Who is Tsuwabuki?

Name Tsuwabuki Mitsuru
Seiyuu Yajima Akiko
Sex Male
Date of Birth 7/10
Blood Type O
Age 9-10
Grade Fourth
Occupation Student, duellist, Nanami's aspiring big brother
Special Features World's Youngest Nanami Lackey, Youngest Black Rose Duellist
Dreams and Aspirations To be Nanami's older brother (something like Utena wants to be a Prince), to grow up
First Appearance Episode 6 (Nanami-sama, Beware!)
Duels Episode 18 (Mitsuru's Growing Pains)
Other Appearances Episodes 16 (Cowbell of Happiness), 24 (Secret Nanami-sama Diary), 27 (Nanami's Egg), 31 (Her Tragedy), 39 (Someday Shine Together)

Important People In Tsuwabuki's life

Kiryuu Nanami -- Well, duh. What would Tswubuki's life be without Nanami? He serves as her lackey, her big brother wannabe. Believe it or not, Tsuwabuki is servant to a psycho and she, in turn, affects his life in a psychotic way. Anyway, Nanami is a nutcase completely obsessed and possessive of her older brother Touga. She'd do anything and everything to keep other girls away from him. Nanami is a very jealous person and doesn't hesitate to execute "interesting" schemes with plans to take out anyone who stands in her way. She also has some serious problem to animals from snails to boxing kangaroos. She also comes comeplete with her own set of yes-girls (Aiko, Keiko and Yuuko) and three love-letter bearing guys (Suzuki, Yamada and Tanaka). In any case, I'm a Nanami fan! In fact, I was originally planning to do a complete Nanami shrine in addition to this Tsuwabuki one and open up The Nanami Support Group (because, let's face it, she needs one). But I think someone else is taking care of that. So I'll settle for a mini-shrine on this page. (Coming soon! WAI WAI!)

Kiryuu Touga -- Touga is the guy Tsuwabuki wants to be, brave and heroic, rescuing Nanami at every turn. Fortunately, Tsuwabuki only sees and wants to emulate Touga's good, valient side. There's a lot more to Touga than that. There's the yicky side. The side that's a playboy, that manipulates girls, gets Saionji kicked out of school, sleeps with Kozue, lies to his sister, pals around with Akio, makes Utena think he's her prince. But, then again, he beat up a boxing kangaroo. Which almost redeems him. But, even so, I'm not one to like Touga...at all...and I'm glad there's only certain parts of him that Tsuwabuki sees.

Ehhh?  Utena, Miki and the Yes-girls

Tenjou Utena -- I don't think Tsuwabuki has any real positive influences in his life but Utena may very well be the person he has the most in common with. (Except maybe Suzuki and Co. but that's not exactly a good thing.) Ojiisama, oniisama, what's the difference? Honorable but mislead. All relating back to occurrences during their childhood (well, earlier childhood.) Besides, in many Nanami episodes, they're in the same place at the same time. Coincidence?

Himemiya Anthy -- The Rose Bride. It's just a given that she's important. To any Duellist.

Kaoru Miki -- OK, so Miki isn't incredibly important to Tsuwabuki. But he's around at a few key moments. Not to mention the scary stopwatch scene. Is it possible? Is Tsuwabuki a stopwatch-weilding-Miki-in-training?

The Black Rose Duellist

Mikage Souji -- When Tsuwabuki was having trouble with feeling too young, Mikage was the one he went to. Mikage sort of turned Tsuwabuki, oh, homicidal. "I want to destroy the world." Oh, yes. 'Twas Mikage who turned him into a Black Rose Duellist. Well, that's why Mikage was there. To recruit volatile duellists (and replace Himemiya with Mamiya but I won't go into that.) Mikage was just doing his job. He does a good job, too. There was also Kanae, Kozue, Shiori, Wakaba and Keiko. Wow.

Hozumi Mari -- The only one of Tsuwabuki's pre-Nanami friends that we ever see. She's the only evidence that he HAD a pre-Nanami friend. Mari is actually pretty mean to him, calling him immature and all of that. She's one of the catalysts that originally sent him to Mikage. But she was mostly concerned with his being used by Nanami...which he was. Though, Mari was a bit of a brat about it.

Suzuki, Yamada, Tanaka -- Nanami's OTHER male lackeys. I don't want to talk about it. I wish Tsuwabuki really HAD killed them.

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