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Mobjack Bay Graphics offers a variety of photographic services:

~ Product Overviews ~ Catalogue Photography ~ Job-site/Operations ~

~ Photo-Documentation ~ Modeling Photography ~ Art Portfolios ~

~ Weddings and Family Gatherings ~ Sporting Events ~

~ Web-ready Images ~ Custom Graphics and Design ~

~ Slideshows on CD ~ and MORE! ~

~ Product Overviews ~
Illustrate your product line on the web with sharp, clear photographs.
What you manufacture, sell or resell to the public can be presented for
potential clients near and far. Details of your products, manufacturing
processes, overviews of your stock can be promoted on the web in a number
of ways that can increase your sales and profits by reaching more buyers!

~ Catalogue Photography ~
Your business will benefit from increased sales by offering a printed catalogue
of the products and services you offer. Clear, crisp detailed photographs and
close-ups of imortant product features will make it easier to sell what you have
in stock as well as to promote new products. Your business will also benefit by
showing new clients what your satisfied customers keep coming back to you for.
Let me show you how your catalogue can be put onto business card-size CD's.
Show the whole world what you have to offer and sell MORE!

~ Job-Site Operations ~
Sell Your Services Faster! Demonstrate what it is you do, show potential clients what
satisfied customers keep coming back for with a photographic essay of your company's
operations and services. Whether you build homes or cater weddings and events, mill
lumber. install gutters or offer landscape services, make signs or mark pavement, your
sales will increase by demonstrating to others what it is you have to offer with on-site
photographs of works in progress, your crews performing their tasks and the quality of
your services. Photographs of your completed works as well as the satisfied customers
you already have will convince others of your integrity and the quality of service offered!

~ Photo-Documentation ~
Anything collectible or valuable, including antique furniture, jewelry, artifacts and
artwork should be photographically documented for insurance purposes. Details
that clearly identify your possessions can aid in dealing with both the police and
your insurance company in the event of damageor loss due to fire, flood or theft.
Detailed photographs of important aspects of your collections and valuables will
also aid in their recovery by police. Further, photographic documentation will aid
you in sharing your collection and your knowledge with others online or in print.
A well-documented collection that is published online or in print can increase its
value and enhance its importance among other collectors and historians by offering
examples for comparison and by establishing proofs of the existance of rare items.

~ Modeling Photography ~
Aspiring models will want to build their portflio with images that demon-
strate their marketability and appeal to modeling agencies, commercial pro-
moters and businesses who use local talent for everything from newspaper,
television and magazine advertising, to music, fashion and video promotions.
MBG will help to create the image you want to promote your goals, interests
and aspirations through imagery that fits your needs.

MBG also offers boudoir photography to create that glamourous, sexy look
that you'll want to share with that special someone. Complete discretion is
GUARANTEED, and all images and copies will belong solely to you
(You MUST be at least 18 years old)

~ Artist Portfolios ~
MBG will photograph your artwork for your portfolio, provide you with a digital record of
your work, showings and highlights of your career as an artist. It is important to keep
records of your work, not the least of which is for insurance purposes, but also to docu-
ment your successful sales and contracts, high points and published works. Establish
your career further with an up-to-date portfolio and online exposure as well as adding to
potential news sales and promotion of your works as an accomplished artist!

~ Weddings and Family Gatherings ~
MBG offers photographic services for your wedding or social event, family,
individual and company portraits, high school/college graduation pictures,
and more! Ask how MBG can provide you with the event photographic services
YOU need to create a lasting record that can be shared with others!

~ Sporting Events ~
MBG also offers photography for recording your childs' school/team sporting
events, your fishing trips and
sporting adventures
--capture the moment
forever and share it with family and friends online in one or more of MBG's
terrific slide-shows online for sharing!

~ Web-ready Images ~
MBG offers quality photo-shopping of your existing digital images so they
can be used online in the dimensions and file-sizes you need--for ease of
fast downloading and to fit the webspace you have alloted for them. The use
of correctly adjusted images enhances the quality of the image as well as
how much detail can be seen and how much information can be conveyed
(a picture IS worth a thousand words--say it right with quality photo-shopping!)

~ Custom Graphics and Design ~
MBG can design for you images and composite photographs ready for web-use,
presentations and lectures, company or college reports and for publishing
that book you've always wanted to write. I can produce book covers/jackets,
page layouts and schematics, blueprints and illustrative sketches. I can
bring new life to old, faded photographs, colorize black and white images
and create collages, add special effects, create original any ocassion
cards and invitations, and more--just ask me!

~ Slideshows on CD or online, and MORE! ~
MBG offers quality slideshows that will download easily to your web-pages,
may be recorded on CD for safe keeping or for sharing with others. This is
a terrific way to show off your family portraits, company functions, social
events and virtually anything can be promoted with a slideshow, including
your wedding, graduation, sporting event orcompany products and services!

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