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This site was last updated on September 23, 2003.

Special note about the strip, 4/6/03: Please read this official statement from Tom Batiuk regarding the changes in Funky artwork.

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Thank you for visiting. This site is updated sporadically. If you have written and not received a response, my apologies. It does get busy over here.

Welcome to the Funky Winkerbean fan site. Hope you find the new layout easy to navigate. Here you will find information on the comic strip Funky Winkerbean and artist Tom Batiuk, along with related art, links, and a history of the strip. Nearly 10,000 unique visitors have stopped to browse since November, 2001, including Mr. Batiuk himself! I am very happy to announce he has given his seal of approval to this site as well as his permission to use the Funky Winkerbean logo and other related art.

One thing to note: Mr. Batiuk's schedule does not allow him to access the Internet. The best way to contact him is through King Features Syndicate.

Please browse the menu to your left for information on the comic strip and other funky stuff. Comments and suggestions for this website are always welcome via e-mail.

Funky Winkerbean the comic strip and its characters, are copyrighted by the artist, Tom Batiuk, and distributed through King Features Syndicate. All copyrighted likenesses and graphics presented on this website pertaining to Funky Winkerbean are used with the permission of the artist.

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