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Aircraft over Virginia Beach

I grew up listening to stories about aircraft, watching Corsairs take off and land at Norfolk Naval Base ca. 1959, and learned much from my father, who was in the Naval Reserve and then transfered to NACA as an aerospace engineer. He designed drag-reducing features on helicopters--his work revolved around the AH-56 Cheyenne (seen above--note pusher-propeller at tail! Photo credit US Army) and OH-6 Cayuse

I became fascinated with WWI and WWII aircraft, Korean War- and Vietnam-era jets, read stories written by the pilots and designers, etc, and built way too many plastic models of them, as my dad had done (mom said so...!)

Since moving to Virginia Beach a couple of years ago, I've had the opportunity to photograph a number of aircraft over the beach. I present here the best of these photographs, and hope that you will enjoy viewing them as much as I have photographing them!
Thanks, Stone

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