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Revived Colledge

Fast Facts: 1606 Virginia Charter Summary of 1606 Va Charter over 400 American years.
Fast Facts: Birth Certificate of America: Did American Civilization begin in 1776, or 1606?
Fast Facts: The Five Great Documents of Liberty What do you know about that 2nd one?
Fast Facts: Judeo-Christian Roots of 1607 Jamestown From Israel to England to America?

Public Act: 1957 300th Anniv Jamestowne, Booklet #4 "3 Va Charters, 1606-1609-1612".
Public Act: 1959 The Common Law Plaque Va State Bar honors 1606 Virginia Charter.
Public Act: 1992 Va House-Joint Resolution "Restoring historic 1611 Citie of Henricus".
Public Act: 1992 Henricus Colledge (1619)® ~ Revived, Va Comm. of Higher Ed exempt.
Public Law: 1995 Va Historical Documents Act All public schools to teach Va Charters.
Public Act: 2006 Va House Joint Resolution 400th Anniversary of America 10 April 2006.
Public Act: 2007 SC Legislature Votes: 1606 Va Charter: Birth Certificate of America.
Public Act: 2015 SC Legislature Votes: 1215 Magna Carta: 800th Anniv. Proclamation.
Public Act: 2017 Va House-Joint Resolution "The Teaching of the 1606 First Va Charter".
Public Act: 2018 Va House-Joint Resolution "25th Anniv of Henricus Colledge (1619)®".
Concepts: America is an "Idea", not a place. A set of Principles: "Liberty Under Law".
Concepts: Freedom, Liberty, Rights To understand America, define these terms rightly.
Concepts: Commonwealth v Old Dominion These were "Fightin' Words" in early Virginia!
Concepts: Framers/Founders/Grand-founders In story of America, Early/Earlier/Earliest.
Concepts: 800-year Lineage of Liberty Magna Carta...1606 Va Charter...USA Republic.
Concepts: 1296 a.d. Disputation: Does Rome Rule World? Knight cites bible, tops Cleric.
Concepts: Humanist Manifesto 1933 : No Creator, No Prayer, No Marriage, No Property..
1611 Henricus: America's First Hospital Mount Malady: Two patients/bed was state-of-...
Henricus 1619: History Cruises - Virginia Welcome Aboard the "Cruising Classroom".
Henricus 1619: Annual Meetings The first six Keynote Speakers of the revived Colledge.
Henricus 1619: Colledge Chancellor Contact and Executive Summary of Steven C. Smith.
Henricus 1619: Henricus Educational Trust 1) Propagate... 2) Support... 3) Encourage...

Blog Spot: Pics and Information 400th Anniversary of 1606 First Va Charter in 2006.

400th Anniversaries: Commemorations of Formative Events re the dawn of America...

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