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Mobjack Bay Relics will from time to time
offer limited-time specials on unique and
unusual items that come into our hands

Offered for the first time:
Hudson Bay Company-style Capote*
Genuine Hudson Bay Company 4-Point Trading Blanket


The vintage Hudson Bay Company 4-point Blanket nicely compliments this Large HBC-style Capote!*

The blanket (84" x 69")is in very good condition--
some wear to bottom edge of HBC label is seen in
photo, otherwise in really terrific shape--and WARM!

Guaranteed HBC manufacture.
A wonderful thing, these HBC blankets--I've got several
and have one for my own bed. Nothing is warmer or more
satisfying than to cuddle by the fire with a loved one
under a warm Hudson Bay Company blanket!

The photographs show the label and point-stripes, and I can provide other photos upon request.

This large and comfortable HBC-style Capote* with
leather fringes at shoulders and sleeves and made
from a HBC-like blanket, (It really fits me nicely
and I'm 6ft,195lbs)I am shown wearing this with the
sash tied 'round me--plenty of room for a bigger man
here--or a man and a woman! The fringes may be clearly
seen, as can the overall loose and easy-to-move-with fit
of this quality handmade garment...

Made by Kathy Main, of Clark, Colorado, 2002. I've only worn it a few times,
and never once outside. This capote is virtually pristine.

*(no Label to 'prove' it is HBC)
WHAT A GREAT ADDITION to your Indian traders' regalia and gear!
This HBC-style Capote, the livery of the Hudson Bay Companys' Indian traders,
was worn by many and known far and wide to all--Traders were welcomed!

These blanket-goods are of high quality and workmanship, the Capote being double-stitched
in the seams and very nicely worked into the sleeves and etc is a quality leather fringe.

Asking $240 for the Capote and HBC Blanket