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What is a Furby?

Here are some photos to see what a Furby looks like,
for those of you who don't know what a Furby is. And
for those of you who already know what Furby is, here
are the latest photos & info on him! Above you will
see the photos of the 6 Furby (bean bag) buddies that
resemble the now retired first 6 Furbies.

Where to BUY Furby?

He/she moves and talks! I bought my first FURBY in February.
I was finally able to find one on the shelves at a Walmart.
They just put them out and there were about 12 of them.
It was a difficult decision to chose which one to come home with.
The original set now retired, came in 6 colors faux fur with
4 different eye colors. I finally decided on the pink & grey one.
But then one is suppose to get a second one so the two Furby's
can talk to one another! He has an adorable voice. If you have
a furby, e-mail me! I'd love to hear about yours.
I got my second one at

NEW Furbies

The 6 new colors present in March were - Dalmation, Bear, Owl,
Tiger, Snow Leopard, and Giraffe. I bought a Dalmation &
a wolf! He's so cute. There was a limited edition Spring
Furby out in purple (photo below). There will be more limited
edition ones in the future-Graduation (photo above), Patriotic
(Kay-Bee Toys Exclusive-photo above), Halloween Witch (orange
& black with hat), and Holiday. Now available - pastel colored
baby Furbies, smaller than the original, tote to carry him, and
bed. I found a very unusual Furby at Target, he's not pictured
on the official Furby Web Site. He is pictured below, he has a
rainbow of colors, sort of tye-dyed look.

Trading McDonald's Furbies!

I have the 2 above available for trade or purchase. I also have:
Series 3 - Pink body with green hair & Series 8 - Light Blue
with blue hair. Email me if you are interested!

Flamingo Furby, Wizard Furby, Spring Furby & Tie Dyed Furby-
watch the Furby pictures move below:

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