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Season 8 (1994) 8 Episodes

In 1994, we see the biggest change since the cartoon started in 1987. The first thing to notice is the appearance of the animation, the turtles look more serious looking, some brand new villains such as a group of mutants known as H.A.V.O.C LED BY Titanus and also Berserko. A brand new theme song and intro, which are Ok,and April doesn't wear her yellow jumpsuit anymore! She now drives a sports car(like a ferrari or lamborghini). The Rat King, in a welcome return, featuring only in one of the eps, sports a trenchcoat and hat for reasons unknown. Krang, Shredder, Bebop & Rocksteady ONLY appear in 4 of the episodes, and are starting to get phased out by the makers. So too are Burne, Vernon and Irma. The cartoon became darker, goofyness was out and uncool. The sky for some reasons, always remained red, to probably add to the darker, sinister feel(hence you notice the dark background colour of this page!). That is why these episodes are called the "red sky episodes".

In this season there are some serious shocks which alter drastically the lifestyle of a few important character. Among those shocks, is the story highlight of the season. Ahem..let me clear throat(shouts in utter disbelief) CHANNEL SIX BUILDING GETS DESTROYED TO RUBBLE, NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN!!! Now check out the reviews dude!!

Get Shredder! (Episode 171) Review
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State of Shock (Episode 173) Review
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H.A.V.O.C. In the Streets (Episode 175) Review
Enter: Krakus (Episode 176) Review
Cyber Turtles (Episode 177) Review
Turtle Trek (Episode 178) Review
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