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Carter, the Enforcer (Episode 185) Review

BRIEF STORYLINE: Dregg declares to the whole planet that his latest project is to help the humans, called the Star Shield. The turtles are in disbelief, that the humans accept Dregg as a good guy! They decide to forget about the humans for their gullibleness.

However, Splinter tells them to not give up, and to fight evil even against popular opinion. The turtles team up with April and Carter to expose Dregg's evil deeds to the world.

After arriving at the Star Shield construction site, the turtles marvel at the sight of the construction with something weird on top. April in the process manages to videotape Dregg and Hi-Tech talking about the real purpose of the Star Shield- to kill the humans!

The gang is nearly captured by Dregg's men but manage to escape with the videotape intact.

The turtles are back at the lair, and Carter is away accompanying April to the local news station, in an attempt to convince the news director to air the damning footage. The news director is a supporter of Dregg and believes it's a hoax.

Surprisingly, Carter has been kidnapped by the Techno Gangsters.

April is back at the turtles lair and addressing them of her meeting with the news director. She notices Carter is not amongst them. Despite this, they decide to somehow "pirate" the broadcast on TV. However, to their shock, Carter comes back aiming laser guns at them and destroying the videotape. A man and woman called Landor and Merrik, arrive from out of nowhere and save the confused turtles from Carter and the TechnoGangsters.

After all this drama, Carter, the TechnoGangsters, Landor and Merrik are gone. The turtles want to know more about this Landor and Merrik so send April to investigate.

Not much later, Carter and the TechnoGangsters return to cause havoc again. Landor and Merrik claim to come from the future, and have arrived in the present to protect the turtles. They urge them to come back to the future to see what lies for a Dregg-ruled Earth.

The turtles find out in the future that Dregg has won, and Carter is his local Enforcer. They find out Carter has not aged at all, and is for some reason, as strong as his mutation without the need of the mutating.

They discover Carter is an android, not human. Then where is the real Carter? Was there ever a real, human Carter? Have the turtles been fooled into thinking that Carter was a 100% good guy? And can they reverse the tragic fortunes of Earth, and get rid of Dregg before it's too late?

TMNT REVIEW HQ COMMENTS: Quite a mediocre episode but it does impress in small doses.It starts off well, as the turtles try to figure out how they are going to stop Dregg who has the backing of the whole human population. The it goes downhill not nuch later.

The important action scene, where the turtles are met by an evil Carter, but saved by Landor and Merrik is subjected to bad editing. Raphael meets this confusing event with humourous statements such as "this is way off-script" and "check into a motel until this blows over!". Not much humour here, buts that's expected in these more serious "red sky" episodes. The action are actually one of the best parts of this episode. Such as when evil robot Carter meets the turtles again in his motorbike this time racing towards them blasting his laser gun. Then there's also the scene in the bleak Dregg-led future, where the turtles destroy the evil robot Carter. It's also done well in the sense of portraying the turtles look of surprise when they see the grown-up/evil/robot Carter in the future. Near the end, we have an interesting Carter vs. Carter fight in this original storyline, and is executed well. We then see the Carter robot get trashed twice, never to function again!

One moment of high drama also done well is when we see Hi-Tech and Dregg updating each other on the procedures as usual, but then Hi-Tech spots April and the turtles in hiding.

The ending is quite amusing thanks to Raphael jokey slating of the thought of having more than one Carter. We also have the turtles see the present-day Landor and Merrik- who are just kids, and they send out this universial message of keeping peace in the world. Good point!


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