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MPEG Video Codecs

This page Does not do a lot of things! It wont provide An Introduction to MPEG Video Compression for that you may also refer to MPEG Compression Algorithm.This is not a MPEG FAQ or its mirror nither is it Color FAQ nor Gamma FAQ .You cant Search for University Papers about MPEG or have a index of Research Paper here.In short this is not a comprehensive or The Official MPEG Committee Website I could have had this page start with the generalities of MPEG standards or MPEG Video standards. but why waste time on the things that you can find easily on the web?Hence I shall start directly with what i am working on.

As such the standard does not recommend anything for an encoder but generally we tend to use

If we observe the above closely we could eliminate the IDCT block if we have motion estimator/compensator in the transform domain.There are works regarding DCT-Based Motion estimation you could go through.

Now the above diagram could be broken down into the following parts

  • DCT / IDCT
  • Quantizer/Inverse Quantizer
  • Motion Compensator/Motion Estimator
  • Regulator
  • VLC Encoder
  • Frame Memories /Buffers
  • Pre/post Processing units.