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Shreeka's Revenge (Episode 134) Review

BRIEF STORYLINE:April is showing the turtles the site of the new Channel Six building. The turtles are reminded of April's birthday, which they have forgotton about.

The Techndrome meanwhile, are under enemy attack. Bebop and Rocksteady are sent out to investigate, and are abucted by an odd flying alien spaceship, which is the property of Shreeka.

Shreeka, if you don't know, is a female alien with a grudge against Krang. They have a history, where they were once partners, but Krang double-crossed her. It's took her ages to hunt him down, but finally she has.

The item Shreeka wants from Krang is the Power Pack Energy Ring. Krang lies on purpose and tells her April 'O Neill is in possession of it. Krang then gives the Ring to Shredder and tells him to give it to April. Shredder is unsure whether to go ahead with this plan.

Shredder would've preferred that the Ring should be put to better use. Krang however, tells him the Ring has no power left inside, so is completely useless as a weapon, and will make a perfect trap for the turtles. He believes the turtles will get killed in their desperate efforts to save April, along with Shreeka.

Irma buys a birthday cake for April, and the turtles are shopping at Spiffany's Jewelry store. Shredder arrives in the city, and gift wraps Shreeka's long lost Ring and delivers it to Channel Six, presented with a card to say its from the turtles. Shredder still has his doubts whether this Ring is useless. So he wants to seize the Ring for himself, once the turtles and Shreeka have finished each other.

The turtles have found out through the Intergalactic Scan Search, that Shreeka is wanted in several planets and galaxies for nasty crimes. Now this maniac is after April.

Can the turtles stop Shreeka on her tracks, and handle this not very well known quantity? Will the Ring be useless after all?

TMNT REVIEW HQ COMMENTS: A mediocre episode, but one of the better mediocre episodes. This is the only episode Shreeka appears in sadly, because she is a good villain, but you can't stop to say she is just a female version of Shredder, so there a certain lack of originality.

However, a memorable beginning, where April and the turtles are at the construction site for the new Channel Six Building that never was, as it gets destroyed by fire in the end. Raphael starts off with some clever humour. After April admits she is getting a bigger office, and almost falls off the new Channel Six building, Raphael says she was lucky not to get a congratulations/get well soon card combination.

The action is thrust upon us without delay as we go to the Technodrome for the first time, seeing Shredder chuck out Bebop and Rocksteady into the Atlantic Ocean outside, and get beamed aboard Shreeka's spaceship. It's funny how Bebop and Rocksteady react to the name "Shreeka", with howls of laughter, and Rocksteady replies "That's a scream!". Shreeka treats the two mutants with as much gentleness as Shredder.

The other story of April's upcoming surprise birthday party at Channel Six is entertaining, and Vernon clumsily diving head-first into the birthday cake is hilarious. The combination of Shreeka and Bebop and Rocksteady works well, and in one of the funniest parts of the episode, Bebop and Rocksteady stop by to watch a cartoon on TV in a shop window, coming out with uncharacteristic sayings like "such subtle humour!"

The one major difference between Shreeka and Shredder is she cares more about her appearance and blasts April's fashion tastes, calling her yellow jumpsuit "tacky". The episode does go through a slump in the last half of the episode, but it picks up again in an exciting final battle of the turtles and Shreeka. We some very good lines like Raphael, when he pours cement onto Shredder, Shreeka and co. and uses a pun like "this will cement our relationship". Following that we have Raphael almost going against his own dialogue, saying he is getting "sick of cornball lines like them". This is one of those reminders that this is only a cartoon.

Bebop and Rocksteady, by this point in the cartoon, don't seem to be appreciated anymore with neither Shreeka or Krang, Shredder wanting them back. Of course, they are sent back to Krang which is jokingly viewed as the worst thing that can ever happen. The happy ending of April's birthday party is sharp and with good humour. This episode just missed out on a 3.


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