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Season 9 (1995) 8 Episodes

OH MY GOD! A whole season without Shredder and Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady! Whats going on is maybe a refreshing revamp on both good and bad sides as it's been so many episodes where turtles-all-happy-at-start, Krang-in-technodrome-sets-up-evil-plan, shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady-go-to-Earth-and-hideout-somewhere-maybe-steal-something-precious. It could get tiring at times with this process over and over. Step in Lord Dregg, and his assistant Hi-Tech and the season is maybe served as a trial to see how people wil react to it.

Dregg, an alien whose domain is the spaceship "Dreggnaught", becomes one of the most featured villains of the cartoon. After Krang, Shredder, Bebop & Rocksteady, Dregg has been in the most back-to-back episodes as the main villain to the turtles. Dregg is different from our previous Technodrome villains for mainly 2 reasons: he is much more serious and has no time for comedic remarks and he did something Krang and Shredder never thought of, making friends with the people of Earth THEN destroy Earth. I think this plot is a very good storyline for a new villain trying to fill in a memorable previous villain's shoes.

There's a new good guy as well, Carter, a young teen who is a willing martial arts fan and wants Splinter to train him. Up to this point, this sounds like the Keno character from the TMNT 2 movie. He then gets in contact with mutagen and beomes a mutant yellow hulk with a mohawk for short periods of time. Sounds quite absurd. He is almost like a replacement for April, who seems to take more of a back seat here. We always see Carter with turtles in the lair, not April anymore.

To make things more interesting the turtles mutations are suppoesed to be unstable. This causes them to evolve into big turtle hulks with massive strength but less brains. These happen in tight situations only, but it could eventually kill the turtles if they don't stabilise.

Burne, Vernon and Irma are gone, never to come back again to the cartoon. We meet new guys/gals like Megavolt, Colonel Wesley Knight, Medusa, Chronos, Landor, Merrick, Draconus & Doomquest. So will all these changes be a good thing? Can Dregg fill the void of no Krang and Shredder? Well find out!

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