Tsuwabuki Images

Welcome to the Tsuwabuki image archive! Woo hoo! Just what we've always needed! Anyway, I don't have the strength or will for thumbnails just now. Perhaps in time. But right now it's all text. Most of these came from the Shoujo Kakumei Utena Image Archive and various other wonderful websites!

Tsuwabuki dueling

Tsuwabuki dueling again

Tsuwabuki looking beat up but happy

Tsuwabuki's Boxing Kangaroo Fighting Stance

Tsuwabuki still dueling!

Tsuwabuki pondering his existence. Featured on the Banners page

Tsuwabuki sleeping

Tsuwabuki grovelling at the feet of the Student Council

Utena and Anthy exchanging an odd look over Tsuwabuki's head

Tsuwabuki looking insecure

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