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Season 3 (1989) 47 Episodes

The longest season of the cartoon. How did they manage to complete so many episodes in about a year? In this season of course, it's time for the writer's or animator's imaginations to expand and have some fun with the characters. Mostly all episodes are a complete different adventure than the next one. Shredder, Krang, Bebop & Rocksteady are pestering the turtles in nearly all the episodes and this is where some people might find their presence tiring. The season includes a whole host of new characters like the Rat King, Leatherhead(mutant alligator), Zack the fifth turtle, Mr Ogg, Lotus and more. This all leads to a final 3-parter where the Technodrome comes it's closest to conquering Earth!

Beneath These Streets (Episode 19) Review
Turtles On Trial (Episode 20) Review
Attack Of The 50 Foot Irma (Episode 21) Review
The Maltese Hamster (Episode 22 ) Review
Sky Turtles (Episode 23) Review
The Old Switcheroo (Episode 24) Review
Burne's Blues (Episode 25) Review
The Fifth Turtle (Episode 26) Review
Enter the Rat King (Episode 27) Review
The Big Blow Out (Episode 65) Review
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