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>>>>>Neptune Fest Surf Championship '09<<<<<
Neptune Festival ’09 Surfing Championship .•:*°•.-¦-.•°°•.-¦-.•°°•.-:¦:- -:¦:-.•°°•.-¦-.•°°•.-¦-.•°*:•.

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I really enjoyed the Surf Championship at this years' Neptune Festival, and though the day was overcast and the threat of rain still potent, some great surfing took place and even the ladies came out to play in their bikinis. I caught some of the ladies' volleyball action as well, and came away with a couple of great action-shots there, too!

While I could not post all of the images taken this afternoon, I have kept them nonetheless, against the hope that those who see themselves here will contact me for their sets of photographs, which I will gladly send via email or place on Cd for them, at no charge.

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This young lady athelte was by far the most energetic and active volley-baller I saw that day--just look at her MOVE!

"OH--MY--GOD! That water looks ROUGH out there--and COLD, too!" Turbulent winds and tumultuous seas hampered surfers at the 2009 Neptune Festival surf event

This and the following five images are published here courtesy of Lois English, who kindly sent me these from the Neptune Festival Surf Competitions

Thanks Lois! Your contributions are most welcomed here!

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