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Kiteboarding and Surfing Adventures

>>>>> Kiteboarding Adventures II<<<<<
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More photography of a terrific sport--I'm hoping others will send in their own photographs to share with us all.
Please include your name and where the shots were taken, so that proper credit can be given here...
Thanks, Stone

Current Weather in VB ~~*~~ Kiteboarding II~~*~~ Aircraft over Virginia Beach~~*~~ Port of Call: Shipping on the Bay

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It is my goal to encourage, support and promote the sport through photography.

With these thoughts in mind, I present my friends in their best and most exhilarating moments--ENJOY!!!

I am accepting others' photographs for web publication here. All submissions become the property of MBR

Posters are available of many of these images. Contact me via email for availability and pricing.
A simple call to 804 815-4141 is all it takes to have me show up to shoot pics of YOU doing your thing in Virginia beach!

The USS George HW Bush (CVN 77) slips past Matt St Louis as he prepares to kite down towards Camp Pendleton from this location, 89th Street at the beachfront--I just love this photo!

Paul experiences a moment that every kiteboarder knows--a 'deep breath' of that clean saltwater scent!

Our ever-watchful undersea warriors return home--WELCOME HOME!!!

The ever-vigilant Elizabeth City Coast Guard and Rescue crews are a welcomed site, though thankfully no one we know has had to call upon them--To the dedicated men and women of the Elizabeth City Coast Guard: Thanks for being out there!

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