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I can write your web-pages' informational bits for you, if you wish to add
a professional touch to how you present your business to the world.
Pricing is determined on an individual, personal and per-contract basis.
Your satisfaction is assured, for I will work with you to produce the
scripting and prose you desire to promote your business or personal concerns.

I have been writing educational material, producing my own lectures and
demonstrations, and other work for over 25 years. A quick glance at the
web-sites I've produced will give you an idea of my abilities to present
your product line, personal message or interests in a satisfactory manner.

As an example of my work, I've been producing a web-site dedicated to
Captain John Smith's adventures in Virginia, from his journals as edited
by John M. Thompson in his book, "The Journals of Captain John Smith",
National Geographic Society, 2007.

You may also note the extravagantly illustrated text. There is no other
web-site covering this period of our nations' history anywhere on the web
that is so lavishly and compellingly illustrated or informatively packaged:

Captain John Smith's Virginia Adventures


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