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The Slaughter House Of Failure Is Not My Destiny

Image Processing
Pointer to C and other programming stuff!
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Current Projects

  1. MPEG Codecs
  2. FIR fiters
  3. Video Digitizer
  4. Serial communication
  5. Image Processing
  6. Microcontroller based system

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Employee Information

@ Texas Instruments(I) Ltd

Job Title VLSI DSP Design Engineer
Nature of duties :Verification

@ Inrom System (I) Pvt Ltd.

Job title
R & D Engineer.
Nature of duties :
Design of Microcontroller based system

Software development

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CRC Tool generates synthesizable CRC code in VHDL and verilog
 Web Directory - Science > Technology > Electronics > Design > Verilog_and_VHDL_Tools
Google Web Directory - Computers > Programming > Languages > VHDL :starting point for all vhdl related material.
Hamburg VHDL ArchiveVHDLdocuments (FAQ, introductions to VHDL, etc.), VHDL-related papers, and public domain stuff.
VHDL Guideline and Coding Styles : vhdl models
Strasbourg University An ftp site containing VHDL utilities, papers, and VHDL code. Articles on mixed signal design : list of vhdl resources
comp.lang.vhdl : News group for vhdl
Sutherland HDL's List Of Verilog Books
An Introduction to VHDL****an abridged (fullfledged???) version of the book vhdl made easy
Logic Synthesis with VHDL   System Synthesis
MPEG : : all kind of Technical resources and Links for mpeg

comp.compression , comp.compression.research:news group for compression standard related discussion. : Want to search for papers on a topic but dont know where ?

Contact Information

Electronic mail address

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