101 Reasons Why I Like Tsuwabuki

Yes, I admit it. I've jumped on the think of 101 reasons why you like your favorite character bandwagon. Actually, it started out as 3001 ways so I wouldn't be just like everybody else but I realized, quite quickly, that there is no way in a million years I could come up with 3001 of anything. So I shrank it to 201. In the end, this is what I came up with. Blah. Not very exciting. But since Tsuwabuki is only in six or seven episodes, I had to come up with about 15 reasons per episode...and I've only seen four of them. So four episodes that I've seen with Tsuwabuki in them divided by 101...that's about 25 reasons for each episode. Needless to say...I had to get pretty creative (Ex. Tsuwabuki didn't write the Magna Carta). For more reasons why people like whoever, I can suggest 101 Reasons Why We Love Touga, 101 Reasons We Hate Akio, 101 Reasons We Want To Be Utena and 101 Reasons Why I Love Saionji. These have all been written by other people before this even occured to me. I don't have links to these pages now but the Saionji reasons are located on Green Rose and the others are on Blood-soaked and Honor-bound. I think. If I'm wrong please let me know ^_^

101 Reasons Why I Like Tsuwabuki

  1. He wore a slicker
  2. He wears knickers
  3. He wears tights
  4. He knows how to cook
  5. He has bishonen potential (when aged conveniently in a wine cellar)
  6. He's a smart ass
  7. He could be a long-distance chocolate thrower.
  8. He has floppy, see-through hair.
  9. He got dissed.
  10. Twice.
  11. He wanted to kill Anthy.
  12. He wanted to destroy the world.
  13. He got a cool, black rose signet.
  14. Fourth graders are cool.
  15. He's short...
  16. He doesn't like bitter things...
  17. Or serious seminar sessions.
  18. He has bunk beds.
  19. He pulled two swords out of Nanami's chest.
  20. He was the only male Black Rose Duellist (except Mikage who doesn't really count).
  21. He was the youngest Black Rose Duellist.
  22. He's loyal.
  23. He gift wraps bento boxes.
  24. He's not afraid to go to the A/V room alone.
  25. He has an orange umbrella.
  26. He's nice. Unlike many of Ohtori Academy's other attendees.
  27. He has been in restricted Student Council areas.
  28. He's an angry young man.
  29. He's good at glaring.
  30. He cut of some of Utena's hair.
  31. He knows how to read.
  32. I'm his Miko and liking Tsuwabuki is part of my duty.
  33. He's underappreciated.
  34. He has potential.
  35. He's willing to become a cow.
  36. He keeps a diary.
  37. He wore a toga.
  38. He made Nanami fall out a window.
  39. He's good at eavesdropping.
  40. He's good at spying.
  41. He had creepy little figures holding chocolate bars at his duel.
  42. He sat on a haystack.
  43. There's no disturbing fanfic about him.
  44. He owns opera glasses.
  45. He can climb trees.
  46. He learns the classic art of stopwatch.
  47. He's not afraid to make the first move.
  48. He used to play in the sandbox...
  49. And build pretty sandcastles.
  50. He knows all about amnesia.
  51. He's only slightly delusional.
  52. He's not prone to incest.
  53. He's usually polite.
  54. He's good at saving people from rampaging beasts.
  55. He's lightweight and compact.
  56. He doesn't get some dirty jokes.
  57. He has the surprising ability to put up with bitches.
  58. He knows the way to the park.
  59. He can run fast.
  60. He's man enough to wear a hood.
  61. He's MUCH, MUCH better than Suzuki, Yamada or Tanaka.
  62. He's not as prissy as Keiko, Aiko or Yuuko.
  63. He doesn't call Nanami 'Nanami-sama.'
  64. He flashed Utena and Anthy.
  65. He can take out three guys at once (Suzuki, Yamada, Tanaka! DIE!)
  66. He chased elephants.
  67. Elephants chased him.
  68. He's well-travelled.
  69. He has cooler hair than Keiko, Aiko or Yuuko.
  70. He's not sleazy like Akio or Youga.
  71. He can take Nanami's crap.
  72. He's willing to stand up to a boxing kangaroo.
  73. He has an imaginary pocket where he keeps boxing gloves...
  74. ...and small potted plants.
  75. He can readily obtain farm animals.
  76. He's not afraid to cry.
  77. He wears funny shoes.
  78. He got slapped.
  79. Twice.
  80. He yells at Mari.
  81. He doesn't get bedded by Akio.
  82. He's the only one who told Nanami how stupid the cowbell looked (aside from Utena).
  83. He's not afraid to ask random people embarassing questions.
  84. He's usually honest.
  85. He has skinny arms.
  86. He's not afraid of the dark.
  87. He climbs through air vents.
  88. He doesn't go for a 'ride' in the Akio car.
  89. He's straight and stays that way (doesn't he?) -- submitted by Julie. (Thanks! ^_^)
  90. He didn't write the Magna Carta.
  91. He tried to bring revolution to the world...
  92. By killing Anthy...
  93. But didn't...
  94. But at least he tried...
  95. And then he fell asleep.
  96. It was cool.
  97. He's eyes match his uniform.
  98. He could beat Touga at a thumb wrestling contest (Says I).
  99. He looks like a trout when we puckers.
  100. He likes Nanami better than Mari...If that can be considered a good thing.
  101. I actually came up with a hundred reasons.

    These following reasons were sumbitted by Tsuwabuki Fan Club member, Stephanie!

  102. He's devoted.
  103. He has big eyes.
  104. He doesn't have any romantic entanglements with Utena.
  105. He's slim.
  106. He has a cute, young-sounding voice.
  107. He can like a person despite their faults.
  108. He doesn't hit girls.
  109. His name has 4 syllables.
  110. He's a virgin.
  111. He hasn't drowned a cat.
  112. He has short hair.
  113. His seiyuu (voice actor) is the same person as Access Time, the cute and cool angel in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.
Yay! The 101 reasons have grown!

The image at the top of Tsuwabuki's character sketch was scanned by Julie. Visit her webpage!

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