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Krangenstein Lives! (Episode 129) Review

BRIEF STORYLINE: In the sewers, Michaelangelo is busy playing video games on his computer, while the other 3 turtles are practicing their ninja arts.

During this, the Technodrome, in the Arctic Ocean, Bebop and Rocksteady are also playing video games while Krang is tuning up his android body, which he uses to move around in.

Bebop and Rocksteady accidentally smash up an important computer chip for the android body, and as nobody had been looking, slyly replace it with a computer game player’s chip.

When Krang’s android body is switched back on to life, everything goes wrong with it. The body thinks it is playing a video game. It flees out of the Technodrome using a Transport Module and arrives in turtles territory- New York. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady go and chase it.

Unluckily (or luckily) Shredder falls down a big hole, knocks himself unconscious, and temporarily loses his memory, not knowing who he is.

Meanwhile, Krang’s android body is on the loose, destroying everything it encounters, in it’s objective to win the “game”.

The turtles find out about the android body, thanks to Bebop and Rocksteady’s slip of words. Shredder still unaware of himself, gets a job at Barney Mushnik’s Big Bang company that makes fireworks. He finds himself, for some reason, building a bomb to hold the city for ransom.

Can the turtles find and get rid of Krang’s beserk android body, which has all those dangerous in-built gadgets to fool around with? Can they also stop a totally AWOL Shredder who, even in his state, still has bad intentions for the city?

TMNT REVIEW HQ COMMENTS: A good episode that stands out in these later seasons. An interesting storyline where Krang’s android body-which is usually looking comatose- finally does talk, and thinks it’s inside a game where potentially everything is an enemy but the problem is its real life. This sounds like something a geekboy Dungeons & Dragons-playing addict might turn into. The body (and I don’t mean Jesse “the body” Ventura-a former wrestler/governor). This is a strong episode throughout which does dwindle a little near the end. It’s very funny when Shredder has lost his memory like when Krang contacts him and doesn’t have a clue who this pink thing is, as well as a classic line when Barney Mushnik offers Shredder work, “work? For some reason that word fills me with disgust.” . Also take note, Barney Mushnik (his one-episode-only appearance) talks just like Homer Simpson (of course it’s not the real Homer voice-actor, I think it’s probably Raphael’s voice-over Rob Paulsen.

Most quality moments go to: Bebop mistakenly biting into Krang’s chip for his body and saying something so unlike his character (“I consider that a vicious meal in our character”), and discovers it’s not a cracker. Also the turtles getting tired of the sound from Michaelangelo’s video game during their training, Krang’s android body disposing of Bebop and Rocksteady in bins, Vernon spying on April the concluding he can do a better job, Michaelangelo adamant he can take his video game outside the sewers, Rocksteady accidentally telling the truth to the turtles about why Krang’s body is in such a state, Donatello pressing a switch that leads to the android becoming a giant and good action including the droid shoving the turtles into a phone box and the body meeting its doom.

Bad moments are not the majority in this episode. The few include, Michaelangelo plugging his video games console into Krang’s android body and climbing the giant up to his shoulder to control it, which isn’t edited well. The ending could’ve been better, with some awkward picture movements. A couple of excellent moments, only a few very good moments. A likeable, funny episode.


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