Laughable Cosplay!

Tsuwabuki and Nanami Recently I attended Animazement. But, being the Knob that I am, I didn't actually know that I would be going until, oh, two weeks or so before I was going. In fact, the other Knobs and I only went because of peer pressure! So, given the fact that I was going to AZ on extremely short notice and yet I feel some kind of strange, unearthly desire to cosplay, I decided my duty would best be served if I were to cosplay as Nanami accompanied by a Tsuwabuki stand-up. Yes, yes, it's true. I'm utterly brilliant. *cringe* So, anyway, the Knobs as a whole asked a very nice lady we know to make us our lovely costumes. Lucky for us she works quickly and had them to us in two weeks. ^__^ Then, the lovely night before the con, we ventured out to buy four peices of posterboard. Cristi had printed out a three and a half foot Tsuwabuki as a 'surprise' for me. o_o;; We'd found a little wagon, some styrofoam and a few sticks to prop him up. A little tape and glue later, we have a freestanding Tsuwabuki! (The hot glue was added later by the will of Katie ^_^) So I had my little Nanami cosplay complete with freestanding Tsuwabuki for a few hours on Saturday ^_^ I took it off after a little while though. It's hot in North Carolina! Later that Saturday, however, he ended up wearing my *cough* skirt in an unusual fashion. ^_^;;

These are a few of the pictures that were taken of me in my costume with my Tsuwabuki stand-up or, maybe, just the Tsuwabuki. I'll have more up when I find them, people send them to me or we actually do a Knob Cosplay Photo Shoot. Imagine that! ^_^; They're credited so nobody gets mad. ^_^ But I edited all of them so it was just me and Tsuwabuki without the random crowd and whatnot in the background. The full version includes the afforementioned crowd and whatnot. ^_^;;

This picture was taken right after we finished building Tsuwabuki
This is the full version - Taken by Cristi

This is me vouging with Tsuwabuki in the hall
This is the full version complete with random guy in the background - Taken by Cristi

Notice how the sleeves make my head seem very tiny in comparison!
The Full Version! - Taken by Kevin Lillard

Tsuwabuki, me without shoes but now with a cup of water and big bag!
The above full version...with plastic chain and half of Katie - Taken by Kevin Lillard

Only four pictures so far. Come Otakon, though, be warned...I have an actual Tsuwabuki costume planned for that one! ^_^ Feel free to e-mail me if you have any pictures or know where I could find some. Thanks! ^__^

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