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ALERT! UPDATE(FINAL?) 29/1/2008: Sadly, TMNT Review HQ has ceased any further developments. Too many other things have taken higher priority over this. I don't want to make any more broken promises(look below at 2007 update). The whole website will remain but i have dumped, sensibly, the "My Plans for this Website" section, which has received only a pitiful 199 views since it's existance in 2005. Yes, i still like to watch the odd TMNT episode, yeah, like just 15 mins ago, and that's what made me think about this site, about where's it's going.

You can never say never though. I MIGHT do more reviews or even profiles but as, said i have been too busy. I don't even think now, i will be able to review the episodes/games, the way i did in 2005/6, it's 2008 now. Furthermore, these days now, unlike in 2005 when this site began(or even in the dark days of before 2005, when you had to DOWNLOAD a single TMNT episode and it would take a WEEK to finish) you have YOUTUBE, where you can watch the episodes yourself and decide for yourself how they rate(also see if i was right!). Also the fact that, in general, traffic for small-time fansites have decreased because nowadays, you don't have to READ as your only way to reminisce about the TMNT now, so people are coming less. However that is not my reason, as said, too busy. Well, that's what happened to me, my habits changed once youtube came along.

So, if this is my last ever update, i would like to thank everyone for visiting this site over the last 2 and half years. Also a call out and thanks to the people who have visited my other fansite(which is a completed project)"Visionaries Unleashed", dedicated to the 80s Cartoon "The Visionaries". Maybe one day, i will do more, or even complete the whole project one day. Life can be unpredictable!

Ever wondered just how good the world of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" was? Well find out here! TMNT Review HQ is a unique website which specialises in reviewing and analysing the cartoon episodes of the original cartoon (1987-1996) and the TMNT movies and hopefully the computer games they spawned. Despite being an avid fan of the green foursome, I will review them as fairly, honest and accurate as possible. An phenomonom in its own right, the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" however, do get taken lightly and are overlooked. On the contrary, the turtles, in different mediums, really could turn on the quality with it's storytelling and imagination.

UPDATE: 29/6/2007- Hey! It's been exactly a year since my last update. I'm sorry i haven't been able to add more reviews, as i've been busy and working on other online projects. So much has happenend in the world of TMNT over the past year, like the new "TMNT" movie, so popularity of the franchise has peaked again! Concerning this website, i have had to scrap the guestbook, too much goddamn spam invading it! To celebrate a new update(lol), i will soon bring a whole new section to TMNT Review HQ, which will hopefully become a giant library of TMNT Youtube links. Over the past year, things like full episodes have blossomed on Youtube. There will also be great homemade TMNT fan video links to discover. So you can see for yourself and see if my reviews are correct!!! Yes, it's copyright infringement on Youtube, but people still do it, plus here in the UK, there are no original TMNT Cartoon DVD's availiable. As for more reviews, i can't give you a date of when, but hopefully in the next few months.