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>>>>> Surfing Adventures <<<<<

I am not aquainted with most of you portrayed here on my site, but I'm look forward to meeting with and getting to know you all. If you see yourself or recognize someone else by their photo, let me know so I can credit their photographs by name here...

I'm shooting with a Canon XT Rebel digital, using a 420mm-800mm zoom lens, purchased through eBay from 47th Street Photo. I really love the way it captures the action of both surfer and ocean waves up-close and personal...Enjoy!!!

I am hoping to see more women representing the sport, and encourage other photographers to submit their images for publication here

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A simple call to 804 815-4141 is all it takes to have me show up to shoot pics of YOU doing your thing in Virginia beach!

Posters are available of many of these images.

Pierce, here and above, cuts a wake across the waves...from Hopewell, he and his folks came down just to get some surf-time in..Go Pierce!

Into the tube! The waves following hurricane Dani were AWESOME!

Here, and above, these two ladies tried to grab some surf-time around 10AM. The surf was really churring out there, and trying to get further out to ride the big ones, all I saw was surfboards tumbling end over end. Belly-surfing in with saddened hearts, at least they tried--you've gotta give them that! This was the same day as the Neptune Festival Surf Competitions, and the surf was only marginally better later that same day

This young lady put on a great show for her folks-she is gonna be a star-surfer one day!

This Sportsman can be seen on my kiteboarding page with that look of fear in his eyes as he's about to do a hard face-plant...

It doesn't take a 'wizz' to see what this young man is up to, LOL! Talk about multi-tasking...

Red Sky sunrise on 53rd St--one of my favorite shots, and shot with a red filter to enhance the scenic beauty of the sky and sea

One of my very favorite sequences, here and above--I wish I could give this guy a set of these photo's--gliding just ahead of the curling wave, he reaches out to grab some water, his shadow cast upon the wave itself--WAY COOL!

Riderless, a good surfboard still knows what to do and how to act...


A flight of pelicans crosses the sun's disc early morning off 89th Street

Eric Cohen, North End Cyclery's owner, watches a dolphin cruise by as his board pics up momentum cresting a wave--GO ERIC! It's moments like this that make the sport almost magical, you know?


Here and above, the really monster waves following hurricane Dani's passing left many surfers really happy--THIS is SURFING Virginia Beach!

here and above, my close friend and fellow northern neck'r John Stafford came down to the beach a couple days after Dani passed by to catch some of the action for himself. John is one of my closest friends and a truly great guy!

I shot a long series of this surfer walking down the beach--she offered a range of moods and expressions as she walked towards me, only at the last aware that I was shooting pictures of her--thanks for the great images! If you ever care to let yourself be known to me, I will gladly pass on to you a CD of these images...

Bebe, a most entrancingly beautiful lady, is here seen with one of Eric Cohen's newest line of beach cruisers. The series of photos I shot of her, she never knowing it, produced some of the best images I've taken in a while...thank you, Bebe!

This shot was taken over the sumer before last at 78th Street, where the now gone construction-pier for the rainwater pipeline was being installed. FANTASTIC!

Again, the man with the plan--first a hard face-plant, then flying on a skimboard, now awaiting the next wave...GO DUDE!

This image NOT brought to you by GEICO, LOL!

Flash me that smile!

Christine cutting a wake across the 53rd Street beach

Danielle, a frequent subject for my camera, here strikes a pose, unknowing I'm shooting this image of here--you should see her out on the waves!

Tanya, here and above, looking really fine and tempting with her cookies. Oh, and that's my black lab, Onyx, echoing many of our sentiments as he watches Tanya!

Bikini models wanted!

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