was brought home and buried.

Sylvia "Sib" Sutherland gGrandmother

Born:6th March 1856

Died:17th March 1938

Married:James Owens gGrandfather

Born:17th March 1849

Died:28th December 1922

Front row,Morgan Rasnake[Maggie's son], Fern Bartee, Sylvia Owens[my g-grandma], and Cornett Rasnake[Maggie's son]. Back row, Dudley Owens[son of Albert Owens,Sylvia's grandson(with baby?),Minda Charm Kiser[Sylvia's daughter,Frank's wife], Maggie Rasnake[Sylvia's daughter,Will's wife], Crockett Owens[brother in-law of Sylvia], Will Rasnake, Spurge Penland[son in-law of Sylvia,married Ura] and Frank Fitzhugh Kiser.


1.Almareen "Alvareen" "Reen" Allen Rean Owens (found several spellings of his name, on his headstone in cemetery it reads Rean Owens) b/27th January 1876 d/5th May 1941 m/Mary Sutherland

2.RUFUS GRIMSLEY "GRIZZLE" OWENS b/5th August 1880 d/25th January 1950 m/Cynthia Margaret Sutherland My Grandparents

3.Albert Ross Owens b/19th December 1872 d/29th June 1932 m/Eunicy "Nicey" Mae Sutherland

(above picture of Madeline Owens/Kerr Family in the lineage of Albert Owens: Taken on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship "Voyager of The Seas": L to R: Cal, Robert Wesley and Cindy Jordan; Madeline and Rober Earl Kerr; Kathy and Barry Chandler. Front Row: Regan Vaughan Chandler.)

4.Burbridge "Burb" Owens b/30th May 1874 d/18th October 1956 m/Louisa "Lizzie" Bowman

(above picture of Burb and Louisa)

5.John Owens b/1894 d/1941 m/ Fannie Sutherland

6.Minda Charm Owens b/12th May 1885 d/9th November 1959 m/Frank Fitzhugh Kiser b/11th June 1883 d/13th September 1964

(Aunt Minda and Aunt Mag)

7.Margaret Magdeline "Maggie" Owens b/9th April 1891 d/8th July 1986 m/ William "Will" Jasper Rasnake

(above picture, left to right Mae Sutherland, Aunt Maggie and my dad, Donald Owens)

8.Ura "Eura" Owens b/1887 d/1968 or 1978 m/ Spurge Penland

9.Elizabeth "Liz" Owens b/12th September 1882 d/16th May 1944 m/Walter Owens

10.Maxie Donna Owens b/4th July 1898 d/8th July 1946 m/Bryon Powers

11.Napoleon Bonaparte "Bone" Owens b/1889 d/1963 m/Ella Powers

12.Violet Owens b/1878 d/1931 m/1st Elijah Counts 2nd Luther Carr

this picture was take just a few weeks before grandpa died,front row-Rufus and Margaret Owens-row2 boy?,Beecher,Pansy,baby?,Marie,June,Bea-row3 boy?,Edith,baby?,Garnet,boy?-row4 Crockett,Tivis and Curtis


Born:5th August 1880

Died:25th January 1950

Buried in Henry Sutherland/Rufus Owens Cemetery on Long Ridge, mountain top where he lived, Duty VA


Born: 22th September 1887

Died: 10th March 1965

Buried in Sutherland Cemetery Abners Gap

Children of Rufus and Margaret Owens

1.Ellen Risie Iolet Owens b/11th Janurary 1907 d/9th December 1983 m/Henry "Parrot" Tiller

(Aunt Risie)

2.Howard Taft Owens b/8th September 1908 d/7th August 1973 m/Velva Gladys Rasnake

(Uncle Taft and Aunt Velva)

3.DONALD DOUGLAS OWENS b/6th January 1911 d/21st April 1976 m/Nora Bell Rasnake

(Donald and Nora,my parents)

4.Beatrice Owens b/23rd November 1912 d/22nd December 1998 m/William Ezra Tiller

(above Aunt Bea)

5.Silver June Owens b/12th August 1915 d/30th August 1985 m/Tivis Sutherland

(picture above)Uncle Tivis and Aunt June with banjos and family picture left to right Billy,Beecher,June,Tivis,Michael and Pansy

6.Sidney Chatman Owens b/28th August 1917 d/22nd March 1986 m/Ruby Estelle O'Quinn

(Uncle Chatman)

( uncle Chapman army picture )

7.Lawrence Perice Owens b/8th November 1919 d/8th November 1989 m/Edna Farmer

(Uncle Lawrence)

8.Luther Crocket Owens b/29th January 1922 d/21st December 1987 m/Edith Deel

(Uncle Crocket)

9.Mary Marie Owens b/05th December 1924 d/04th February 2004 m/Curtis Elmer Tiller

(Aunt Marie)

10.Easter Onie Owens b/17th April 1927 d/16th April 1978 m/Cecil Bowman

(Aunt Onie)

Born: 6th January 1911

Died: 21st April 1976

Buried in the Sutherland Cemetery Abners Gap


Born: 13th March 1913

Died: 18th July 2000

Buried beside dad in the Sutherland Cemetery Abners Gap

Children of Donald and Nora Owens

1.Pearlie Viola Owens m/George W. Ramsey

2.Carson Edward Owens

Born: 28th August 1935

Died: 6th October 1935

Buried in Henry Sutherland/Rufus Owens Cemetery

3.Sharon Fontell(Fon)Owens m/Lloyd David Sexton

4.Fred Wilkie Owens m/Ruby Yates


Born:9th June 1938

Married:Lloyd David Sexton

Born:10th February 1935

We married 9th June 1956


1.Jama Davene Sexton m/Danny Lee McClanahan

Children:Laura and Andrea

2.Lloyd David Sexton Jr. m/Alesha Waterhouse (divorced 2003)

children:Sharon and Sarah


(Documented 28th March 1999)

James Sutherland and Sarah Buchanan Sutherland ggggGrandparents

Henry Sutherland and Agnes "Aggie" LaForce Sutherland gggGrandparents

Henry Homer Sutherland and Margaret Mary Counts Sutherland b/1828 d/1892 ggGrandparents

John Marshal Randolph Sutherland b/6th July 1851 d/18th October 1929 and Mary Lester Sutherland b/February 1861 d/22nd January 1924 gGrandparents

Children of John and Mary Lester Sutherland

John M.R. Sutherland and his family. Margaret ( my grandmother ) is second from right, this was taken about 1910.

1.Rosa "Rose" I. Sutherland,Compton b/31st May 1893 d/21st January 1978 m/Watson Clair Compton


(Grandma Owens)

b/22nd September 1887 d/10th March 1965

This picture was taken when Rose and Watson were married. Rose is one of Granny Owens sisters. This would have been about 1913. Grandma Owens is on the left side. Granny's husband Rufus my Grandfather is standing behind her.

Grandma Margaret Owens, with son Crocket Owens.

3.Victoria B.Sutherland b/6th April 1884 d/19th December 1944 m/William Marshall Sutherland s/o Squire and Annie Musick Sutherland

4.Hattie Ruth Sutherland b/5th April 1900 d/1st June 1941 m/Franklin Pierce Sutherland

5.Frank Stratton "Strat" Sutherland

(Strat and Nervie)

b/22nd March 1890 d/11th April 1958 m/Minerva Kathern "Nervie" Viers

6.John Morgan Sutherland b/5th April 1903 d/15th January 1969 m/Maggie Selfe

7.Henry David "Dave" Sutherland b/11th August 1888 d/13th December 1936 m/Ida Mae Breeding

8.Alma Sutherland (never married) b/1st January 1898 d/ 14th January 1960


Born:22nd September 1887

Died:10th March 1965

Buried in the Sutherland Cemetery Abners Gap

(grandma Owens name was mispelled with a S, should read Cynthia)


Born:5th August 1880

Died:25th January 1950

Buried in Henry Sutherland/Rufus Owens Cemetery on Long Ridge, mountain top where he lived

Children are listed in the Owens page above.

Please e-mail if you have additional information.Or if I have wrote in error. Written to the best of my research, Sharon Fontell "Fon" Owens, Sexton.

Updated March 23, 2008

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