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Great TMNT Sites!

The official TMNT Website, - has one of the best & busiest TMNT Forums on the net. - latest TMNT news, history, it's own forum. - has good Tmnt character profiles, and old school TMNT Computer Games to Download!
TMNT Dissected - A cracking website which analyses the themes and psychology behind some episodes of the 88 and 89 Season- not to be missed!
Foxbox site- This promotes the new TMNT cartoon (2003), includes interactive games
Check out this site with a nice presentation, and has reviews of the 3 TMNT movies, video games & the new TMNT cartoon!
Jephael's TMNT Site. Amusing Episode Memories section & sound clips.
A site dedicated to the Shredder
Great TMNT Toys Site!
The Turtles Lair- Character profiles,FAQ, fanart...
Roxy's Radical TMNT Site- profiles, articles, meanings of TMNT cartoon slang.
TV Tome's TMNT section- In-depth episode summaries, voice actor profiles, episode ratings & more! - TMNT 1 Movie reviews. TMNT 2 Movie reviews. TMNT 3 Movie reviews.

Famous and Not-so-Famous 80s Cartoon websites

Transformers website - Has episode summeries, character profiles & more!
Official He-man website. Includes latest news, polls, FAQ, Forum & episode reviews!
Thundercats website-Toy images, character profiles, episode guide & message board.
She-ra website - Message board, toys gallery, FAQ & ask the characters section.
the Visionaries Online website- the Visionaries is cartoon similar to Transformers. Includes images, episode summaries, sound clips etc.
Official Real Ghostbusters Cartoon website- episode summaries and reviews, images, forum.
Melissa's The Raccoons Page- Images & Character bios.
TV Tome's M.A.S.K Site- Episodes guide & mistakes, poll & cast.
Inspector Gadget Webpage- Characters, episode list, gadget list, FAQ.
Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors website- episode summeries & character profiles.
Pigeon Street Cartoon website- British programme with episode summeries, character profiles & theme tunes.
Fraggle Rock Cartoon- Page with episode list & picture.
The Jetsons Unofficial Site- profiles, images, Episode list, Jetson games, FAQ.
2 80s Star Wars cartoons- Droids & The Ewoks- profiles, episode summeries, images.
The Gummi Bears- Episode summeries, images, FAQ, polls & episode oddities!
Dungeons & Dragons website- Profiles, episode summeries & fanart.

Miscellaneous Links

World Wrestling Entertainment's official site.
Old Skool WWF- Profiles of wrestlers from the 80s & early Nineties.
Find out about REAL turtles- turtle species, turtle parts etc. personality tests! Find out how you fare in these tests! nostalgic website of old TV programmes gone by- mostly Britsh TV
paulmorris' Satkids- Compiles the history of British Saturday morning shows. Includes message board.
Crystal Maze Gameshow website- whats interesting about this is, it's from a former contestants perspective.
star video trailers, latest news, lots of info, games.
Official site of Asterix Gaul- Brilliant presentation, find out about the characters, books & latest news.
Movie Review Query Engine- This site has thousands of movie reviews from different medias.
3 in a - A very addictive online darts game, play against people online in leagues and tournaments!
Darkstorm's Art - Buy my Drawings on Ebay!