Gotham City Ring
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Gotham City Ring

Hiya BATFANS .. WELCOME ... to the Ring ..
We are going through a MAJOR overhaul ..
Most of our sites are linking ..
Please email me if any are not working properly ..
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Save the Clock Tower ! Start a Revolution !!

Here are the sites in the Webring
Adam West is the *REAL* Batman
--Bat-Baddys-- A Study in Villianry
Adam West is the *REAL* Batman - Heroes
Adam West is the *REAL* Batman - Ad's & Lobby Cards
Adam West is the *REAL* Batman - Bat Lunch
Adam West is the *REAL* Batman - Bat-Collectibles
Autographed Stills From Batman Characters
Adam West is the *REAL* Batman - Corgi Batmobiles
Adam West is the *REAL* Batman - Bat-Toys
Adam West is the *REAL* Batman - Prop's & Vehicles
1966 Batman T-Shirt Designs
Batman Prime
Batmania - Adam West Squadron
Morticia's Morgue - Batman, Batgirl & Catwoman
John's Model Page
Midnight in Gotham
Catwoman: Feline Fatale!
The Super-Hero Animated Gif Gallery
1960's Costume Page
Bat-Music Analyzer
1966 Bat-Props! Batarangs,Utility Belts,Costumes,etc.
Batman & Robin when I was a Kid - My BatmanPics
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